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HUMN303 final
HUMN303 final
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of     tattoos   art, if     history       Tattooing   the transition     to       New   TimesSamantha SiemsSamantha     2017       5:10pmManage   EntryProfessor and     do       is   I believe     artists       ways   depict things     even       on   other persons     a       views   have a     them       have   tattoos but     been       them   haven't had     so       to   work, and     My       a   and paramedic     arms       and   and back     some       him   for his     doesn't       less   a person     say       his   correctly Each     his       and   have told     story       given   artist an     what       or   drew the     My       his   is the     his       the   himself and     artist       believed   beneficial to     and       beautiful   His Uncle     fireman       away   the line     fighting       day   tattoo depicts     badge       the   he was     date       flames   it with     no       It   him meaning     that       together   help each     and       designs   it Nikki     Aug       Discussion   I would     tattoos       am   person who     few       they   meaning to     is       each   to express     a       SubdiscussionLevi   SloanFriday Aug     7:56amManage       definitely   tattoos art     cases)       leg   are often     and       and   to them     as       any   This may     more       the   that most     enough       that   wearer wanted     be       The   to this     through       adds   this, as     it       to   individual to     it       a   setting in     AND       the   seem to     of       is   unique and     of       various   and even     to       the   It involves     variations       all   we find     We       of   mimicking art     people       other   known pieces     (like       or   Starry Night)     me,       form   art rich     history       like   art, there     good       Saying   bad tattoo     is       a   painting is     if       drift   while I     quickly       style   (the wall     see       are   a lesser     tattoo       art   execution if     -Levi       Pisano   Aug 18     Discussion       and   you for     thoughts       pop   and clothing     yet       ways   which we     pop       to   that we     many       for   humanities!Speaking of     are       effective   art media     along       Los   it becomes     that       pervasive   of both     pop       stated   requires some     mainstream       is   proliferate Certainly     the       outlets   the last     has       is   wonderful example     media-based       that   into the     between       Popular   While MTV     today,       what   likely the     media       has   known: the     has       art?   there a     Pop       unique   the internet?     outlets       Twitter,   others contribute--if     the       DrabantLaura   Aug 18     Discussion       tattoos   art Tattoos     have       detailed   have so     and       They   add so     colors,       make   artwork their     one       There   many TV     showcase       the   that they     their       reality   shows where     different       to   the type     they       when   comes to     internet       in   ways With     everything       touch   a button     are       so   artwork without     house       You   Twitter, and     are       artwork   much faster     how       it   can be     is       internet   a high     people       talking   it With     volume       about   it gets     and       SloanSaturday   19 at     EntryHi       the   has vastly     art       better   has allowed     thousands       art   thousands of     the       button   is a     of       sense   it allows     short       music   (as well     and       of   art to     available       to   audiences in     that       been   to previously     way,       youtube   a medium     of       agree   you that     another       art,   all art     well       doing   for our     I       that   the paintings     on       this   interesting considering     well       mainstream   circles Also,     Warhol       art   on clothing     that       I   that I've     with       pop   It seems     that       seen   expansion in     the       art   can be     from       tattoos,   so on     SiemsSamantha       at   Discussion EntryThe     changed       are   ways that     considered       thanks   the internet     things       that   on small     or       We   see different     videos       artwork   them to     Twitter       making   They do     taking       or   for example     it       blows   the internet     popular       Aug   at 3:56pmManage     Yes,       I   have a     but       I   one does     it       art   behind a     a       may   look that     you       other   it has     My       canvas   mine is     word       much   to it,     have       on   -Kristi Collapse     TranFriday       9:45pmManage   EntryProfessor and     think       art   are extremely     encompass       and   a completely     According       by   (2013), tattoos     historical       and   then evolved     then       tattoos   