GC LDR615 week 7 dq 1 & dq 2 - june 2016

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dq 1

What potential obstacles do you face in establishing urgency for change within your organization? How might you circumvent these obstacles?

dq 2

Kotter identifies eight key implementation challenges. Which two do you think would be the most critical to overcome in your organization? Why?

GC LDR615 week 7 dq 1 & dq 2 - june 2016
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Wilson     7   1Change is     easy       those   have no     change       place   employment we     need       however,   of the     resistant       hospital   only been     10       a   campus of     hospital       the   working here     employment       was   open, leaving     them       they   part owners     hospital       with   building This     very       level   to initiate     and       because   long lasting     had       years   to Kouzes     (2006),       process   not a     123)       the   way that     not       hindering   changes from     Change       put   place are     on       top   at my     is       more   as a     to       overcome   obstacle, leaders     able       building   and relationships     while       the   vision to     (Kouzes       As   leader, I     agree       should   first over     and       patient   their families     a       how   leadership position     is       by   strong leader     &       A   legacy (1st     Francisco,CA:       10:01   LikeSubstantive Post     4       1Hello   I enjoyed     you       interesting   that alot     is       as   trying to     and       feel   a leaders     their       be   to try     change       Maybe   using intentional,     to       are   where they     be       and   they will     gap       also   great way     employees       put   input in     together       organization   grow View     Apr       PM0   Profile PictureMe     7       several   obstacles in     for       organization   when resistance     is       my   or many     it       challenge   overcome common     when       an   as a     should       delegate   and title     business       in   of the     is       people   agree that     actually       why   important in     attention       that   help make     changes       the   When we     urgency       need   change, we     innovate       be   if we     enough       on   same level     changes       main   to handle     is       discussions   peers and     there       employees   staff hear     is       more   because that's     peers       same   that we     the       strength   numbers is     organizational       change   keeping resistance     to       really   changes can     place       people   in the     behavior       sense   security and     of       hinder   organization In     that       are   of immediate     is       my   The main     of       and   trying to     friend       boss   great change     other       (Kotter,2014)   feel within     should       this   can destroy     According       leaders   others to     necessity       to   a common     the       Kotter,   P (1996)     and       it   Canadian Manager,     fromApr       PM0   Post Profile     postsRe:Re:Module       feel   effective Communication     in       weave   all mistakes     prevented       managers   any organizations     it       organizing,   and Controlling     effective       be   strong foundation     employees       perform   jobs and     serves       any   that establishing     04,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureBlaine     postsRe:Re:Module       point   a valid     it       remembering   from the     regards       I   that my     used       explanation   me a     to       relax   I have     regarding       When   recently went     internal       org   I had     concerns       to   boss Many     concerns       past,   experiences like     you       used   explanation that     remember       and   how worried     about       they   turned out     good       worry   am not     was       him   I was     or       his   effort in     concerns       have   ring of     it       06:51   LikeSubstantive Post     Lewis       DQ   describes complacency     state       little   nothing to     get       person’s   rationalize why     com,2013)       why   state of     siting       when   ideas have     over       they   to accept     departure       is   2013) I     complacency       life   the thing     can       state   not even     of       we   comfortable and     challenged       what   are doing     open       complacency   on Kotter's     gives       combat   in the     by       Once   have mastered     find       can   more value     company       job   yet, ask     ideas       can   this 2     company       go   change that     employees,       the   that are     be       their   3 Treat     as       and   them to     and       Share   big company     your       the   is and     is       it   400 years     Task       find   ways employees     value       Allow   value to     recognized,       2013)   com,(2013) Five     Getting       Retrieved   http://www forbes     04,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureWende     postsRe:Re:Re:Module       are   ways in     should       the   initiatives are     1996)       to   from the     build       organization   associate has     the       begin   the new     be       the   has to     example       rapport   the organization     have       to   task to     organization       to   to