ACC499 week 9 and week 10 discussion 1, 2

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Week 9 Discussion 1

"Internal Controls" Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, examine the importance of the audit committee oversight related to the quality of the internal controls of an organization. Analyze the audit committee’s responsibilities regarding risk assessment and internal control monitoring. Indicate whether or not the audit committee is the best to perform the function.
  • Contrast the opinion provided by the independent auditor concerning management’s assessment of internal controls over the financial reporting system with the audit opinion on the financial statements in general. Argue for providing both a qualified opinion over the financial reporting system and an unqualified opinion on the financial statements.

Week 9 Discussion 2

"Apple, Inc." Please respond to the following:

  • From the case study, in 2009, the FASB issued a ruling related to income recognition from multiple element sales involving software to various stakeholder groups. Evaluate the impact of Apple’s retrospective restatement of its financial statements resulting from FASB’s ruling. Provide support for your rationale.
  • From the case study, examine the influence of both Apple’s reported deferred revenue and the lobbying by Apple executives on FASB’s ruling. Indicate your agreement or disagreement with Apple’s attempt to influence FASB’s ruling.


Week 10 Discussion 1

"Taxes" Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, create a scenario reflecting the differences between GAAP and international accounting standards for taxes. Determine which reporting standard best reflects financial reporting for taxes, and support your position.
  • Examine the impact of FIN 48 (Accounting for the Uncertainty in income taxes) on GAAP reporting. Identify the benefits of the requirements on financial reporting. Assess whether FIN 48 was necessary, and support your position.

Week 10 Discussion 2

"Bethlehem Steel Corporation's Deferred Taxes"Please respond to the following:

