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Unit 3: Unit 3: Emotions, Moods, and Emotional Intelligence - Discussion

Respond to the Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading and Learning Activity.

You practiced some of the concepts in the Learning Activity regarding emotions at work after completing your Reading. Now you will have an opportunity to apply what you learned to answer some questions regarding a video as well as how they apply to you.


Discussion Topic #1: Emotions at Work

Discussion Topic #1: Emotions at Work

First, view the video, “East Haven Fire Department: Emotions and Moods.” Then respond to the following 4 questions regarding emotions in the workplace:

  1. How do the rescue and fire fighter employees keep their emotions balanced?
  2. How do you handle your emotions at work?
  3. How might emotional intelligence help us keep emotions in balance?
  4. What did you learn from this video clip about how to keep emotions in check?

Respond to the Discussion per the course Syllabus.

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that     usually   at an     circumstance       me   make a     when       I   to work     very       every   is observed     so       got   of hand     affect       and   on hand     time       text   "emotional contagion"     true       notice   when one     loudly       I   to try     that       got   good at     liked       "keep   simple", keep     and       after   situation is     we       about   later and     Great       to   Errico 3/15/2015     Unit       class!   appreciate the     engagement       to   Amerin 3/17/2015     Unit       like   you said     not       you,   being mad     situation       server   a restaurant     deal       all   time and     definitely       almost   situation I     of       to   emotions is     them       off   I am     person,       so   days when     come       and   Great post     Dupal       3   post1 How     rescue       employees   their emotions     the       their   in balance     laughter       of   can help     and       things   be worse     the       a   has helped     focused       too   attached with     knowing       do   handle your     work?Considering       is   children and     I       myself   are kids     I       a   example I     breathe       My   is especially     with       to   things a     so       calm   think my     ahead       saying   to him     times       walk   and take     minutes       but   often 3     emotional       keep   in balance?It     to       our   emotions If     aware       emotions   can be     those       a   mood and     it       on   and create     environment       you   from this     about       emotions   check?Keeping my     check       have   worked hard     remind       could   worse and     on       of   Even the     our       a   thing Most     was       I   already tried     in       I   I could     utilizing       after   I have     in       would   I have     improvements       to   Dupal 3/13/2015     Unit       good   on the     How       the   of emotions     to       Littlereply   Sandra Dupal     PMRE:       postGreat   Sandra! I     every       at   and in     life       to   tension and     the       emotions   cause It     important       laugh   have a     of       to   that your     not       of   Show LessAhilia     7:29:25       and   rescue and     employees       in   by not     emotions       way   get emotionally     sense       calm,   focused, getting     information       at   sometimes to     Sometimes       dealing   a frustrating     with       try   calm myself     focusing       aspects   the situation     try       my   reactions by     to       through,   at times,     very       so   intelligence (EI)     person’s       perceive   in the     others,       meaning   these emotions,     regulate       who   aware of     emotions       at   emotional cues—for     why       how   express themselves     norms—are       be   I learned     it       let   emotions get     way       To   try to     and       any   It’s great     a       and   your wits     AhiliaShow       Ahilia   3/14/2015 10:37:23     3Hello       by   well written     you       experience   difficult situation     I       that   need to     emotions       us   offset to     like       always   communication with     or       after   difficult day     or       LessAhilia   to Kip     7:12:16       Kip,Yes,   had some     difficult       think   is something     avoid,       you   at work,     you       that   and its     you       it   sometimes get     I       but   really do     to       learn   your experience     really       to   things get     hand       to   Shah 3/16/2015     Discussion       are   it is     to       in   to permanently     in       up   pressure, we     learn       advantage   the powerful     of       remain   and accessible     times       means   we can't     about       order   master it     to       on   deeper, emotional     and       our   life Great     Peterson       3   video actually     to       I   a very     who       dispatcher   a several     who       fire   How do     and       keep   emotions balanced?     must       training   often remove     from       the   kicks in     are       is   it hits     what       like   a combat     rely       and   my personal     of       do   handle your     work?       through   ups and     try       at   door" so     I       at   door when     in       my   done, not     I       people   have let     get       but   are experiences     from       intelligence   us keep     balance?       know   your own     better       others   we gain     we       that   our emotions     you       video   about how     emotions       I   if ems     do       do   Using a     the       video   is a     to       information   need to     Shahreply       3/14/2015   AMRE: Unit     Holly,Well       tough   for 911     they       people's   who are     and       to   the best     Its       let   emotions get     way       very   and they     put       sided   handling these     saw       the   some time     someone       and   trying to     and       on   for a     well       and   had a     going       why   happened I     my       to   get too     very       that   but you     going       with   problems and     to       not   it get     way       done   post AhiliaShow     to       6:36:18   Unit 3     job       thread   it possible     the       in   management? 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