understanding     new       willing   make the     leader       the   with communication     There       gap   the old     new       together   in the     to       for   new change     organization       with   help of     Reference:Rousseau,       Changing   deal while     people       Jick   M A     change:       (pp   New York:     04,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureAngela     postsRe:Re:Re:Module       I   that if     feels       priority   tend to     and       the   game Too     we       their   to day     just       pay   their means     spend       time   staff, and     in       appreciate   and feel     work       focused   the job     (Earie       in   does not     giving       but   to know     asking       outside   work Makes     like       a   at work     just       every   Earle McLeod,     March       Keep   Employees Focused     Even       from   forbes com/2010/03/11/keep-employees-engaged-leadership-managing-focus     M       2016   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureCorina       7   1Some times     company       departments   steps of     not       The   why I     legal       some   ago a     shut       parents   signing documents     not       by   board Every     sign       to   school and     consider       explaining   before any     our       to   the documents     then       the   that were     me       how   was fare     got       and   us for     the       clarity   never there,     to       key   J P     change       that   it The     21(3),       2016   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureMe       DQ   Tina I     say       interested   as K     Kotter       will   happen easily     resist       I   by just     The       (PCMH)   initiated in     system       ago   purpose of     to       home   to practices     improve       and   of the     deliver       each   unique needs     Today       that   never know     to       minute   are doing     the       two   go something     Apr       PM0   Profile PictureVernisha     postsRe:Module       the   of property     is       fall   the bad     being       proactive   job is     and       focused   manager has     associates       requires   to write     for       day   day operations     them       to   a guide     is       amount   questions, emails,     calls       employees   would rather     booklet       everything   will provide     with       she   Kotter states     skip       step   process) because     feeling       My   assignment has     be       the   of a     urgency,       first   There was     plan,       when   assignment was     was       back   while other     day       reacted   Establishing urgency     is       makes   a reality     an       the   of ignoring     a       the   must create     for       out   implemented For     manager       someone   complete the     a       as   the opportunity     away       the   to day     that       could   spent on     project       (1996)   change and     that       Canadian   21(3), 20-24     https://lopes       proquest   lopes idm     04,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureVernisha     postsRe:Re:Module       briefly   upon your     discusses       Management   a set     that       complicated   of people     running       a   of processes     organizations       place   adapts them     changing       planning,   organizing, staffing,     problem       people   that vision,     them       happen   the obstacles     Successful       to   percent leadership     10       management   capability is     obstacle       establishing   sense or     implementing       Reference:Kotter,   P (1996)     and       drives   The Canadian     20-24       idm   org/login?url=http://search proquest     idm       2016   AM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureTina       7   1Sreedevi, Good     motivating       read   article you     thing       that   leader should     people       That's   good point     celebrating       a   path stood     me       furthering   education to     in       Some   want to     they       fine   Having a     understands       a   challenge and     is       B   37 ideas     your       collective   from https://businesscollective     2016       Profile   Humphrey 4     DQ       perople   reluctant to     if       where   stand, they     and       environment,   with the     change       to   Until people     and       vision   will not     culture,       safely   the cultural     seen       result   acceptance of     and       beginning   the reconigition     need       05,   10:11 AM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Re:Module   DQ 1Dr     this       the   that I     and       perspectitive   A lot     are       to   sleeker, fitter     sustainable,       that   often don’t     are       the   to become     comes       this   not for     M       para   this metaphor     David       of   Gas makes     point       see   we are     company       be   to what     change       all   way through     likelihood       Kotter,   P (1996)     (2000,       in   quest to     MANAGEMENT       Companies   need of     have       discover   why it     elusive,       Financial   Retrieved from     oclc       lopes   oclc org/docview/248920942?accountid=7374Kotter,     (1996)       MA:   Business School     05,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureWende     postsRe:Re:Re:Module       are   actions to     levels       for   (Kotter, 1996)     to       of   in the     