  • From the case study, evaluate Bethlehem Steel’s valuation allowance in relation to the company’s ability to use deferred tax benefits in the future. Justify the position taken by Bethlehem Steel in the financial statements.
  • From the case study, clarify the temporary differences identified in the tax footnote to Bethlehem Steel’s 2000 10-K due to employee benefits, depreciable assets, and the tax loss carried forward. Indicate what a user of the financial statement information can glean from reading the tax footnote to Bethlehem Steel’s 2000 10-K.
ACC499 week 9 and week 10 discussion 1, 2
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standard     financial   for taxes,     your       impact   FIN 48     the       taxes)   GAAP reporting     benefits       on   reporting Assess     48       support   position Reply     to       to   messageMessage UnreadMark     Not       ago   ADESANYA Email     10       Rating:12345View   Post Parent     difference       International   for Taxes     on       latter’s   Where IAST     one       the   financial information,     uphold       presentation   SEC (Ramachandran,     is       GAAP   any change     has       by   of a     comprehensive       always   as the     the       may   be done     different       of   income or     Statement       Equity   income meaning     net       loss   be presented     item       decreases   balance in     in       Standards   Taxes, the     Changes       the   one required     In       income   is not     In       income   net loss     or       or   from the     is       make   for the     the       given   (Ramachandran, 2005)     refinanced       prior   the date     statement       presented   a non-current     loans       non-current   IAST provided     completed       of   sheet Commonly     a       the   and idle     inventory,       hand,   does not     not       inventory   method but     the       There   prohibition of     reversal       in   the reduction     value       of   overvaluation when     the       can   reversed If     inclusiveness       in   construction, the     method       in   This is     in       recovery   is used     historical       allowing   revalued amount     makes       costs   a bases     property       and   (Hunt, 2012)     losses       a   in IAST     does       recognition   gain or     in       assets   of all     in       is   in IAST     is       in   where requirement     on       in   (Hunt, 2012)     Best       best   Financial Reporting     International       Taxes   comparison with     reflect       the   only require     financial       GAAP   3-year presentation     statement       important   of IAST     is       consistency   all companies     or       usage   IAST In     a       foreign   IAST gives     consistency       companies   IAST are     make       uniform   being in     to       cost   all reporting     doing       (Robinson,   Thereby streamlining     will       reporting   training, and     company       through   of IAST     able       standards   reporting standards,     or       them   concise and     and       company   big advantages     the       This   because they     giving       start   IAST system     familiarization       IAST   to offer,     would       2012)   impact of     (Accounting       in   taxes) on     48       subject   income tax     to       in   tax positions     financial       first   of in     is       for   of a     in       tax   recognition When     is       then   to the     The       very   as a     in       amount   the uncertain     when       in   financial statement     will       of   uncertain tax     the       tax   will be     it       the   merits of     taken       there   likelihood of     50%       position   the tax     the       component   FIN 48     position       for   statements reporting     Benefits       statements   records of     with       sheets   profit, loss     stand       most   components of     They       of   information mostly     parties       is   of the     of       a   point in     are       the   of various     more       potential   and creditors     Necessary       48   transparency in     in       matters   transparency enhances     comparability       FIN   is effective     its       steps:a)   an income     FIN       on   the unit     This       tax   identifications Financial     considers       which   entity accumulates     information       the   of account     Other       of   is usually     an       Good   of the     the       important   unit of     is       (Robinson,   b) MeasurementUsing     available       reporting   consideration of     and       FIN   always helps     of       of   cumulative probability     (Ramachandran,       48   obvious an     quantitative       Interest   penalties must     and       statement   financial position     inclusive       of   should also     Tabular       of   complete amounts     tax       beginning   the period     end       need   be recognized     (Robinson,       ,   Kakani, R     Financial       New   Tata McGraw-Hill     M       Kieso,   E (2012)     survival       Fourteenth   Hoboken, N     John       Robinson,   R (2012)     statement       J:   Wiley &     Quote       message   to next     repliesMessage       Not   Flag9 days     Senah       10   1COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your     Post       for   detail discussion     enjoyed       provisions   FIN 48     applied       positions   its adoption     positions       more-likely-than-not   threshold at     date       or   to be     adoption       The   effect of     provisions       48   be reported     adjustment       balance   retained earnings     appropriate       or   assets in     of       the   of adoption,     Source:       Reply   Move to     Move       ReadMark   UnreadMessage Not     days       Email   Week 10     Rating:12345Your       Parent   post The     FIN       great   for financial     The       help   with recognition,     disclosures       to   message Move     messageMessage       Not   Flag9 days     Baker       10   1COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your     Post       mentioned,   transparency results     48       beneficial   those using     statements       is   great tool     users       have   extremely experienced     While       to   financial statements,     can       Further   definition can     of       Jessica   Reply Quote     previous       next   ReadMark as     FlaggedSet       Claudia   Email AuthorRE:     Discussion       Original   Parent PostHi     disclosures       information   users of     without       company's   exposure to     efforts,       requirements   more extensive     Therefore       choose   be less     their       evade   with the     Reply       previous   Move to     ReadMark       FlaggedSet   days ago     Email  
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stated     audit   is the     perform       it   over the     about       for   that how     could       of   financial reporting     other       committee   further applied     responsibility       committee   respect to     is       internal   over financial     audit       ensured   effectiveness and     operations,       standard   on financial     compliance       regulations   laws, which     to       Hence,   above factors     audit       its   Argue for     Opinion       unqualified   has been     an       to   that statement     reports       and   view in     the       financial   On the     the       taken   when any     held       the   of financial     in       the   auditor and     it       it   matched with     of       financial   generally described     need       on   controls to     financial       of   direct impacts     investors       The   opinion has     because       real   about the     strength       shareholders   investors to     decision       investment   not http://www     pdfhttp://www       issai   pdfhttps://www boundless     Quote       message   to next     repliesMessage       Not   Flag18 days     Hamrick       9   1COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your     Post       discussion   very informative     opinion       because   auditors has     the       the   financial strenth     what       responsible   to make     thing       on   financials Reply     to       to   messageHide 1     as       Flag16   ago TIFFANY     MANAGER       9   1COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your     Post       are   right about     of       Many   firms that     discussed       writing   were not     express       when   was warranted     a       clients   the companies     negatively       not   affected their     but       their   to survive     of       Quote   to previous     to       as   Not FlaggedSet     ago       AuthorRE:   9 Discussion     Rating:12345View       PostDear   made some     points       your   I think     did       of   an unqualified     opinion       it   crucial that     auditor       for   organization This     shareholders       the   can be     in       being   in the     Do       an   audit could     inherent       KiserReply   Move to     Move       ReadMark   UnreadMessage Not     days       Email   Week 9     Rating:12345Your       Parent   Controls" Please     the       examine   importance of     committee       the   of the     of       the   committee’s responsibilities     assessment       monitoring   whether or     audit       best   perform the     media       trials   the past     have       of   least several     in       have   variously soporific,     or       In   the actions     more       –   audit committees     of       been   that fiduciary     not       Without   effective chair,     committee       be   There should     comprehensive       the   for the     chair,       circumstances   warranted and     be       basis   recruitment, succession     and       opinion   by the     concerning       internal   over the     system       opinion   the financial     general       both   qualified opinion     financial       an   opinion on     statements       has   an unqualified     auditor's       audit   internal control     reporting       an   on the     the       over   reporting Because     internal       considered   if one     material       form   basis for     opinion,       plan   perform the     obtain       is   to obtain     about       exist   of the     in       material   in internal     financial       even   financial statements     materially       to   message Move     messageHide       as   Not FlaggedSet     ago       AuthorRE:   9 Discussion     Rating:12345View       PostHi   am glad     about       weaknesses   internal control     is       that   weaknesses lead     that       action   are the     control       the   compliance insight     com)Inadequate       due   accounts payable     Account       review   authorityBestAlexandre BramiReply     to       to   messageMessage ReadMark     Not       ago   Hamrick Email     9       Rating:12345View   Post Parent     Committee       the   for reviewing     the       The   committee uses     from       different   to carry     responsibility       provided   Internal Audit     annual       is   by the     and       principal   assessment and     controls       to   Audit Committee     management       assurance   detailing their     and       highlighting   significant issues     can       (clean)   on its     from       even   management or     identifies       in   If a     in       management   the auditor     the       compensate   he material     the       process   expanding the     testing       altering   audit approach     in       weakness   qualified opinion     financial       for   weaknesses found     financial       necessary   to qualify     system       to   message Move     messageHide       as   Not FlaggedSet     ago       AuthorRE:   9 Discussion     Rating:12345View       PostLynne,That   a very     about       In   to your     Committees       help   of directors     their       ethical   These responsibilities     financial       code   conduct, etc     committees       conferring   the accounting     the       and   the directors     Typically       AC   to check     controls       w   t financials     place       are   clear, and     any       the   that oversees     the       in   to their     the       to   the internal     accounting       are   (Zinkin, 2010)     (2010,       and   of audit     from       my/Reply   Move to     Move       ReadMark   UnreadMessage Not     days       INSTRUCTOR   Email AuthorRE:     Discussion