MBAA523 midterm exam - september 2017

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Short Essay Type Questions

1. Online Travel Agencies (OTA) such as Expedia, Priceline, Opodo, and Orbitz make airline ticket price comparison fast and easy? Which of Porter’s five forces is most applicable. Assess the effect of OTAs on airline industry competition, prices, and profitability.

2. Characterize the demand for air travel over time; that is, by time of day, day of the week, season, and business cycle.

3. Define and discuss the differences between qualitative, time series, and causal (econometric) forecasting methods.

4. Define economies of scale. Are economies of scale evident in the airline industry? What is the implication for market entry?

5. Discuss one aspect of the low-cost carrier business model, such as Ryanair’s, that provides a sustainable cost advantage over a large network carrier, for example, British Airways.

MBAA523 midterm exam - september 2017
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5     aspect   the low-cost     model,       that   a sustainable     over       carrier,   example, British     carrier       applied   in different     some       in   regions while    
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the     of   may be     external       In   airline industry,     scale       role   the cost     of       this   Wensveen (2016)     large       to  
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interest     or   forecast of     of       the   forecasting method     relationship       between   cause and     the       values   to be     such,       (2016)   that the
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comparison     easy?   of Porter’s     is       the   of OTAs     industry       profitability   the Porter’s     the       the   of Online     (OTA)       rivalry   this perspective,     al  
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argues,     for   travels has     to       particularly   Saturdays This     to       most   typically prefer     weekends       free   for leisure     as       adventures   and N?mec,