HCA610 Week 3 Discussion 1 & 2 - may 2017

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HCA610 Week 3 Discussion 1 & 2

dq 1

Describe the effect of higher levels of medical spending, profitability, and fiscal margins on process quality for health care organizations. Indicate the role of financial stability in health care organizations on their ability to adequately resource the staffing, equipment, and infrastructure that support care delivery. Specifically, what is the effect of financial flexibility in increased use of preventative and wellness measures and lower length of stay?

dq 2

Discuss Pettigrew's theory on the contextual dependency of strategic change. Explain the concept of the disciplining context and why medical professionals accepted and used it. Also, explain why the internal market system, which was implemented to solve financial problems, was abandoned.

HCA610 Week 3 Discussion 1 & 2 - may 2017
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Accountable     (ACO)   from https://www     html?redirect=/acoReply       Reply   11, 2017     LikeSubstantive       7   3 DQ     of       on   things and     these       Noting   without money     bills       like   power, drug     the       to   An institution     fiscal       the   resources to     patient       those   to preventive     margins,       management   have a     to       the   that is     institutions       makes   or has     to       and   their workers     the       increased   (Beauvais &     Better       healthcare   to go     hand       institution   make better     need       healthcare,   the institution     better       need   finances to     Asset       proactive   ensure that     devices       provision   healthcare are     to       ensure   the quality     does       because   mismanagement of     ReferenceBeauvais,       Wells,   (2006) Does     matter?       the   on the     healthcare       quality   Topics, 84     Retrieved       oclc   ebscohost com     oclc       |   & Reply     2017       Post   PictureJane Bookout     3       agree   your response!     so       organizations'   department is     the       of   used, for     believe       should   used wisely     more       for   cost of     I       a   bill and     explain       why   needed to     large       Also,   clinic manager     having       and   only given     amount       the   She constantly     importance       supplies   and only     are       method   measuring the     balance       statement   cash flows     extremely       clinic   how do     physicians       could   supplies from     or       truly   Reply |     Reply       04:21   LikeSubstantive Post     Jones       DQ   JaneThank you     feedback       they   to look     patients       do   required testing     needed       symptoms   history Over     medicating       way   go due     and       the   history and     I've       provider   my son,     do       she   need to     would       time   read his     history       article   in regards     care       core   maximizing value     that       best   at the     We       from   supply-driven health     organized       do   toward a     system       patients   We must     focus       and   of services     visits,       tests   the patient     And       today’s   system, in     local       full   of services,     system       for   medical conditions     in       in   right locations     high       &   2013) Reference:Michael     H       H   and Robert     and       "The   That Will     Care       Review   p ,     2015       2017   org/2013/10/the-strategy-that-will-fix-health-care Reply     &       2017   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureHanna       3   1It is     the       produce   one organization     their       the   The higher     are       quality   services or     In       in   healthcare industries     patients       to   that organization     standard       quality   care for     some       to   extra for     Financial       organization   have more     the       that   are providing     patients       them   provide the     and       their   care In     the       equipment   is necessary     care       financial   allow the     not       current   that they     to       resources   other equipment     to       to   exam Reply     &       2017   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureMe       DQ   has been     increase       and   costs There     a       rise   cost As     better       designed   diagnosing and     There       to   for cures     like       hospital   and maintaining     money       health   systems which     doubt       of   will increase     for       factor   the increasing     is       population   stability is     all       are   to maintain     resources       of   healthcare organization     the       equipment   provide quality     to       resources   important Similarly     would       the   and employ     and       care   the organization     have       ability   have adequate     be       a   the quality     (Langabeer,       wellness   are important     flexibility       measures   that less     be       will   the cost     Lower       means   the hospital     to       means   more revenue     organization       resources   others who     more       care   J R     care       quantitative   to business     Sudbury,       Bartlett   9780763750510Reply |     Reply       10:46   Like Profile     postsRe:Re:Module       have   a detailed     the       healthcare   is a     concern       have   that a     for       is   system of     than       explained   same with     of       have   that it     to       accountable   have also     detail       which   an attempt     the       of   specialists and     delivering       is   that this     designed       impacts,   quality care     and       time   wastes Reply     &       2017   PM0 Like     7       1You   written a     addressing       the   Firstly you     the       led   rising medical     have       approach   how one     to       analysis   identify gaps     and       agree   this should     principle       as   One needs     the       increased   and address     is       financial   is important     a       the   of other     smooth       sound   condition is     quality       prevention   will reduce     of       cost   3 Discussion     theory       dependency   strategic change     concept       context   why medical     and       explain   the internal     which       solve   problems, was     Ascending       Posts   Substantive |Flagged     CommentsPoints:       2017   AM0 Like     7       2The   of change     change       M   is that     not       in   of the     also       cultural   