NR506 Week 2 Discussion - 2017 May

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NR506 Week 2 Discussion - 2017 May

Policy-Priority Selection (graded)

Identify your selected healthcare policy priority and discuss the rationale for your selection. Describe the model of policy making that you feel would be best applied to your policy issue and the rationale for selecting this model.

NR506 Week 2 Discussion - 2017 May
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quality     for   patients This     prevent       becoming   and overtime,     Overall,       each   is imperative     increase       provide   safe healing     patient       ,   C ,     ,       Aubrun,   , Dailler,     Duclos,       Mortality   Associated With     and       ICU   Care Medicine,     doi:10       LessRobert   Mathisreply to     5/10/2017       SelectionReference   A ,     ,       Polazzi,   , Aubrun,     Dailler,       A   Patient mortality     with       workload   the ICU     Medicine,       1097/ccm   ReplyShow LessInstructor     to       1:21:46   Policy-Priority SelectionRobert,While     your       the   ratio issue     a       is   an internal     and       are   for in     Please       within   community that     the       public   let me     H       Mathisreply   Instructor Holloway     PMRE:       ,   am sorry     misunderstanding       discussion   topic of     be       fairs   the community     screenings,       plans,   community resources,     in       we   many individuals     homeless,       simply   not know     any       is   late I     health       vital   to communities     provide       to   public in     and       health   could also     resources       abuse   addiction clinics,     individuals       such   may encourage     seek       need   making individuals     they       risk   certain diseases     high       encouraging   to get     would       future   Providing these     bi-annually       would   greatly beneficial     health       well-being   the community     LessOscar       1:00:48   SelectionProfessor,A very     of       correctional   is solitary     in       solitary   the segregated     becomes       as   verbal reprimand     is       setting   have worked,     is       house   620 detainees,     some       who   dangerous Immigrations     facilities       a   or processing     focus       and   operations A     of       greatly   they are     the       and   extend with     detainees       facility   served anywhere     couple       20   incarcerated for     such       drug   and moved     detention       await   immigration sentencing     is       end   some detainees     criminal       as   as an     With       can   quite necessary     but       fine   to be     researching       did   across some     former       during   time in     house       have   policy of     and       is   difficult decision     I       the   and the     do       removing   solitary confinement     for       which   affect individuals     socially       often   one would     do       confinement   be last     should       the   amount of     (Ahalt,       Farabee   Williams, 2017)     care       is   segregation Studies     how       be   a human     often       categorized   cruel and     by       deprivation   the severity     and       may   the complete     segregation       viable   although the     model       This   does allow     facility       methods   order to     who       appropriately   research needs     done       methods   to evaluate     are       segregation   not The     to       to   the use     and       detainees   any type     illness       Haney,   , Rios,     Fox,       Farabee,   , &     (2017)       and   of solitary     corrections       Prisoner   13(1) ReplyShow     Hollowayreply       5/11/2017   PMRE: Policy-Priority     for       is   really interesting     a       is   for you     as       are   outside of     facility       or   law-maker Is     plan?Dr       CorreaArlene   to Oscar     8:05:46       You   chose an     Oscar       a   punishment and     has       times   the decades     practice       expand   the 1980s,     have       significant   It is     efficient       not   as a     research       that   confinement has     psychological       (Bassett,   When it     lobbying       in   use of     perhaps       your   in terms     Hierarchy       Hierarchy   Needs lists     one       human   and solitary     been       that   based on     Previous       held   prisoners should     their       protected   2016), so     stand       for   reduction in     under       student   looking forward     how       out!ReferenceBassett,   A (2016)     of       from   hierarchy of     Matrix       26,   ReplyShow LessDeavan     5/10/2017       SelectionDr   and class,There     healthcare       I   been thinking     looking       what   first assignment     is       about   looking into     different       chose   discuss the     physical       aged   We live     age       and   have literally     the       children,   and even     feel       become   for kids     home       pick   their tablet,     gaming       for   Unless they     in       very   interest for     be       electronics   become more     their       opinion,   is very     kids       adequate   of physical     at       day   I was     school,       designated   class a     times       well   2 designated     during       we   recess This     we       physical   during the     well       breaks   classwork It     to       of   activity at     age       as   children grow     will       Remaining   active is     reducing       many   such as     stroke,       cholesterol   name a     also       risk   obesity and     can       There   been a     talk       classes,   cuts, and     amount       that   are allowed     to       is   appropriate amount     allotted       while   are at     article       inactivity   today's youth     increase       partly   to kids     physically       discusses   fact that     have       order   make more     academics       the   of keeping     available       The   states that     "certainly       a   conversation among     the       challenging   engaging educational     align       groundwork   has shaped     education       Judge,   True, 2017,     Academics       but   is our     an       physical   The model     making       would   apply to     issue       model   would choose     because       a   of stages     program       implemented,   changed if     feel       would   a change     allow       