NR439 Week 2 discussion - May 2017

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Week 2 discussion

Search for Literature and Levels of Evidence

Reflect on your practice, and identify a significant nursing clinical issue or change project that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. Formulate searchable, clinical questions in the PICO(T) format for your nursing clinical issue.

Next, review the guidelines for the PICOT/Evidence Appraisal Assignment due Week 3. Use your PICOT elements to search for one report of a single, original study that has been published within the last 5 years from the CCN Library that is relevant to your nursing clinical issue. Briefly describe how it is relevant to your nursing clinical issue. Remember to give a complete reference to the study.

NR439 Week 2 DQ - May 2017
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access     practice   to cleanse     ports       clean   insertion site     swabs,       catheter   site with     gauze       that   have formulated     hemodialysis       will   use of     impregnated       dialysis   reduce the     catheter-related       period   six months?     controlled       the   time that     dressing       than   gauze with     dressing       infections   hemodialysis patients     cuffed       (Righetti,   ,Palmier, N     ,Prencipe,M       &   F 2016)     choice       changes,   this option     check       of   in every     even       may   occasionally unsafe     venous       manipulated   often with     increased       Righetti,   ,Palmieri, N     ,Bruschetta,E       F   CHG dressings     for       are   That will     need       dressing   each dialysis     M       Bracchi,   , Prencipe,     Bruschetta,       F   & Conte,     Tegaderm       improves   infection rate     patients       Vascular   17(5), 417-422     5000596       Shiflettreply   Sharia Durante     PMRE:       and   of EvidenceSharia,In     we       infants   central lines,     endotracheal       sage   The infant     to       old   more We     a       infections   repitory infections     unti,       currently   our findings     ReplyShow       to   Durante 5/14/2017     Search       Levels   EvidenceGreat topic     ReplyShow       5/10/2017   PMSearch for     Levels       class,   and developing     begins       concern   focus related     subject       2018,   103) The     have       patient   is compliance     healthcare       Many   them are     this       not   understand the     need       to   barriers or     While       I   across a     helping       healthcare   which stated     the       Survey   2004, 28%     health       of   care residents,     of       had   least one     record;       types   AHDs were     and       85   of age     likely       AHD   patients <     of       residents   were Black     likely       residents   were White     an       As   case manager     Medicaid       care   a question     required       time   speak with     if       is   the patient     health       place   of my     is       City,   socioeconomic status     different       when   ask patients     have       or   health care     file,       there   no one     decisions       they   able to     own       frequently,   do not     or       want   make these     for       then   to educate     the       to   purpose of     They       to   me send     packet       to   documents in     language       rarely   them returned     PICO       education   advanced healthcare     assistance       increase   and result     increased       healthcare   on file     patients       status   multiple nationalities?     population,       patients   low socioeconomic     multiple       Structured   regarding advanced     with       documentationC-   with other     Unstructured       healthcare   no assistance     documentationO-       occurrence   the presence     healthcare       for   patients of     status,       ~Tracy   Houser, J     Research:       Creating   4th Edition     Retrieved       com/#/books/9781284138887/   H A     Healthcare       patients   Long-Term Care     Guide       a   com proxy     ReplyShow       to   Salisbury 5/14/2017     Search       Levels   EvidenceTracy, I     great       focusing   helping the     obtain       directives   living wills     patient's       of   most important     can       as   as advocate     patient       not   to fight     Having       place   the patient     when       which   never planned     always       prepared   Brooke ReplyShow     Shiflett       Search   Literature and     EvidenceModified:       the   we see     who       injections   their newborns/neonates     these       vaccines   intent with     is       need   vitamin K     birth       population   are born     are       clotting   and have     with       that   not readily     products       also,   at a     risk       Vitamin   injections