ACC302 module 4 discussion - 2017

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Module 4 discussion

When the equity method is applied, what disclosures should be made in the investor's financial statements?

ACC302 module 4 discussion - 2017
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323     25a   statements of     shall       the   parenthetically, in     financial       separate   or schedules:     name       and   of ownership     stock       policies   the investor     to       stock   shall include     of       entities   which the     20       of   voting stock,     common       accounted   on the     together       why   equity method     considered       names   any significant     in       holds   than 20     the       the   stock is     on       together   the reasons     equity       appropriate   The difference,     between       which   investment is     the       equity   net assets     accounting       difference   For those     common       a   market price     the       each   investment based     quoted       shall   disclosed This     not       in   stock of     If       stock   corporate joint     other       under   equity method     the       relation   the financial     results       an   it may     for       to   liabilities, and     operations       to   presented in     or       either   or in     appropriate       outstanding   securities, exercise     options       other   issuances of     may       effect   an investor's     reported       Accordingly,   effects of     exercises,       shall   disclosed in     financial       investor   University of     Chicago       uic   Method pdfless0Unread0Replies0ViewsMary     Module       postsActions   Mary Tims     4       May   2017 9:05     is       companies   invest in     through       of   or ownership     ownerships       a   the more     can       method   best used     situations       adjust   earnings or     off       (Kieso,   and Warfield,     (2017)       equity   of accounting     E       stake   Business F     Business       assets   records this     on       Any   income Business     Business       only   of that     as       retained   on their     The       the   method is     cash       It   the significant     the       for   credit on     statements