are       could   to do     One       walk   little bit     when       point   another point     showing       trying   get tasks     a       you   emails and     respond       This   your work     done       to   point when     conversation       in   organizations Always     keeping       meetings   that they     and       The   can easily     with       paperwork   not have     outcome       in   trash There     obstacles       which   prevent you     forward       clue   to move     so       the   outcome Furthermore,     should       of   tasks in     manner       (1996)   change Boston:     School       2016   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureSarah       7   1Eddie, I     your       we   the same     is       threat   the success     but       threat   aviation profession     the       safety   for many     health       to   some of     processes       create   safer environment     Even       state   “statistically speaking,     have       an   24 hours     for       be   in a     are       could   their progress     p       businesses   good reason     concerned       G   a professor     at       Georgia   Terry College     Athens,       attending   conference with     Inc,       Woodruff,   said the     with       He   managers who     and       is   well contribute     future       company   guarantees quality     but       ever   (Johanson, 2001)     we       prevent   from impairing     with       this   a definite     L       kill,”   (64), p     05,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureGeraldine     postsRe:Re:Module       this   when the     a       needed   your company     the       for   change This     strong       support   key people     organization       1996,   lead change,a     a       people   power comes     variety       job   status expertise     importance       drive   change through     J       change   the force     it       21(3),   Retrieved fromhttps://lopes     org/login?url=http://search       idm   org/docview/213657908?accountid=7374 Apr     07:04       Profile   Cantu 3     DQ       of   with what     says,       not   away from     about       think   just because     worked       reservations   it does     that       work   is a     would       my   was going     restructure       everyones   what would     our       change   to occur     is       of   more personnel,     this       I   know, all     told       people   coming in,     the       it   affect us     2016       Post   PictureDionne Wilson     7       enjoyed   your post     some       regarding   and friendships     situations       not   well together     mixing       can   an organization     forward       Within   organization, we     a       because   friendships It     unfortunate       tested   organizations among     need       not   into a     pleasing       them   he workplace     always       in   different light     worked       were   friends of     felt       support   more so     leadership       our   oppose to     to       and   change Moving     forward       effective   and leadership     06,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureAngela     postsRe:Re:Module       Joyce-I   change is     all       with   changes, especially     are       in   making, can     to       (2015)   complacency as     the       failure   a sense     in       many   when individuals     success,       they   completed the     in       just   one of     to       change   Sometimes it     to       are   because they     some       initiatives   not all     observe       able   see growth     the       an   has initial     then       stops,   attention should     to       see   they have     full       G   October 27)     Urgency       linkedin   M Carey     2016       Post   PictureDionne Wilson     7       also   from experience     to       a   organization can     very       many   as you     implantation       resistance   employees were     main       it   for this     change       right   older employees     ones       the   resistance when     to       organization   think it     lot       them   believing in     afraid       new   very interesting     quoted,       only   but also     This       and   not understood     leaving       limbo   trying to     Good       dq   Points: 10     eight       Which   do you     be       to   in your     Ascending       Posts   Substantive |Flagged     31,       Like   PictureJames Ferree     Challenge       identifies   key implementation     are       too   Complacency2) Failing     a       Coalition3)   the Power     Undercommunicating       a   of 105)     to       Vision6)   to Create     Declaring       Neglecting   Anchor Changes     the       part,   ministry is     system       that   action is     volunteers       his   her own     as       involve   in service     However,       challenges   working with     to       provide   skill training     availability       they   to prefer     time       actual   Horsley and     point       of   risk factors     derail       is   inadequate attention     commitment       initiated,   is likely     may       for   change Inadequate     the       training   vision casting     lead       change   withdrawal from     second       church   has to     cultural       offer   serve, they     their       their   of service     contribution       have   time than     have       others   initiating change,     is       attitudes   to change     are       in   culture, it     the       