form as     contemporary       artists   their own     by       some   tattoo portraits     ones       paint   onto canvases     stated       must   through the     processes       does,   does the     this       relationship   space? How     placement       on   hand, rather     torso,       to   body and     surrounding       a   must learn     work       of   and how     their       artists   has to     to       inks   how to     techniques       guns   think this     form       continues   grow and     will       controversial   is beginning     more       McGrath,   (2017) When     Tattoo       Retrieved   August 2017,     artsy       Tattoos   An historical     Medicine       11(6),   doi:10 1016/j     10       Aug   at 7:31pmManage     you       agree   you on     concerning       multiple   and expressions     be       controversial   even need     covered       but   are changing     often       and   to those     them       who   not understand     seen       judgmental   believe that     to       is   controversial because     should       Stephanie   CardenasFriday Aug     10:16pmManage       class,   have started     and       a   ago when     associated       bikes   artists like     D       have   own style     reproduce       designs   ability to     on       shading   get the     on       in   I do     art       a   of paper     material       the   The artist     their       use   space, and     the       their   If you     look       the   artists tattoos,     linked       Stephanie   complex com/style/2015/01/50-tattoo-artists-you-need-to-know/scott-campbellReginald     Aug       Discussion   definitely consider     Art       past   were not     as       have   to change     point       are   and being     museums       greatest   of the     in       that   has allowed     come       tolerate   things that     would       I   some people     art       tattoos   great, just     are       Tattoos   are frankly     at       work   achieved, the     colors,       manner   which they     and       of   of the     some       that   have observed     16       paintings   don't have     but       fact   people who     place       in   if you     about       will   that it     not       some   there is     a       is   to it,     shapes       the   and his     tattoo       MORE   BelenitskyElina BelenitskySunday     at       you   your post     very       think   pop art     as       of   that was     the       culture   art was     of       British   the Americans     their       The   of pop     out       their   life expressions     vibrant       with   dull backgrounds     histories       as   response to     Recall       Pollock   Willem de     Lichtenstein       Pop   vibe with     #6”       painting   only four     on       red,   and white     on       red   springs off     center       a   effect of     on       of   picture The     plastic       in   cheapness, but     is       almost   motion like     paintings       htmlLinks   an external     Collapse       14,   Aug 14     Discussion       art   in England     1950's       was   of the     in       his   art in     (Sayre,       one   the major     pop       As   have learned     course       contributed   the art     massed       art   art that     for       popular   (The Art     Massed       allowed   to have     to       of   Most pop     to       it   all classes     and       higher   Andy Warhol     known       Soup   (Sayre, 2013)     not       not   able to     of       if   do not     produced       art   not generated     well       the   to this     art       recognized   also believe     this       is   appreciated regardless     form       accessible   all NikkiSayre,     (2013)       (2nd   ) Upper     N       Art   (2017) Pop     from       htmCollapse   CacholaKathlene CacholaAug     Aug       Discussion   Nikki,Since television     of       of   information during     it       influence   pop art     the       the   allowed viewers     and       art   People can     and       white   on the     the       can   hear about     influence       television   such an     how       art   became Andy     one       popular   art artist,     his       this   also a     of       production   remember when     had       was   mass production     of       tote   furniture, posters,     other       you   Andy Warhol     soup       any   product as     piece?Collapse       15,   Aug 15     Discussion       the   I have     same       The   thing I     up       maybe   was the     produced       time   amount of     people       affect   they were     purchase       Just   thought NikkiCollapse     FazioAug       16   7:01amManage Discussion     Kathleen,That       wondered   why soup     it       concept   art at     I       such   random thing     I       was   that would     recognizable       this   pop art,     was       than   actual object     you       it   a mass     When       and   cheap, everyone     can       would   able to     piece       PisanoFrank   Aug 16,     16       EntryHi   Nikki, and     posts       is   by the     it       different   the future     does       perhaps,   most malleable     of       In   present day,     revolution       of   and mass     widely       have   an integral     its       The   Andy Warhol     media       particularly   of the     Pop       wide   because it     on       advertising,   elsewhere in     consciousness       outlets   far more     effective       were   thirty or     ago;       the   and '70s,     artists       of   upon media     spread       their   While they     have       and   phones, they     to       widespread   What outlets--media     early       to   their work     public?       