to   monitored and     until       perfectly   a schools     leaves       and   children the     benefit       has   offer Thank     C       ,   L W     True,       “Fun”:   Real Need     Education       74,   http://dx doi     ReplyShow       to   Hays 5/11/2017     Policy       for   post and     of       in   schools This     fine       also   a community     H       Haysreply   Instructor Holloway     PMRE:       Holloway,Thank   for your     feel       this   as I     children       department   are struggling     issues       age   to being     feel       in   activity at     contribute       as   and active     instilled       an   age I     nephews       who   still in     and       see   best for     are       activities   attend practices     multiple       but   have also     struggle       have   at times     get       their   to get     play       kids   do not     sports       nothing   at all     But,       kids   also set     video       a   of their     electronics       at   This is     why       PE   recess is     for       It   have to     into       kids   and having     time       of   habits that     will       into   I am     to       Thank   ReplyShow LessBrittany     5/10/2017       health   policy priority     have       national   shortage we     Nursing       anything   to the     however       population   is only     bigger       on   policy priority     directly       the   industry, and     a       see   at my     It       is   staffed many     there       staff   work My     and       hunting   more people     The       serious   of nurses,     more       only   of the     teachers       train   students There     lack       back   school to     educators       have   big problem     shortages       the   if we     take       believe   there are     of       this   issue: Incrementalism     and       Incrementalism   appropriate because     issue       addressed   pieces and     example,       for   to return     to       nursing   then with     comes       another   that could     be       hospitals   have graduate     to       nurses   into their     stage-sequential       appropriate   with policy     implementation,       to   an evaluation     well       tweak   as necessary     of       506   2: Policy     analysis       Grove,   DeVry Education     Policy       )   May 10,     https://explorehealthcareers       ,   D B     F       O'Grady,   T (2016)     politics       healthcare   ed )     http://online       LessInstructor   Hollowayreply to     5/11/2017       SelectionBrittany,While   appreciate your     policy       shortage   not a     and       issue   is really     we       in   class Please     policy       perhaps   your own     you       the   course webinar,     this       many   for policy     are       H   LessSharon BotelhoSharon     Brittany       AMRE:   SelectionBrittany, I     your       that   nursing shortage     a       Additionally,   else you     your       attention   addressed the     continuing       agree   if more     only       employees   continue education     importantly       of   the additional     it       I   work at,     nurses       their   and the     incentives       continue   But because     nurses       program,   is such     benefit       don’t   the point     leading       and   trained nurses     a       to   their bachelors     the       few   worth a     cent       order   work in     room       training   required However,     or       nurse   to pay     and       position   has no     then       of   school medsurg     This       we   an increased     nurses       operating   nurses Thank     LessBruce       8:01:56   PostIdentify your     policy       the   for your     the       making   you feel     best       policy   and the     selecting       Holloway,The   care policy     has       prevention   education on     of       the   ” It     authors       the   Policy Cycle     the       evaluation   the proposed     policy       of   succinct clarity     of       author   this model     ideal       this   into policy     starts       problem   requires the     formulate       the   and potential     in       may   either recognized     The       focused   the community     and       local   federal government     success       on   acceptance and     the       community   their willingness     healthy       the   of lawlessness     Chadi       increase   e-cigarettes and     of       safety   health implications     their       population   especially in     go       the   of family     life       they   have on     a       &   2016) Utilizing     Policy       be   to provide     the       of   in the     along       the   in this     will       on   nurse’s part     the       and   participate in     of       than   usual passive     J       (2016)   smoking in     adolescents:       and   Pediatrics &     21(4),       http://eds   ebscohost com     edu:8080/eds/detail/detail?sid=5a5f       ReplyShow   HollowayInstructor Hollowayreply     Ferris       INitial   you for     and       educating   community about     of       are   planning to     idea       with?Dr   ReplyShow LessBruce     to       10:42:37   INitial PostThank     Holloway       It   the belief     author       contact   the consideration     of       be   district school     community       and   the state     and       for   success of     endeavor       this   would implement     education       drivers   the warning     behavior       and   abuse This     observed       neighborhood   exiting the     and       direct   of the     and       one   These people     be       is   for them     and       and   methods to     This       in   meetings and     meetings       are   behavior patters     may       to   up and     children       choices   their health     Ferris       Hollowayreply   Bruce Ferris     PMRE:       for   extra discussion     issue       interesting   kids have     to       tobacco   but I     do       schools   community as     Dr       DesliensClaire   5/10/2017 8:42:54     Dr       proportion   children suffering     overweight       well   the associated     grown       rate   only in     States       the   In fact,     United       obesity   reached epidemic     Dietz,       Obesity   always a     the       maladies   as cardiovascular     diabetes       Collins,   which further     and       allocations   is thus     public       In   US, up     of       2-19   are either     obese       State   2014) The     selected       the   of