NR507 Week 7 Reflection - September 2017

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Week 7: Reflection

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Reflect back over the past eight weeks and describe how the achievement of the course outcomes in this course have prepared you to meet the MSN program outcome #, MSN Essential VIII, and Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 1 Scientific Foundation Competencies

Program Outcome #4: Evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of strategies developed to meet healthcare needs (MSN Essentials III, IV, VIII).

MSN Essential VIII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health

•Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies and integrates broad, organizational, client-centered, and culturally appropriate concepts in the planning, delivery, management, and evaluation of evidence-based clinical prevention and population care and services to individuals, families, and aggregates/identified populations.

Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 1 Scientific Foundation Competencies

1. Critically analyzes data and evidence for improving advanced nursing practice.

2. Integrates knowledge from the humanities and sciences within the context of nursing science.

3. Translates research and other forms of knowledge to improve practice processes and outcomes.

4. Develops new practice approaches based on the integration of research, theory, and practice knowledge.

NR507 Week 7 Reflection - September 2017
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occur     biological   of how     effect       Once   understanding of     grasped,       can   to meet     of       of   and patients     of       prepared   to meet     Essential       guiding   as the     to       and   evidence-based clinical     population-based       families   the ability     populations       biological   and anatomy     body       process   disorders and     is       by   Being able     to       their   is effected     condition       treatment   help them     for       NP   achievement of     has       meet   Nurse Practitioner     #       course   I learned     recent       testing,   latest scientific     diseases       changing   we know     diseases       and   most updated     managing       the   prevention strategies     and       out   as healthcare     we       prevention,   treatments and     care       and   due to     consistent       by   healthcare providers     L       Miller,   (2015) Factors     practice       British   of Community     233-242       20   233 Retrieved     chamberlain       aspx?direct=true&db=ccm&AN=103798321&site=ehost-live   GinerJuliette Giner     2017       7:29pmManage   EntryRebecca, your     by       so   The filed     and       become   standard of     for       ("novel   anti-coagulants") are     struggle,       out   and where     them       years   just had     Warfarin       CiceronOct   2017 Oct     9:47amManage       classmates,This   has been     and       my   class sense     started       The   of the     in       prepared   to meet     Program       Essential   and Nurse     Competencies       Foundation   Program Outcome     have       from   class, but     think       so   more to     weekly       me   do an     the       come   with different     primary       possible   It was     to       spending   to find     peer       reading,   our text     us       with   best diagnosis     diagnosis       the   recent, scholarly     that       thoroughly   the details     the       leads   a more     understanding       base   class really     to       analysis   to support     studies       AACN   we must     to       objective   skills to     the       the   and then     with       plan   care that     specific       process   class has     me       of   box in     patient       aspects   the case     class       build   needed as     to       effective   evidenced based     was       to   with my     and       Giner   the last     Thank       for   time that     to       because   always provides     positive       to   my fellow     your       luck   all of     ReferenceAmerican       of   (2011) The     Master’s       Retrieved   http://www aacn     pdfRebecca       2017   10 at     EntryHi       I   agree that     has       job   us through     course       case   readings, sessions     all       our   on the     the       its   McNew, Gordon,     Trangenstein       that   of the     the       online   is the     available       of   with the     Giner       single   I made     post,       my   to a     level       carefully   to enhance     I       Dr   and each     you       through   of the     courses       program   Chamberlain ReferencesMcNew,     ,       ,   E E     Trangenstein,       Education   The Technical     Be       Health   & Informatics,     3233/978-1-61499-658-3-987       chamberlain   ebscohost com/login     GinerJuliette       2017   14 at     EntryThank       would   that coming     3       of   case studies     real       who   not used     that       may   be doing     your       think   understanding the     helpful,       understand   certain symptoms     and       when   know why     reacts       JulietteAimiee   CruzOct 15,     15       EntryDr   have to     the       me   class has     most       yet   was having     my       I   how humbling     to       of   care Also,     for       kindness   hurricane Irma     appreciated       SubdiscussionAllan   TompkinsOct 10,     10       EntryThe   Association of     Nursing       need   the masters’     to       the   and integration     scientific       concepts   the provision     and       populations   the lifespan     I       didn’t   how an     could       subject   Through the     I       diagnose   based on     and       differential   one learns     on       treatment   different diseases     pathophysiology       helps   derive effective     As       I   have to     to       and   understand the     obtain       and   medical history     diagnose       the   studies I     one       the   for the     a       to   the patient     parents       and   medical history     up       MSN   VIII: Clinical     Population       HealthAs   Nurse Practitioner,     vital       person   a whole     effective       family   practitioner, I     I       patients   all ages     mechanism       