are   outlets not     means       but   an integral     the       WarchalSunday   20 at     EntryDear       Karissa,   and Class,Great     was       Change   in the     art       from   forms from     that       used   idea soup     he       can   home cooked     vs       vs   It could     discussions       movement   in a     more       outside   home allowing     the       Interesting   Thanks SueDanielle     Aug       Discussion   pop art     be       version   artwork While     available       the   done by     as       easier   sell to     Alexa       2017   14 at     EntryProfessor       is   “popular” art     the       movement   from a     Abstract       considered   the Pop     as       Pop   artists wanted     tradition       artist’s   of mass-media     culture       be   fine art     is       material   its context     the       it   other objects     This       to   attitudes that     art       widely   as a     the       expressionism   Art intended     images       contrast   elitist culture     emphasizing       of   given culture,     the       Pop   replaced the     and       the   movement (a     which       during   War I     its       a   of the     in       cultural   by having     for       consumerism   Influence of     on       Pop   (n d     from       SubdiscussionFrank   Pisano Aug     Aug       Discussion   Art and     Hi       a   (an Elvis     performance       's   Ace Theater--awesome!)     was       am--by   number and     concert       It   also struck     the       these   are in     is       least   in Los     individuals       wearing   with some     or       the   Certainly, the     occupies       in   Pop Art     in       other   of art,     is       in   form of     prints,       Should   consider the     of       of   on the     as       Will   art be     the       traditional   in 500     RuoffAug       15   5:50pmManage Discussion     and       the   T’s! I     think       art   truly everywhere     many       Indiana   wear concert     concerts,       wait   line for     to       Even   creative works     should       I   that traditional     more       not   on the     Who       future   for art?     that       tremendously   the next     just       over   last 500     500       people   look at     and       questions   we have     from       did   artist paint     did       they   this? What     painting       Samantha   SiemsAug 15,     15       EntryProfessor   class, concert     very       I   have bought     concert       there   also know     tshirts       popular   people to     performed       back   June and     the       concert   a pop     opened       selling   whole bunch     merchandise       were   unique and     a       on   The one     that       gotten   a very     It       Liberty   and a     red       on   It gave     to       to   day I     am       I   Researching it     many       that   live in     country       its   behind it     these       lots   effect on     art       has   collect these     do       of   that they     sell       16,   Aug 16     Discussion       not   that pop     of       art   be considered     same       pop   is like     come       that   was very     could       it   be more     as       go,   will some     pieces       I   Traditional art,     isn't       on   like a     musicians       and   Traditional art     preserving       sense   believe certain     that       through   because of     and       had   folks, might     the       art   500 years,     is       said   traditional art     background,       art,   to me     on       American   a lot,     t-shirts       art   and it's     dependent       artist   perceived and     not       time   art seems     value,       history   some of     that       the   who created     F       16,   Aug 16     Discussion       class,   shirt phenomena     than       about   of history     and       bombing   the Marathon,     were       the   forever embedded     is       art   t- shirts     races,       to   league, dance     ,       history   a child     as       saved   of my     in       to   found one     by       Remember   tie dye     camp       creativity   fun Speaking     check       for   cupcakes I     young       went   the charter     my       spirit   when he     youngster       in   t- shirts     ship       on   Street in     and       and   which will     surely       Thanks   an interesting     https://johnnycupcakes       16,   Aug 16     Discussion       comes   many forms     think       to   anything as     worthy       are   However, the     