NR451 Week 2 discussion - June 2017

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Week 2 discussion

The Clinical Question and Systematic Reviews

Your capstone change project begins this week when you identify a practice issue that you believe needs to change. The practice issue must pertain to a systematic review that you must choose from a list provided to you in Course Resources.

Choose a systematic review from the list of approved reviews based on your interests or your practice situation.

Formulate a significant clinical question related to the topic of the systematic review that will be the basis for your capstone change project.

Relate how you developed the question.

Describe the importance of this question to your clinical practice previously, currently, or in the future.

Describe what a research-practice gap is.

NR451 Week 2 Discussion - June 2017
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Question     ReviewsJenni,Thanks   the update     many       care,   care, and     patients       would   that this     excellent       collaborative   Jeanie ReplyShow     Ackermanreply       5/13/2017   PMRE: The     and       hospital   work at     a       that   track of     are       as   with PICC     lines       each   EMR and     Disease       diligent   their knowledge     transition       individual   Augusta ReplyShow     BACHANDreply       5/14/2017   AMRE: The     and       like   organization has     a       safe,   patient care     LessInstructor       Patrick   5/9/2017 12:53:54     Clinical       ReviewsHi   you for     PICO       It   vital that     PICO       in   clear, concise     that       will   exactly what     plans       is   written and     I       minor   to identify     is       ill   will daily     during       compared   no skin     infection       ReplyShow   DietzKalynn Dietz     PMRE:       and   ReviewsModified: 5/8/2017     and       I   is reducing     To       readmission   telephone follow     hospital-based       currently   used in     My       In   discharged from     to       admission,   telephone follow     a       within   month of     hospital       to   who received     follow       systematic   because working     Emergency       encounter   coming back     who       days   weeks prior     workers       only   job to     patients       acutely   but to     they       themselves   home and     illnesses       them   they are     and       self-care   hospital also     and       reimbursed   the patient     within       discharge   less reimbursement     has       growth,   equipment, and     just       few   can affect     of       satisfaction   staff A     gap       does   transfer into     can       variety   reasons In     by       of   awareness among     still       that   “practicing nurses     that       of   findings in     care”       same   there is     lack       hospitals   departments and     In       agree   this My     a       is   in a     from       we   have meetings     classes       department   M (1996)     research-practice       of   link nurse     44-46       25   s45Mistiaen, P     Poot,       follow-up,   by hospital-based     for       in   discharged from     home       Communication   (4), CD004510     CD004510       RichardsonTorrey   to Kalynn     4:52:33       Question   Systematic ReviewsKalynn,     in       as   and I     very       have   managers 24/7     patients       related   home life     other       has   estatblished a     do       for   patients who     need       need   and direction     care       right   your PICOT     will       my   As a     nurse       so   education that     done       the   amount of     Also,       say   there are     with       department,   recently during     fair       that   protocols set     STROKE       under   and we     the       and   forward with     who       like   and symptoms     department       scenes   it appears     doing       for   Thank you     post       BACHANDInstructor   to Kalynn     9:00:24       Question   Systematic ReviewsHI     Torrey,I       thoughts   the research-practice     you       significant   in nursing     many       conducted   then the     not       professionals   can happen     reasons       in   or publishing     resistance       make   and both     external       and   (2007) assert     is       research   practice in     it       that   gap between     the       is   too long     is       nurses   organizational culture     EBP       nursing   and healthcare     an       however   has a     information       to   EBP and     are       class   highly recommend     it,       JeanieBrady,   & Lewin,     Evidence-based       Bridging   gap between     practice       Health   21(1):53-6, DOI:     pedhc       is   bridge between     practiceEBP       between   and practice     iswell       gap   findings and     far       the   between re-search     However,       that   gap betweenresearch     implementa-tion       long   is the     re-search       it   known that     betweenresearch       is   too long     GuerinTara       Dietz   5:43:09 PMRE:     Question       Kalynn,   enjoyed your     think       of   readmission rates     excellent       It   such a     these       care   Discussing the     unnecessary       be   stressful Working     hospital       topic   is constantly     to       how   can bring     rates       can   reimbursed from     companies       priority   meet the     readmissions       to   receiving penalties     payments       process   includes the     the       come   with a     will       decrease   from returning     hospital       trying   find ways     patient       as   discharge process     all       point,   discharge process     the       gets   