can     the       prevent   hemorrhage Vitamin     is,       frequent   neonates, due     endogenous       A   by the     of       vitamin   injections of     prevented       in   born 0-2     age(AAP,       this   states that     step       to   your findings     l       of   before and     of       Vitamin   Question: Will     education       administration   compliance with     in       Patients   the NICUI-     on       K   Compared to     of       Increase   babies vaccinated     KAmerican       Controversies   K and     2017       aappublications   full pdf     HardeeDana       Shiflett   1:35:54 AMRE:     Literature       EvidenceI   your post     work       population   also have     with       also   must say     have       hep   refused but     had       injection   For all     babies       the   medications that     are       their   and the     injection       know   a parent     that       than   scared ReplyShow     Juanitesreply       5/11/2017   PMRE: Search     and       Cameron   I do     in       have   that do     agree       I   believe that     decision       parents   is out     properly       to   their child     What       my   is that     do       they   these medications     put       studies   have be     there       patients   are hard     though       informed   is up     that       the   to make     decision       your   RespectfullyVincent Juanites     ShiflettCameron       Shiflett   8:40:17 PMRE:     Literature       EvidenceModified:   8:46 PM     UgarteLeeanne       PMSearch   Literature and     EvidenceProfessor       been   nurse on     unit       and   ulcers are     especially       to   Many patient     pressure       contribute   to many     first       seen   that the     of       patients   not normally     they       to   family bring     are       such   fast food     staff       doesn't   like much     have       of   at least     CNAs       in   to ambulate     patients       up   as often     There       of   education for     patients       not   know how     count       foods   best for     If       know   foods to     are       make   choices Lastly,     a       time,   I work,     enough       and   feel like     not       as   it were     member       bed   pressure ulcers     preventable       about   PICO(T) format     created       on   50 bed     ranging       was   oldest I     are       pressure   development that     to       length,   death I:     plans       team,   specialized staff     (such       dietician,   PT, etc     proper       proper   to staff     &       C:   staff who     recovery       and   without special     prevention       financial   of the     pressure       or   onced discharged     an       taken   a multidisciplinary     is       ongoing   to prevent     incidences       to   (Mallah, Nassar,     Badr,       hospitalized   may range     than       a   of months     providing       on   prevention once     order       LeeAnne   Z ,     ,       L   The Effectiveness     Pressure       on   Prevalence of     Pressure       and   Study Applied     28(2),       apnr   07 001     EbyInstructor       Ugarte   9:25:56 PMRE:     Literature       EvidenceThis   a great     I       to   it down     so       it   one concise     Dr       CasiasKrystal   5/10/2017 10:08:31     Literature       EvidenceClass,Working   a labor     unit       three   has opened     to       "L&D   not all     butterflies"       is   much good     from       what   people and     don't       thing   bad they     bad       issue   current face     unit       a   event during     delivery       Fetal   Shoulder Dystocia,     Hemorrhage       implemented   VaDS (Vaginal     Checklist       few   my PICO(T)     with       or   FHT tracing     labor       MD   for deliveryC=Only     nurse       at   qualified individual     resuscitation       outcomes   newborns requiring     evaluated       of   women in     5       pregnant   a baby     4000       RN   bedside during     and       for   shoulder dystocia     less       in   with a     postpartum       Hemabate   bedside at     deliveryC=Use       Cytotec   availableO=Decrease administration     pulling       medications   Pitocin and     failedI       first   about neonatal     I       Telemedicine   Neonatal Resuscitation     about       "Telemedicine   Program that     remote       an   intensive care     to       "   & Mcelwain,     improve       saturation   task during     thus       outcomes   experiiences a     tracing       P   & Mcelwain,     Telemedicine       Journal   Obstetrics, Gynecologic     Nursing,       12696   LessLeeanne UgarteLeeanne     Krystal       PMRE:   for Literature     of       in   to the     glamourous       I   instantly interested     would       become   L&D nurse     med/surg       like   measures that     taken       emergent   that would     been       