BUSN460 week 1 - march 2017

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week 1

Team Assignments

Team Formation and Charter and Team Discussions and Participation

  • Teams will be formed by the instructor in Week 1.
  • The teams and members will be posted in theAnnouncements.
  • Start using the Team Discussion to "get acquainted" and begin your team's collective work.
  • Begin to use the team collaboration tool to facilitate your team's work. (Note: your instructor will provide information about the team collaboration tool)
  • Each individual will share his/her personal resume with the team in its designated team discussion area. This will help identify skills and abilities of each team member.
  • Read the other team members' resumes and comment as to strengths and skills each individual brings to the team.
  • Start discussing the requirements for the Final Presentation and Final Report.
  • Select an appropriate and unique team name.
  • Create a Team Contract for assignment and completion of duties through the rest of the course. In other words, this is a contract between the team members about how you will operate throughout the course (this is not a contract between your team and CanGo).
    • The team contract should, as a minimum, include:
      • How work will be divided
      • How decisions will be made
      • How disputes will be resolved
      • How deadlines for submitting work will be determined
    • Each team member will submit the Team Name and Contract to his/her Week 1 Dropbox signifying his/her agreement to the terms of the team's contract.

Team Video Analysis Report

Start your first analysis and report of what you have learned from this week's Video Episodes. You will add to this with your review and analysis of the Week 2 Video Episodes. This report is due in Week 2.

Final Project

This week marks the beginning of discussions about theFinal Project (Final PresentationandFinal Report)that each team will prepare. Be sure that all team members have completed all of the reviews listed underIndividual Assignmentsso that the team can begin to structure the team's approaches to this significant assignment. Each week this should be a significant topic in the team discussions and team meetings.

Team Leader Weekly Status Report

Each week, it is the weekly Team Leader's responsibility to complete and submit the Weekly Status Report to track the team's activities and progress on current projects. This is also the place to point out any developing issues with team members who are failing to perform their share of the work, or to address any other issues that may affect team performance. Identify your Weekly Team Status Report by using the team letter and week number as part of the name of your file. For example, for Team A and Week 1, the file name isTeam_A_1_Weekly_Status_Report.

Team Leader: submit your team's Weekly Status Report assignment files to the Doc Sharing section for Weekly Team Status Reports, located at the top of this page.

See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date information.

BUSN460 week 1 - march 2017
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