NR509 week 3 discussion 2017

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Week 3: Neurologic, Musculoskeletal, and Cardiopulmonary Assessment

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Using a friend, family member, or colleague, perform a neurovascular (include all cranial nerves), musculoskeletal, and cardiopulmonary (includes the heart, lungs, and peripheral vasculature) exam. Document the physical examination findings in the SOAP note format.

Even though your patient may have abnormal findings, you must document the expected normal exam findings for the system. If you would like to include the abnormal findings they should be noted in parenthesis next to the normal expected findings. The complete subjective and objective sections must be included. You may include the assessment and plan portion of the SOAP note, but these sections will not be graded.

You should devise a chief complaint so that you may document the OLDCART (HPI) data. You must use the chief complaint of headache, back pain, and cough. You should also focus the ROS based on the patient’s chief complaint and the body systems being examined. Refer to the SOAP Note Format document in Course Resources as necessary. This will be the same format that faculty will follow during the immersion weekend.

Please note the first post is due by Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. MT.

NR509 week 3 discussion 2017
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