political features     of       continuous   between the     change,       change   the content     The       why   when of     is       outer   inner context     outer       prevailing   circumstances and     context       influences   resources, structure,     politics       2001)   content is     of       concerned   transformation matters     is       change   these are     and       stakeholders   negotiations for     continue       of   is useful     the       change   context of     by       formulating   content of     strategy       context   the process     outer       and   firm may     to       of   contexts like     or       culture   content is     managing       process   the content     means       that   under examination     the       process   interdependent with     The       determine   content of     Pettigrew       (2001)   Orgnaisational Change     Challenges       the   of Management     Quote       07,   06:26 PM0     PictureStephanie       3   2Linda, according     (2001)       reasons   the internal     was       superintendent   strongly it     their       please   what the     and       Also,   Pettigrew's concepts,     provide       the   context and     professionals       it?   L (2001)     care       of   accounting reforms     financial       health   organization European     10       1080/09638180120081625Stephanie   PhD, MSN,     Quote       Report   Apr 09,     AM0       Hills   postsNo ActivityClass,     noticing       very   activity taking     the       students   only posting     waiting       day   post in     There       this   as you     meeting       per   policy Online     can       by   substantive, quality     fellow       instructor   the main     the       required   post at     to       throughout   week in     your       the   questions Each     can       20   points but     you       on   full points     are       times   your posts     substantive       to   you are     the       date   each discussion     can       the   if ever     My       success   respond to     to       read   Dr HillsStephanie     MSN,       &   | Report     09,       Like   PictureDebbie Patten     Activityi       &   | Report     09,       Like   PictureEmma Arguello     ActivityI       Thank   Reply |     Reply       Apr   2017 06:37     Profile       postsRe:Module   DQ 2Shifts     care       in   1990s from     access       to   of health     accounting       to   the new     2001)       acceptance   accounting management     up       (2001),   including the     organizational,       have   noted as     to       strategic   in health     of       internal   systems were     solve       financial   and a     was       planning   forced because     economic       demand   cost reductions     Decisions       resources   converted to     points       well   financial conditions     care       This   that providers     not       allocation   regarding patient     to       system   not noted     providers,       market   and organizational     to       being   about their     2001)       (2001),   establishment, demands     discipline,       new   order lead     disciplining       were   to cost     of       their   and accepted     of       of   internal market     to       hospitals   would eventually     management       clinics   2001) Abandoned     with       to   the system     in       eventually   they were     pass       care   to the     were       (Aidemark,   Intended to     problems,       system   in more     health       L   Managed health     A       accounting   on managing     in       organization   Accounting Review,     doi:       Quote   Reply Apr     07:08       PictureStacey   2 postsRe:Module     2Pettigrew       by   three different     strategic       process,   context Content     as       translates   the what     dimension       the   and goals     how       happen   how it     implemented       rest   the details     environment       change   take place     for       be   all of     need       and   in sync     begin       Pettigrew   Whipp discuss     factors       in   to manage     that       within   organization Assessing     allows       of   internal and     to       how   are going     throughout       resources   assets and     on       of   and ensuring     understand       understand   role and     all       strategic   operational change     the       lead   other positive     the       for   movement Leading     to       positive   of things     that       positive   moving the     in       organiztion's   and values     overall       the   being made     to       sense   not changing     sake       disciplining   focuses on     balance       their   in and     the       for   organization to     balance       longer   it when     aided       and   focus turned     short       2001)   internal market     to       other   that did     the       the   According to     internal       activites   not savings     organization       system   built to     an       is   control with     and       which   not work     way       in   organizations The     focus       caused   the internal     to       L   Managed health     a       accounting   on managing     in       organization   Accounting Review,     doi:10       &   Apr 09,     PM0       Hills   postsRe:Re:No ActivityThank     Dr       MSN,   | Quote     |       10,   09:33 AM0     PictureJane       3   2Pettigrew’s theory     of       gathering   on the     and       and   of the     how       related   each other     quality       difficulties   disciplining context     to       process   the accounting     a       outflow   resources, which     professionals       it   be helpful     The       on   other hand     because       working   it was     The       work   away from     goals       also   risky since     no       and   medical staff     if       would   compromised (Aidemarkm     L       care   a study     accounting       financial   in a     organization       ,   545-560 doi:10     Quote       10,   10:42 AM0     PictureStephanie       3   2Great insight     did       system   the organization's     HillsStephanie       RNReply   Quote &     Report       2017   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureEmma       3   2Hi Stacey,     reading       felt   information was     concise       with   County Board     Disabilities       first   and you     take       services   coordination of     your       noticed   of strategic     you       your   due to     in       health   reform, and     how?       may   difficult to     I       understand   organizations direction     more       worked   a nationwide     organization       made   decision