PSYCH1100 - One-year-old Jane is not overly fearful of strangers but she clearly prefers to be held by

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• Question 2

One-year-old Jane is not overly fearful of strangers but she clearly prefers to be held by her mother than by anyone else. Her behavior illustrates:

• Question 8

You have a pair of pliers and a bag of nuts in the shell. You are lamenting the fact that you can t shell the nuts because you do not have a nutcracker. Your inability to perceive the pliers as a makeshift nutcracker demonstrates _____ on your part.

• Question 12

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

• Question 16

Which of the following is most likely to have been learned through classical conditioning?

• Question 19

Neal and Joe met recently at an accounting job fair. Neal lost his job when his company downsized last week and even though it came as a complete surprise, he was given two months severance pay to hold him over until he finds a new position. Joe, on the other hand decided to quit his job to look for another and he has two months of vacation pay to hold him over until he finds a new position. What, if any stress are Neal and Joe experiencing?

• Question 20

Sensation differs from perception because sensation involves _______________.

• Question 26

After seeing his co-worker rewarded with a gift certificate to the nicest restaurant in town for getting to work on time every day for a year, Colin never got to work late again. This is an example of _____________.

• Question 28

Doreen thinks that her brother, Darren, got more sandwich than she did because their father cut Darren s sandwich into quarters, while hers was left in one piece. Doreen s reasoning is typical of a child in the _________ stage of cognitive development.

• Question 29

Shahid was in a serious automobile accident on a snowy evening last winter that caused him to feel anxious every time it snowed and he had to get behind the wheel. After a few months, Shahid s fear of driving in the snow disappeared. To Shahid s surprise, the first snowfall of the next year once again brought back his fear of driving in the snow. The return of Shahid s fear can best be described by the behavioral concept of _______________.

• Question 31

The order of the basic memory processes in which information enters our memory system and is used later is

• Question 32

On Travis first date, he and his girlfriend danced to the country song Red Neck Woman. Every time Travis hears that song on his favorite country music station he thinks of his girlfriend and gets a warm feeling. Travis only gets these warm feelings when he hears Red Neck Woman and not when he hears other country songs. Travis behavior is an example of ________________.

• Question 35

A student s organized set of expectations about how a college professor is supposed to act is an example of a _________.

• Question 36

Using electrical stimulation to compete with or block pain signals involves a

• Question 39

While boating one afternoon with his father, Ernesto Jr. was given a gift certificate by the local Coast Guard representative for wearing his life jacket. Ernesto Jr. now wears his life Jacket every time he goes out on his father s boat. His change in behavior is the result of ____________.

• Question 40

Dr. Smithe is designing a study to investigate whether aggressive preschoolers are likely to become aggressive adolescents. Dr. Smithe should use ______________

• Question 41

Unusually low levels of _____________ have been associated with a lowered male sex drive.

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control     differs   perception because     _______________       interpretationsCorrect   the raw     your       seeing   co-worker rewarded     gift       nicest   in town     to       every   for a     never       late   This is     of       learned   Correct Answer: A     Question       her   Darren, got     than       their   cut Darren     into       was   in one     s       of   child in     stage       Selected   preoperationalCorrect Answer: C     was       automobile   on a     last       him   feel anxious     it       had   get behind     After