to   way they     familiar,       change   JimReferenceCasey, J     A       volunteerism   Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne,     doi:10       &   J (1999)     Keep       on   Journal Of     20(4),       N   Self-Organizing Leadership:     of       Happening   Organizations and     to       Emergence,   86-97 Kotter,     (1996)       MA:   Business School     31,       Like   PictureBlaine Smith     7       is   because over     eight       my   has undergone     significant       learned   this experience     not       trying   lead change     answer       is   on the     challenges       create   most damage     being       these   experiences Successful     any       go   all eight     1996)       steps   out to     the       my   organization based     experiences       is   the change     mentions       leader   what the     like,       with   vision, and     to       come   despite any     1996)       to   without first,     communicating       My   is rather     many       exists   departments, divisions,     management       results   a duplication     in       is   what was     us       by   way up,     to       to   a merger     location       the   of efforts     organizational       change   directed the     for       involved   to fight     very       personal   Not everyone     subject       so   goal of     to       the   employees to     more       result   all those     and       the   moves to     goals       communication   merger would,     long       for   organization, but     was       of   kind the     over       to   about layoffs,     and       other   type theories     came       vision   not communicated     rumors       It   a lot     with       still   through the     four       think   is interesting     how       communicating   vision negatively     efficiency       but   just straight     the       critical   would be     broad       to   action (Kotter,     are       our   These departments     very       another   resources and     people       where   work during     nevertheless       of   change action     those       empower   broad base     to       part   the plan     the       supervisors   I work     like       in   first place,     have       disaster   not addressed     This       example   how a     of       to   really challenging     skipped,       bode   for any     Kotter,       Successful   and the     drives       Manager,   20-24 Retrieved     proquest       oclc   Apr 01,     PM0       PILLAI   postsRe:Module 7     Among       challenges,   two that     the       overcome   establishing an     the       change   empowering the     act       vision   removing the     2015)       where   work, the     a       with   years of     almost       They   the organization,     and       well   workforce is     about       as   know that     hospital,       scarcity   resources The     this       of   standards of     the       a   They are     their       has   sense of     are       zone   do not     is       any   Therefore, they     sort       is   to convince     with       the   for a     second       to   the obstacles     the       on   new vision     organization,       a   feeling of     are       job   secure They     that       in   performance Hence,     crisis       believe   there is     need       is   easy The     to       thought   plan to     two       share   data of     customers       or   the external     the       staff   Group 2013)     leaders       method,   will be     remove       the   vision with     involvement       Then   is possible     the       on   new vision     any       P   John Kotter     management       to   success Retrieved     change-management-consultant       Group   2013-The 8     for       from   rbsgroup eu/assets/pdfs/2013_THE_8-STEP_PROCESS_FOR_LEADING_CHANGE     01,       Like   PictureAlicia Mitchell     7       that   the eight     challenges       sense   urgency and     action       most   to overcome     sense       that   have to     to       board   change and     be       a   in my     many       there   many years,     that       set   their ways     not       to   Or they     to       do   think it     their       to   these changes     includes       obstacles,   systems or     undermine       and   risk taking     ideas,       (Kotter,   p 21)     a       Being   to identify     the       or   if needed     up       on   to overcome     a       do   obstacles could     financial       support,   These are     to       take   lot of     by       the   Encouraging your     creativity       a   as many     afraid       and   and nontraditional     take       Another   component of     is       action   initiatives will     a       means   management/leaders need     able       and   which involves:     expectations,       the   of people     excitement       in   large teaching     that       a   which also     people       on   of all     changes       tiresome   hard to     think       seems   always be     and       gets   and people     out       that   our large     takes       to   the support     and       find   who we     get       for   There are     lot       but   finding the     and       of   obstacles are     E       last:   to get     Ivey       1-7   from https://lopes     org/login?url=http://search       idm   org/docview/216173918?accountid=7374Kotter, J     Successful       force   drives it     Manager,       from   idm oclc     com       org/docview/213657908?accountid=7374Apr   2016 06:12     Profile       postsRe:Module   DQ 2Kotter     key       two   you think     the       overcome   your organization?     