we   how important     be!       of   patient is     deteriorate       place   but I     even       such   Hemabate or     on       brought   the event     prevention       furthermore   prepared is     crucial       nursing,   healthcare in     found       that   the benefits     simulations       potential   emergencies to     to       in   emergencies/resuscitations (Garner     Walzer       &   PhD, 2008)     addition       preparedness   implemented, could     useful       confidence,   and most     patient       empowering   whatever tools     have       nurses   our patients,     the       for   post,LeeAnne U     MPH,       MD,   B ,     R       PhD,   B (2008)     Healthcare:       the   for Simulation     Society       Healthcare,   1-11 doi:10     ReplyShow       to   Casias 5/14/2017     Search       Levels   EvidenceKrystal!I work     regional       unit   Charleston SC     started       line   outlining hosptial     region       to   in on     call       with   team We     call       see   babies qualify     to       is   neat and     improved       with   resucitation ReplyShow     Casiasreply       5/14/2017   PMRE: Search     and       so   to hear     been       your   so far!     like       benefit   hospital I     There       before   we call     practitioner       for   resuscitation post     unless       code   they don't     it       an   nurse, we     trained       having   back up     one       more   than we     the       LessDana   Hardee 5/10/2017     for       of   work with     Many       on   floor are     23-24       have   had one     floor       at   weeks I     with       from   to time     population,       issues   can arise     feeding       and   oxygen therapy     affect       temperature   and so     "Research       and   the problem,     plan       and   the problem,     study,       results   assess the     week       a   topic is     skin       effective   how does     the       the   There are     aspects       is   importance of     skin       I=skin   skin vs     wrapping,       skin   swaddling, isolette     impact       skin   on hypothermia,     mortality       it   breastfeeding?"-https://www ncbi     gov/books/NBK1383301Lesson       nlm   gov/books/NBK1383301 ReplyShow     Baker       for   and Levels     Eby       school   it is     to       to   parents, and     tick       or   possible symptoms     disease       be   as quickly     to       of   to the     burgdorferi       diseases   disease is     health       There   new removal     techniques       become   of in     couple       school’s   removal protocol     Question       tweezers   the most     method       compared   tick removal     techniques?Remove       Using   tweezers grasp     close       and   upward—without twisting     area       according   the IPM     for       Ticks,   CDC, and     scientific       But   I searched     most       how   be sure     practice       a   or a     me       not   a different     as       tick   Vaseline, am     to       school’s   with evidence-based     to       for   U S     “Folklore       petroleum   or hot     little       tick   detach from     fact,       matters   by irritating     and       release   saliva, increasing     of       disease   methods of     should       a   of tick     have       none   better than     set       tweezers”   Laura ReferenceIPM     for       Ticks   Retrieved May     from       U9qcxvldXlx   LessChristine MoranChristine     Laura       AMRE:   for Literature     of       a   thing If     to       where   you get     Are       of   issues in     would       you   monitor both     removal       answer   topic Christine     BakerLaura       Moran   8:37:27 PMRE:     Literature       EvidenceChristine,There   a high     ticks       woodsy   in CT     Therefore,       up   school with     Many       and   have been     Lyme       (2018),   of the     ethical       is   (p 56)     further       strive   minimize harm     achieve       balance   the benefits     gained       the   of being     (Houser,       There   be a     that       a   could be     the       Forestry   Forestry students     adult       encounter   in their     They       in   would have     and       the   gained in     outcome       (2018)   Research: Reading,     Creating       [Bookshelf   Retrieved from     com/#/books/9781284138887/       Hardeereply   Laura Baker     PMRE:       and   of EvidenceLaura,     especially       entering   the warmer     hear       diseases   ticks that     nice       to   handle them     remember       was   elementary school,     a       at   nap of     right       line   pulled it     maybe       and   the upcoming     had       form   below where     the       story   I ended     the       the   actually had     in       an   The doctor     head       was   on antibiotics     lasting       Also,   of the