to the     out       care   where the     go       stay   constantly being     believe       patient   and home     really       process   et al     “The       number   intervention strategies,     planning,       follow   (TFU), home     transition       explored   reduce readmissions”     Unfortunately,       being   is the     with       from   companies, patients     better       a   fewer of     returning       hospital   post, thanks     -TaraJayakody,       J   Carey, M     B       ,   Sanson-Fisher, R     of       follow   in reducing     within       individuals   chronic disease:     review       Research,   doi:10 1186/s12913-016-1650-9     BACHANDInstructor       Guerin   7:35:20 AMRE:     Question       Tara   All,Great discussion     ongoing       thank   all Tara     strategies       used   reduce the     Various       interventions   a variety     rates       especially   reviews, can     and       what   work best     institution       that   provided, can     a       would   these two     LessJoel       Kalynn   5/10/2017 7:14:35     Clinical       ReviewsHi,   initial post     enjoyed       is   huge problem     know       PRN   a hospice     and       a   at his     his       is   Failure In     decrease       during   last 5     has       cardio   With this     the       surgery   it is     the       sensor   when a     connected       his   at the     see       If   is any     the       to   the pt     to       nurse   the patient     medications,       medications   diuretics The     creating       is   to prevent     ReplyShow       to   Dietz 5/14/2017     The       Systematic   Kalynn!I work     acute       often   many patients     several       that   patients would     follow-up       don't   that A     up       for   people especially     that       and   alone Not     they       instructions   the physician     staff       get   plan of     physical       therapy   can all     overwhelming       you   a follow-up     is       ReplyShow   HaflerJennifer Hafler     PMThe       Systematic   and Class,     review       chosen   my project     prevention       catheter   infections I     subject       directly   to my     the       we   more central     related       and   so much     access       line   rate is     it       to   practice Many     those       antibiotics,   and multiple     seen       require   line access     see       in   ICU, eventhough     only       short   of time,     to       the   are when     them       questions   relates to     would       Would   use of     based       CLABSI   Unit-Based Safety     reduce       in   I would     answers/research       format,   is population,     outcome,       (if   A research-practice     the       based   and nursing     happens       doing   thing and     isn’t       isn’t   This leads     patient       possible   which unfortunatley     patient       to   that much     has       moving   knowledge to     that       now   bedside nursing     practice       -solving   to making     the       includes   of best     including       and   appraisal to     best       a   question combined     nurse's       and   patient's needs     (Schaffer,       2013)   you,Jennifer Hafler     A       E   Diedrick, L     practice       change:   and practical     of       1197-1209   1111/j 1365-2648     x       Rileyreply   Jennifer Hafler     AMRE:The       Systematic   agree with     line       be   catheters HD     immuncompromised       get   catheters accessed     of       Also,   patients are     the       and   their lives     themselves       constant   for infection     etc       risk   losing the     This       hospitals   a "fistula     Patients       to   dependent on     given       they   HD This     fistula       rather   throw a     the       You   mentioned how     lines       so   In an     the       the   access point     seen       less   30 seconds,     cleaning       the   This practice,     (at       the   life, also     patient       This   project is     your       access!   ReplyShow LessValentina     to       7:11:25   The Clinical     Systematic       related   is a     thing       As   all know     of       patient   during hospital     not       or   it is     hospital       2008   implemented new     "       Medicare   acquire any     conditions       stay;   e ,     infections       on   These conditions     urinary       vascular   infections, two     hospital-acquired       either   to treat     acquired"       This   has proven     the       acquired   So, you     very       a   to research     S       of   Infections: Infection     Years       publication   the Centers     &       of   Products &     3(3),       from   cms gov/mmrr/downloads/mmrr2013_003_03_a08     LessJanice       Jennifer   5/13/2017 4:46:48     Clinical       ReviewsModified:   4:50 PM     LessKalynn       Jennifer   5/13/2017 5:03:57     Clinical       ReviewsJennifer,As   mentioned in     post,       we   place central     patients       sick   need drugs     sedation       solutions   are always     clean       in   cases patients     in       physicians   placing lines     is       reasons   is used     ED       it   considered an     I’ve       a   line placed     was       in   year I’ve     the       preferred   to place     line       and   environment but     area       just   possible most     time       to   if the     of       lines   the ED     than       OR   ICU I     that       and   it is,     how       Thanks   your post     LessTerry       Drawdyreply   Jennifer Hafler     PMRE:       and   ReviewsJennifer,I found     very       of   unit based     would       to   prevention of     infections       most   out learning     internet       few   in class     clinical       new   are introduced     facility       in-service   however this     limited       employees   post!Norman ReplyShow     DrawdyTerry       1:11:42   question and     and       I   is reducing     “Telephone       a   health professional,     discharge       discharged   hospital to     question       knowledge   disease or     be       telephone   up (TFU),     to       hospital   in order     adverse       readmission?”   