movement       radical   while initially     criticism,       to   test of     art       "traditional"   Who knows,     500       world   not have     to       was   we sit     Greco-Roman       may   closer to     future       Speaking   t-shirts and     there       a   art style     to       The   bright colors     often       place   and everyday     perfectly       generational   One look     Lichtenstein       its   to see     like       was   original and     today,       just   Fun fact:     probably       tees   J (2017)     Movement       orgLinks   an external     SubdiscussionCathrine       19   1:16pmManage Discussion     and       t-shirts   nice, I     in       will   at the     people       them   what is     them       at   well as     other       are   feel that     production       the   of the     CardenasStephanie       at   Discussion EntryCathy     I       T's   value as     on       someone   an older     and       the   designs I     a       for   old and     one       knew   made quilts     old       recently   I think     a       convert   shirts into     different       Pop   will gain     momentum       styles   the dedication     needed       in   styles is     more       Art   is easier     and       that   Art must     another       versatility   it can     Lindsey       21   12:23amManage Discussion     of       be   on the     of       more   art The     for       the   logo had     from       follows   same idea     a       traditional   of art     allows       of   whereas the     available       Art   a t     still       will   if pop     be       same   as pop     500       things   change and     endless       happen   now and     the       art   drastically change     from       FazioAug   2017 Aug     11:46amManage       and   you have     art       subject   encompasses different     consists       of   work, and     referred       because   the popular     is       that   material realities     life       a   impact/influence on     world       reality   terms of     was       mass   showing a     in       and   (Sayre,2013, p     showed       modern   and reintroduced     Pop       artists   Andy Warhol     Rosenquist       matter   far from     art"       mythology,   classic history;     artists       and   of everyday     this       elevate   culture to     of       (The   Story) The     the       was   bring everyday     art       and   piece to     the       Andy   The Marilyn     that       1962   looking at     of       and   colors and     looking       different   most pieces     He       of   and then     technique       printing   color inks     for       H   (2013) Discovering     Boston:       Art   Modern Art     Art       theartstory   htmCollapse SubdiscussionNichole     15,       at   Discussion EntryProfessor     term       said   be coined     in       came   refer to     whose       the   as the     in       culture   2013) Some     influences       were   Warhol and     of       Cans   2013, p     15       artist,   Wesselman and     entitled,       (Sayre,   p 479)     12       a   with a     above       side   with coke,     and       be   One of     inventive       said   be Claes     artist       from,   hats, caps,     shirt       to   of cake     A       statements   an art     his       crap,"   the human,"     form       of   itself"(Sayre, 2013,     I       consider   elements of     even       mass   works of     art       not   to the     the       piece   art Pop     influential       especially   It is     of       live   ReferenceSayre, H     Discovering       ed   Boston: Pearson     PisanoFrank       2017   17 at     EntryHi       all,Much   the Pop     have       type   art that     produced       focus,   a time,     Art       in   traditional ways--i     sculpture,       have   actual paintings     works       considered   Art? What     these       these   be considered     different       other   mass produced     Explain       Aug   at 1:35pmManage     Oldenburg       everyday   He would     sculpture       of   an ice-cream     a       Warhol   a famous     known       colored   of celebrities     story,       works   objects like     and       reproduced   infinitum, as     gallery       shelf   a supermarket     acknowledged       art,   that paintings     different       Campbell's   both have     and       and   like consumer     further       status   consumer goods     of       like   Diptych(1962) The     also       following   the U     well       Many   collect the     that       of   CathieThe Art     Art       from   theartstory org/movement-pop-art     an       SubdiscussionRichard   VenturaAug 15,     15       EntryFollowing   America like     was       time   rebuilding and     the       them,   took to     of       even   the television     in       wasn't   after WWII     the       television   commonplace in     One       influences   pop culture     televisions       consumer   spawned advertisements     products       stations   artists in     represent       advertisements   television and     in       the   culture (Sayer,     479)       music   fashion, pop     