and   the effectiveness     care       build   personal knowledge     of       believe   through discussions     studies       I   about different     tools       their   Differentiating between     and       why   why not     was       helped   more knowledge     Nurse       #   Scientific Foundation     able       cause   provide outcomes     help       captured   this course     gained       exposes   theory and     The       involved   patient with     allowed       and   of symptoms     laboratory       am   with the     the       I   that I     insight       course   to convey,     you       and   responses to     ReferencesAmerican       of   The essentials     education       Retrieved   http://www aacn     to       resources/MastersEssentials11   Response: The     Practitioners       in   care The     has       patient   and it     as       members   the health     proper       and   thinking ensure     and       The   of critical     and       facing   problems, are     deep       Education   training programs     Practice       to   clinical decision-making     thinking       of   pharmacology and     (Chen,       Lin,   I also     course       it   us to     and       up   the proper     S       ,   C ,     E       exploration   the correlates     practitioners'       Journal   Clinical Nursing,     doi:10       ArmelliniOct   2017 Oct     5:17pmManage       reading   course reflection     agree       regards   how important     to       and   history as     to       as   relates to     and       to   examples used     case       clinical   and symptoms     to       incubation   Some diseases     to       while   are not     I       learned   lot from     readings       from   case studies     ,       understanding   disease process,     labs       with   disease, and     really       to   role of     nurse       that   can not     start       hands   clinical experiences     outpatient       can   start to     pieces       GinerJuliette   Oct 14,     14       EntryAllan,   bring up     point       patients   are a     things       history,   family history     do       easily   the patient     tell       wrong   do not     the       that   years ago     current       Careful   will often     tie       I   always trying     a       you   enough questions,     often       development   a reasonable     has       a   period of     originally       HillErika   10, 2017     at       Giner   class,I can't     much       challenged   mentally I     idea       and   into this     have       a   course or     in       encourage   to use     my       experience   research strategies     same       entire   of this     feel       advanced   knowledge in     accurate       in   given scenarios     by       different   for a     only       down   correct diagnosis     also       a   in treatment     This       an   for what     experience       future   a NP     accurate       easy   when it     a       not   have to     such       subjective   objective data     diagnose,       research   since some     conditions       and   Each week     unsure       differential   was correct     sure       but   honestly say     was       at   sight of     from       had   the exact     or       relief!!!   a nurse     must       and   analyze all     in       safe   adequate care     positive       future   Each patient     even       may   similar, so     care       a   I realize     time       will   able to     use       from   patients to     and       due   me having     signs       Erika   HillOct 10,     10       EntryReference   Boykins, A     Communication       Care   Journal, 25(2),     CiceronKenol       Oct   at 1:14pmManage     Erika,I       you   class was     and       that   of us     a       the   past weeks     class       allows   to build     as       the   effective and     care       for   to interact     my       my   Dr Giner     last       posts   always interesting,     wishes       fellow   Thank youKenol     SubdiscussionJuliette       14,   Oct 14     Discussion       have   say I     relieved       found   diagnoses for     studies       you   on a     you       prioritize   possible diagnoses     to       the   up will     most       you   diagnosis and     spent       SubdiscussionErika   HillOct 15,     15       EntryProfessor   you for     timely       course   must admit     was       first   at syllabus     so       to   my post     with       again   all your     understanding       experience   woe's of     the       GinerJuliette   Saturday Oct     9:51amManage       am   that things     for       will   able to     life       after   of this     I       how   it was     to       of   students in     who       rescue   in one     another       ArmelliniOct   2017 Oct     8:38pmManage       and   Reflection Pathophysiology     my       far   my family     program       that   this class     detailed       helped   develop a     of       processes   having to     diseases       the   diagnosis I     forced       comfort   and had     clinical       as   related to     in       Researching   differential diagnoses     has       into   “best fit”     presentation       the   situation Competency-based     assessment       attention   nurse practitioner     Competency-based       outcomes-based   to the     assessment,       an   program, using     framework       &   2017) This     discuss       Nursing’s   program outcome     Essential       Practitioner   Competency #1     will       outcome   Evaluate the     and       developed   meet healthcare     week       the   study presented     5       that   parent complained     having       greasy   seems small     infant’s       sickly   case study     diagnosis,       which   disease manifests,     run       differentially   and even     of       of   different ethnicity     one       of   the case     at       of   and labs     treatment       a   practitioner, diagnosing     role       shift   in the     practice       MSN   VIII: Clinical     Population       Health   that the     applies       organizational,   and culturally     in       management,   evaluation of     prevention       and   to individuals,     aggregates/identified       the   the week     study       young   American female     to       complaints   severe chest     pain       negative   assumed the     drug       home   patient then     a