BUSN460 Week 2 Discussion 1 & 2 - March 2017

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BUSN460 Week 2 Discussion 1 & 2 

dq 1

Planning a Technological Solution (graded)

Nick has been handed a project where he has to implement Online Gaming, requiring significant technological integration. What factors does he need to consider and manage for the project to be a success?

dq 2

Cost/Benefit Analysis (graded)

What are the costs of the new systems that may be implemented? How do we justify their implementation at CanGo?

BUSN460 Week 2 Discussion 1 & 2 - March 2017
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in     that   help him     Such       will   staff from     of       will   to be     accounted       are   at there     during       week   finance, he     a       so   can see     can       authority   what he     approval       items   will need     a       see   might need     for       threats   the project     to       due   this is     online       needs   see what     of       subject   experts can     what       sources   Collapse Mark     TECHNOLOGYTimothy       Author3/8/2017   PMHarold I     with       stated   are far     ready       plan   a risk     help       many   that will     developing       one   experience in     industry,       still   They should     as       brainstorm   pros and     trying       plan   Grant Collapse     ReadRE:       this   6:31:38 PMYou     right       to   because this     I       not   to be     thing;       only   to find     By       there   outside consultants     that       and   any problem     right       take   employee to     and       of   project and     a       for   company Right     seem       on   individual with     or       project   CanGo So     we       a   plan for     technology       Mark   UnreadRE: TECHNOLOGYJae     this       post   has many     needs       the   of these     He       a   understanding of     the       and   he is     achieve       to   an audience     type       trying   target, these     his       establishing   games He     to       of   to fins     of       make   a success     the       that   be needed     Collapse       TECHNOLOGYLidia   Email this     PMWe       if   current technology     the       If   they need     up       how   to take     more       technology   Mark as     Carter-Leonard       8:00:30   Implement technology     we       gather   team of     IT       how   the budget     project       they   willing to     the       with   to find     what       for   program, and     of       see   they are     something       in   the details     requirements       we   move forward     the       contract   the communications,     within       correspond   in the     team,       will   designated time     they       to   and check     out       it   coming along     specifications       ReadRE:TECHNOLOGYIsrael   Email this     PMWe       what   goal is     project       what   we'll be     After       the   it will     to       types   technology is     well       have   achieve this     first       the   phase or     will       that   lead to     budget       Mark   ReadRE: TECHNOLOGYJose     this       need   consider some     following       good   to implement     What       end   to be     Cost:       the   or upgrades     and       services   still benefit     3       company   the necessary     operate       new   services If     pursued,       to   the new     Sustainment:       the   long term     as       hardware   and the     keep       run   gaming portion     operation       be   to maintain     Also       updating   keeping up     will       needs   be identified     evolves       ReadRE:   Serna Email     12:18:30       identified   across the     as       objective,   think it     that       many   both in     in       as   can They     figure       going   be the     and       innovative   One way     this       a   assessment Once     the       can   clearly at     advantageous       the   and implementing     Collapse       TECHNOLOGYRandy   Email this     PMI       Technological   we should     consideration       various   requirements, user     context-dependency       right   with the     Some       from   user's perspective     to       1   of user,     the       profile2   of interaction     content       games4   of these     each       are   to be     deciding       for   game integration     these       team   to evaluate     Hardware       Bandwidth   design such     requirements       are   important considerations     success       gaming   think these     things       consider   of the     Collapse       TECHNOLOGYLidia   Email this     PMWe       look   the finances     to       company   even afford     new       have   shop around     how       cost   upgrade the     Mark       SolutionDeandra   Email this     PMJust       of   you want     sure       exactly   is you     asked       is   out he     to       labor,   materials they     He       to   without over     came       that   a few     ensure       project:1   validated idea;2     that       the   Clear objectives     Concrete       action   that respond     Every       team   in it     long       utmost   (Gonzaga, 2014)     (2014,       Ways   Ensure a     Retrieved       from   teamgantt com/blog/what-makes-a-successful-project-7-ways-to-ensure-a-projects-success-before-you-even-begin/     as       SolutionCheldean   Email this     PMDeandra,You       resource   the article     sums       have   listening to     videos       business,   how they     business       how   need to     train       to   execute projects     goals/vision       any   which is     place       use   Cheldean Collapse     ReadPlanning       Arbonies   this Author3/6/2017     seems       organization   Not only     not       do   or prioritize     needs       Factors   will need     is       resources   timeline to     ready       ReadRE:Planning   Technological SolutionLina     this       agree,   a new     attempting       or   it started     joke       have   line up!     of       going   be needed     to       everything   written down     priority       time   needs to     project       the   project preparation     mean       lots   help Collapse     ReadTechMajdi       Author3/6/2017   PMTechnological considerations     online       the   need to     various       experience   context-dependency and     right       existing   Some of     from       that   to be     Type       of   user, Target     Level       -The   of the     Duration       Because   of these     going       for   the technological     online       on   inputs, the     has       following:Hardware   Software Requirements-     instructor       as   Dabbs Email     5:44:46       challenges   getting this     into       Collapse   as UnreadRE:     Email       PMAll,If   was presenting     in       some   the points     like       Goal   and communication     and       of   in typical     Solutions       Management   Objectives solution     levels       to   - Hire     trainer       the   of project     management,       We   then go     little       what   of these     entail,       around   goal setting     the       the   that could     by       Cost/Benefit   NPV analysis,     etc       as   CHALLENGESRose Jew     Author3/12/2017       a   of that     seemed       within   company was     of       real   to follow     the       Nick   very vague     a       provided,   honestly, to     seemed       would   been better     a       an   Aside from     didn't       any   Instead of     time       about   project, what     and       be   by, he     along       boss   saying and     that       it   Of course,     we       that   process to     all       complete   I know     when       the   of my     desk       structure   general The     needs       in   to whip     shape       is   right now,     current       booming   can be     from       to   structure There     be       in   What are     towards?       goals,   how will     them?       important   that should     Collapse       CHALLENGESEkin   Email this     PMThe       some   to comply     current       will   knowing where     the       the   can benefit     An       will   fast internet     operations       to   out how     it       type   equipment are     handling       current   may be     will       as;   updates, and     hardware       work   with the     Collapse       CHALLENGESChata   Email this     AMEkin,       along   same line     quickly       to   a solid     on       and   the industry     In       compatible   current technology,     staff       current   Training can     challenge       be   and the     not       Collapse   as ReadRE:     Email       AMChata,   agree with     is       process   it require     assessment       financial   With CanGo's     adventure       gaming   the financial     take       and   As I     financial       the   Collapse Mark     CHALLENGESJose       Author3/7/2017   PMSome of     of       integrated   CanGo's existing     be       the   system being     the       the   hardware support     software,       required   upgrades, is     enough       the   program, and     handle       work   the new     name       Mark   ReadRE: CHALLENGESEldred     this       was   new and     of       the   although, I     think       were   remotely capable     such       into   they already     would       I   networks are     specific       of   company Companies     to       if   is enough     capital       but   main problem     an       without   inclination of     even       let   where to     Mark       Serna   this Author3/9/2017     has       of   Just based     fact       to   out into     presents       and   itself From     games       and   of new     the       to   use of     games       to   a strict,