only       idea   the times,     also       artists   well Warhol,     Monet,       oneness   his art     his       similar   and detail     minimally       was   influences by     some       works   as Elvis     Mick       10   2016) These     the       other   and also     idea       culture   of the     1960's       not   popular culture     time       of   brought on     of       to   changing times     the       see   in our     for       social   is an     what       this   of growing     References       d   Andy Warhol     http://www       to   external site     ,       Art   on Modern     Pop       https://pixel77   to an     Sayre,       the   (2nd ed)     River,       by   Ventura on     at       FugetFriday   18 at     EntryRichard-I       agree   televisions did     Pop       very   period of     feel       there   a lot     art,       has   since the     are       are   produced still     may       the   artist was,     are       the   of art     the       don't   to have     them       know   kind of     are       and   believe will     contagious       that   will continue     just       few   directions Nikki     McMakinSunday       7:26pmManage   EntryHi Nikki,     and       movement   many styles     art       wife   an apron     can       for   commercial was     for       a   producer of     Also       comic   genre with     and       books   artists to     use       writing   a part     artistry       how   traditional artist     some       of   created, but     all       of   beholder and     McMakinElizabeth       18   9:03pmManage Discussion     you       to   new theory     start       With   television becoming     in       followed   is definitely     contributing       art   now had     of       to   amounts of     in       that   needed to     with       these   comes usage     to       on   tv Sometimes     cartoons       and   things are     Great       Aug   at 9:59pmManage     post       concerning   use of     its       art   our culture     the       many   of art     would       thus,   would be     off       spread   popularity of     all       easiest   spread in     manner       simple   widespread it     show       art   contemporary art     a       it   reach millions     Whereas       had   travel or     homes       would   happen as     than       SubdiscussionElina   BelenitskyAug 15,     15       EntryTo   and professor,Pop     from       are   to what     within       From   idea, pop     continually       what   new fad     what       the   This idea     popular       really   from the     media       of   and what     crowds       This   of art     about       their   experiences, such     art       was,   was about     was       and   set in     H       the   Boston: Pearson/Prentice     jpgCollapse       Aug   at 9:17pmManage     Elina,Art       is   changing and     it       coming   is old     next       generation   is art     dose       why   find pop     interesting       of   that is     coming       the   pop art     art       graffiti   very interesting     have       graffiti   in my     room       price   art while     hates       that   not art     it's       of   This is     of       art   one thing     other       passerby   an urban     observed       illegal   that is     many       pieces   nuisance, graffiti     gaining       art   more and     a       art"   2016) If     done       not   someone's property,     it       art   post KatieRefrences:Sanchez,     Graffiti:       Retrieved   from http://iml     edu/projects/fall07/Sanchez/art       Aug   at 4:07amManage     post       brith   creation of     which       a   art style     feel       art   influenced by     Some       characteristic   used in     ,       and   with a     feel       were   true graffiti     the       their   by "tagging"     all       buildings   SubdiscussionElizabeth HolpuchElizabeth     2017       9:23pmManage   EntryPop art     in       got   influence from     as       television,   even advertising     art       of   any art     trends       culture   example, Andy     32       Campbell's   cans which     whole       Pop   is a     art       as   goes on     demands       in   cultural trend     believe       by   whether it     or       a   of art     of       cans   from someones     had       up   design so     believe       Sayre,   pg 479)     H       the   Boston: Pearson/Prentice     RowlandKaylee       Aug   at 8:33pmManage     great       think   Andy Warhol     i       and   trend aspects     pieces       cans   a perfect     contemporary       though   pieces were     long       show   in modern     different       schemes   make them     original!       the   that you     no       anything   be considered     on       at   Thanks again,     :)Collapse       Aug   2017 Aug     8:08amManage       UndergroundHi   aside, for     the       Art's   to endure     your       of   fact that     crosses       various   and multi-media     Pop       always   well-represented in     that       Warhol's   projects during     '60s       was   the Lou     band,       In   own way,     Underground       to   Pop Art