Embry MBAA522 Module 4.4 Discussion - november 2016

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Embry MBAA522 Module 4.4 Discussion

4.4 - Discussion: Research Question

Using resources available through the Hunt Library locate a primary source and secondary source dealing with the same research topic. Provide the citation (in APA format) and write a brief summary for each source. The summary should include the primary research question, a description of how the author(s) obtained data used in the research, and the main conclusion of each research project. Identify at least one research question that could extend this stream of research. In addition, critically evaluate the process used to collect data for the study. What improvements could be made in the data collection process (if any)? Be sure to provide enough of the background/research problem that allows your classmates to read your summary and comment.

Review the Discussion Board Rubric before submitting your initial post. After posting your original response, respond to two of your peers with meaningful feedback.

Embry MBAA522 Module 4.4 Discussion - november 2016
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data     or   that represent     opinion       &   2014) The     I       study   “Enhanced Functional     Increased       of   Related to     Game       researchers   27 individuals     “expert”       players   30 “amateurs,”     whom       with   or corrected     hearing,       of   problems All     were       scanners   analyzed similarly     found       a   between action     experience       of   subregions and     networks       related   attentional and     (Gong,       2015)   subjects exhibited     connectivity       sensorimotor   They concluded     video       the   distribution of     attentional       and   regulation, improved     of       processing   hand-eye motor     sensitivity,       body   (Gong, et     2015)       was   carefully by     of       with   traits to     possibility       effected   data I     perhaps       did   play video     all       video   effected the     a       play   games A     The       source   an interpretation     data       2014)   secondary source     Forbes       and   the results     primary       article   by summarizing     of       stating   it “corroborates     body       being   at video     an       our   development and     ability       things”   2015) The     point       thought   was interesting     researchers       games   for their     a       subconscious   while playing     by       video   as an     the       somewhat   because of     on       The   collected for     obviously       primary   itself Other     that       value   this research     do       video   (role-playing, sports,     affect       or   does video     effect       O   May 6)     Study       Action   Games Is     You       http://www   com/sites/olliebarder/2015/05/06/new-scientific-study-shows-that-playing-action-video-games-is-good-for-you/#d97b7fd84a5eCooper, D     Schindler,       Research   Twelfth Edition     NY:       D   He, H     D       ,   L ,     ,       (2015,   16) Enhanced     and       volume   insula related     video       from   Reports: http://www     Reply       SubdiscussionThomas   SchaeferNov 11,     Nov       6:31pm<br>Course:   11, 2016     Discussion       interesting   of research     something       that   be told     do       answer   is why     the       Good   on adding     group       play   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionRonnie       2016   Nov 12,     7:25pm<br>Course:       at   Discussion EntryA     provides       a   topic The     raw       not   interfered with     source       regarding   certain issue     not       but   previously collected     address       the   discussed above,     source       connectivity   increased gray     of       action   game playing’     et       aims   identifying how     affect       an   The researchers     from       concluded   there is     between       individual   in and     of       secondary   is an     Forbes       uses   from previous     the       fact   video games     development,       the   used was     O       New   Study Shows     Action       Good   You Retrieved     http://www       to   external site     ,       Liu,   , Ma,     Dong,       C   & Yao,     April       connectivity   increased gray     of       action   game playing     Scientific       com/articles/srep09763   to an     )       CommentCollapse   FarfanJeremy FarfanNov     Local:       at   Nov 13,     7:49pmManage       This   one that     itself       of   others considering     you       sure   it was     look       and   your own     such       seems   the conclusions     be       possibly   subjective than     most       Really   job in     apart       Jeremy   Reply to     SarboMeghan       Local:   11, 2016     Nov       4:12pmManage   EntryResearch Question:     the       travel   the world,     are       it?   “Airline market     customer       reference-dependent   studies relationships     with       article   the development     model       relationship   service quality     share       industry   then empirically     performance       demand   The relationship     service       demand   a critical     air       enables   managers to     decisions       of   and related     to       targets   model uses     to       of   airline such     quality,       trip   number of     frequency       records,   carrier specific     variables       trip   these variables     attractiveness       affect   passenger demand     could       to   statistics such     Factor,       time   and revenue     Many       programs   influence customers     loyalty       airline;   may influence     some       well   frequency of     time       major   to consider,     likelihood       to   on time     then       opt   travel with     due       of   on time,     influential       travelers   for the     found       and   New Strategies     Airports       Trade”   a more     This       forces   drive leisure     and       whether   have changed     years       patterns   airline and     Economic       been   key determinant     travel       continues   play an     in       However   fundamental weakness     travel       economic   is that     the       travel   or price     At       it   very difficult     to