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Module 1 discussion

In your own words, how does unearned revenue arise? Why can it be classified properly as a

current liability? Please provide several examples of business activities that result in unearned


Module 02 Discussions

In your opinion, how are gains and losses from extinguishment of debt classified in the income

statement? What disclosures are required of such transactions?

Also, address the current roadmap towards the convergence of one agreed upon global

accounting standard. Identify specific reporting differences between the standards. Identify

which resource best meets the goals of reporting companies in a given country. Also identify

which standard provides the most useful information to decision makers

Module 03 Discussions

Please explain the principle considerations of a board of directors in making decisions involving

dividend declarations.

Module 04 Discussions

When the equity method is applied, what disclosures should be made in the investor's financial


Module 05 Discussions

In your own words, how should the results of installment sales be reported on the income


Module 06 Discussions

What controversy relates to the accounting for net operating loss carryforwards? Please share

your opinion on the matter.

Module 07 Discussions

Mallard Company rents a warehouse on a month?to?month basis for the storage of its excess

inventory. The company periodically must rent space whenever its production greatly exceeds

actual sales.

For several years, the company executives have discussed building their own storage facility,

but this enthusiasm wavers when sales increase sufficiently to absorb excess inventory.

What is the nature of this type of lease arrangement, and what accounting treatment should be

accorded it, in your view?

Module 08 Discussions

Some believe that iGAAP provides too many choices within its accounting guidance. Is this a

possible concern in the area of cash flow reporting in your opinion? Please explain your


ACC302 all discussion
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