question was     to       addresses   patient or     individuals       and   need of     follow-up       intervention,   determining the     is       the   The comparison     is       the   as compared     types       discharge   outcome will     pending       the   of TFU     effects       versus   means of     question       my   practice currently     the       hospital   the TFU     primary       how   patient’s status     discharge       facility   get a     of       These   often the     who       flyers   This may     to       optional   the follow-up     conducted       professional   hospital system     these       revitalized   order to     readmissions,       I   this systematic     my       research-practice   can be     the       of   EBP into     This       the   in knowledge     each       have   who research     understand       and   how this     individuals       in   (Norman,n d     are       field   with people     specific       quality   to their     a       plan   from the     the       hesitant   to knowledge     “works”       and   this individual     works       and   not involved     research       scenario   failure to     clinical       projects;   not directly     with       nurses   to read     key       gap   2004) ReferencesDuff,     Editorial:       between   practice, theory,     Axon/       D   d )     Gap       2017,   http://jnd org/dn     ReplyShow       to   Norman Drawdy     AMRE:       systematic   Terry,I have     post!!       great   the facility     work       TFU   to try     catch       may   with patients     hopefully       readmission   patients are     to       Some   just want     to       of   to their     think       everywhere   the different     that       and   assess the     can       the   of care     given       Thanks   the read!!     BACHANDInstructor       Norman   5/14/2017 10:33:05     question       Norman,Thanks   your post     evidence       readmissions,   you I     your       it   appropriate To     clarity       I   you identify     two       follow   care to     follow       This   allow you     the       strategies   determine which     most       the   available Jeanie     Norman       to   BACHAND 5/14/2017     Clinical       reviewProfessor,   question can     clearer       within   days of     an       a   care physician,     follow-up       could   made even     identifying       E   patients who     prior       to   inpatient setting     LessValentina       11:09:21   Clinical Question     ReviewsProfessor       review   have chosen     hospital       is   a great     me       in   room and     lots       -   who keep     and       to   following discharge     practice       calls,   I am     about       intervention   research on     will       and   the effectiveness     follow       the   of re-admissions     question       PICOT   where P     I       -   O -     T-time       discharged   (P), how     follow       if   to absence     (C),       of   re-admissions (O)     first       discharge   question was     on       and   format which     forming       that   these concepts     in       2014)   tried to     question       concepts   research are     problem       due   inefficient discharge     patient’s       instructions   part of     day       I   before I     ER       same   coming to     and       same   Most of     not       assigned   do not     prescriptions       and,   a result,     is       it   before last     am       this   and would     research       to   the number     The       is   as “the     translation       and   to practice     2015)       associated   lack of     characteristics       settings   research design     practice       main   while applying     practice       Brokering   Research–Practice Gap:     Am       56:   Retrieved from     ebscohost       edu:8080/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=2&sid=0484d6fa-9abe-48e8-a79b-1e8cf5d0e4e6%40sessionmgr104Aromataris,   & Pearson,     The       overview   114(3), 53-58     http://proxy       com   chamberlain edu:8080/ovidweb     Association       and   of practice     )       BACHANDreply   Valentina Kruglyak     PMRE:       and   ReviewsHI Valentina,Super     writing       question   allows you     the       literature,   you Hospital     a       many   There are     of       address   situation; some     results       not   a difference     al,       a   specific PICO     is       would   one minor     recently       how   telephone follow     (I),compared       same   affect the     recurrent       the   two weeks     (T)?       recommend   you identify     patient       findings   be more     only       Jeanie   R B     S       J   ; Ruhter,     Epstein,       Readmissions,   and the     reduction       J   374:1543-1551,DOI: 10     LessValentina       Instructor   5/10/2017 11:39:39     Clinical       ReviewsProfessor,Thank   for your     suggestions!       question   In recently     with       (P),   do telephone     calls       absence   same (C),     rate       (O),   the first     of       PICOT   P stands     or       diagnosis/problem   help me     down       most   and significant     you       BACHANDInstructor   to Valentina     7:36:49       Question   Systematic ReviewsValentina,Thanks     response;       excellent   to your