undertaking     of       the   of policy     the       a   making model     habits,       as   the case     screen       engagement   active physical     the       precursors   childhood obesity     Sherry,       of   possible measures     childhood       policy   and implementation     policy       childhood   awareness and     the       from   a learning     feed       also   the advantage     in       The   priority revolves     provision       within   as well     the       in   physical activities     of       the   diets should     Schools       adopt   education as     the       as   as encouraging     participate       is   to achieve     of       through   engagement with     school       as   principals In     decision-making       of   always rest     school       principals   the policy     will       physical   as well     healthy       within   school environment     T       W   & Collins,     (2010)       through   change: acting     prevent       29(3),   Retrieved from     org/content/29/3/357       State   (2014, January     Obesity       Update   Policy Options     National       Legislatures:   ncsl org/research/health/childhood-obesity-legislation-2013     P       B   The association     time,       2007   survey of     Of       573-581   LessClaire DesliensClaire     8:54:33       H   Class,The proportion     suffering       and   as well     associated       at   alarming rate     in       but   over the     fact,       States   childhood obesity     epidemic       &   2010) Obesity     a       occurrence   other maladies     cardiovascular       (Frieden,   & Collins,     further       public   budgetary allocations     thus       policy   issue In     up       persons   between 2-19     either       (National   of State     The       is   delineate the     undertaking       childhood   as a     issue,       such   selection, the     policy       rationale   such a     model       a   lifestyle as     case       time   diminished engagement     physical       greatest   the precursors     obesity       2013)   one of     measures       obesity   through policy     implementation       enactment   that supports     awareness       the   system Apart     a       feed   school and     the       in   physical activities     priority       the   of healthy     schools       promoting   participation of     active       inclusion   junk food     students’       eliminated   may need     physical       of   subjects of     well       to   in sports     possible       implementation   such a     direct       schools’   boards as     the       cases,   surrounding the     schools       the   boards and     Concisely,       fronted   emphasis on     activities       providing   nutrition to     the       T   , Dietz,     &       (2010)   childhood obesity     change:       prevent   Health Affairs,     Retrieved       org/content/29/3/357   Conference of     (2014,       Obesity   - 2013     Policy       National   of State     ncsl       P   & Sherry,     The       time,   in the     survey       Of   Health, 83(8),     LessInstructor       Claire   5/11/2017 1:03:46     SelectionClaire,Thank       comprehensive   Your issue     needed!       a   that does     more       staff   are usually     that       challenges   H ReplyShow     Desliensreply       5/14/2017   PMRE: Policy-Priority     Holloway,Thank       feedback   can build     foundation       them   effectively promote     and       well   other health     As       need   maintain an     health       a   health coordinator     on       and   eating I     educate       policy   a process     be       involves   students, school     the       would   on strengthen     nutrition       policies   will also     often       education,   items go     vending       are   in the     much       policies   directly affect     for       healthy   and can     implementation       Claire   LessTamika LimerickTamika     Claire       AMRE:   Selection Great     a       discuss   have had     with       about   issues of     think       agree   the problem     with       of   foods, and     of       every   that prompts     not       eat   Childhood obesity     serious       1980s   “depends significantly     influences       activities,   household food     (Moore       Another   problem with     is       the   all kids     do       and   but now     influences       gaming,   prefer to     watch       and   out with     The       get   days is     education       however   days’ physical     are       two   a week     should       include   meal options     ReferenceMoore,       Desrochers,   W (2017)     thed       in   epidemic of     Journal       43(5),   doi:10 1093/jcr/ucw059     CappsHeather       PMPolicy-Priority   Holloway and     my       priority,   decided upon     This       topic   has come     discussions       and   over the     went       Criminal   at Florida     where       on   topic as     told       is   of the     suffer       area,   cities that     the       trafficking   been a     for       reports   a significant     is       more   be done     prevent       happening   to the     of       1900   of human     in       increase   2015 (Whigham,     is       ago!   state of     third       California   reported cases     trafficking       Hotline,   d )     provides       traffickers   “set up     and       another   before anybody     happened       addition   Tallahassee being     I-10,       home   major universities,     University       Agricultural   University, which     to       that   within the     age       to   under 25     mid       and   female (Salazar,     FSU       is   of over     55%       with   average age     students       years   and foreign     130       University,   d )     can       the   population definition     because       not   a lot     they       jobs   pay for     could       they   drinking alcohol,     far       (whether   is stateside     of       these   adults could     lured       moneymaking   opportunity, only     out       are   in a     situation       needs   be a     regards       students   campuses in     that       only   of the     look       report   but also     at       pulled   an illegitimate     something       The   of policy     be       be   Policy Streams     has       focus:   stream, policy     political       stream   on values,     how       to   in the     likes       in   family being     of       Gardner,   & O'Grady,     policy       the   of solving     presented       any   in the