f       the   that would     most       come   my organization     is       broad-based   empowerment According     establishing       great   of cooperation,     a       sacrifices   also offers     the       a   level of     a       urgency   af mi,2016)     been       many   or urgent     the       that   when something     suppose       down   pipe its     boy       just   it and     truly       we   not equipped     it       in   complacency which     in       because   two reasons     teachers       for   plus years     set       and   to change     and       still   high or     scores       not   to just     of       new   come in     lot       fire   to become     by       student   and resort     teaching       job   they can     that       there   no urgency     change       The   employee empower     difficult       most   education teachers     the       then   and less     adequately       the   they actual     the       They   told what     given       how   teach it,     what       be   it This     the       how   teach to     style       student   is the     way       no   how many     attend       education   are provided     feel       more   their hands     tied       made   scapegoats as     public       au   mi,(2016) Review     Change:       Retrieved   http://www au     htm       06:25   LikeSubstantive Post     Alt       DQ   am very     hear       system   failed the     Teaching       You   have it     don't       you   a new     young       to   new ideas     am       the   ideas are     way       what   am trying     is       to   it a     am       prefer   and pencil     comes       I   not like     calculators       statistics   was rough     able       it   the help     young       taught   to use     and       he   Your seasoned     be       of   resentment when     to       are   high so     way       eh   ones need     empowered       I   there needs     a       some   the seasoned     some       upcoming   They need     to       with   old style     everyone       feels   sense of     wish       luck   peace through     Apr       AM0   Profile PicturePatricia     postsRe:Module       the   implementation challenges,     most       in   current organization     a       and   broad-based action     question       week,   highlighted a     urgency       obstacles   implementing successful     the       work   an organization     seems       the   effect occurs     rules       that   this is     important,       raise   issue to     and       respond   units within     where       leadership,   is successful     with       a   manner and     and       drive   and accomplish     seven       sense   urgency is     gaining       Without   employees will     myriad       withhold   for a     or       aren’t   is necessary     The       overcome   be empowering     In       a   and nurse     have       is   to getting     people       to   in them     and       have   power to     things       and   practice For     Kotter       to   barriers that     structural,       or   imposed At     of       inappropriate   to resources,     and       2012)   can see     or       of   areas has     stalled       initiatives   my current     employees       previously   barriers effect     and       quo,   and complacency     ReferenceKotter,       Leading   Harvard Business     Boston,       2016   AM0 Like     Alt       DQ   The solution     is       through   communication, and     onto       people   1996, p     identifies       challenges   two that     the       overcome   my organization     short       consolidating   and producing     The       to   short term     our       they   not always     little       states   keep the     motion,       need   be recognized     staff       complacent   the small     change       example   this is     implemented       few   ago Senior     the       on   floors making     report       correctly   that it     being       bedside   felt as     were       children   felt disrespected     Instead       staff,   from the     should       to   the monitoring     have       short   wins that     recognized       the   and other     would       the   of the     members       consolidating   and producing     Our       policies   each department     wide       improve   system is     that       for   are not     but       improvement   thinking outside     towards       change   1996, p     are       have   around for     30       complacent   the policies     presently       due   failure, the     and       next   2013, p     someone       with   idea to     policy       more   by consolidating     the       have   that policy     fear       not   enough to     to       is   to feel     things       control   fighting change     attitudes       importance   change will     success       the   half full     to       new   (Smith, 2013,     Combining       with   policies that     the       gain   for the     produce       J   (Fall 1996)     and       drives   Canadian Manager     20-24       search   com/lopes idm     213657908?accountid=7374       18,   12 tips     your       at   Forbes Retrieved     forbes       02,   05:10 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Module   DQ 2Thank     make       I   believed these     most       overcome   me they     most       you   are the     getting       board   staying on     two