GC BIO550 - Week 1 and 4 discussions

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GC BIO550 - Week 1 and 4 discussions


Discussion 1

What were early conceptions of the cause of disease?

Discussion 2

Develop or illustrate a timeline of epidemiologic milestones in public health. What is one of the most significant milestones to you? Why?


Discussion 1

What is the key feature of a cross-sectional study? Present the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Select two other peers' postings and debate their rationale.

Discussion 2

What are the fundamentals of a case-control study? Present the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Select two other peers' postings and debate their rationale.

GC BIO550 - Week 1 and 4 discussions
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assess     between   variables There     types       studies   includes the     studies       entirely   and employed     a       of   frequency and     the       care   this can     particular       population   study (Health     Another       study   the analytical     is       the   between the     one       outcome   type of     study       it   not be     derive       the   or any     between       relative   Causation cannot     in       to   of confounding     there       further   in order     causality       cross   studies is     allows       outcomes   be studied     also       the   which are     the       regarding   variables would     to       time   cross sectional     be       and   is also     carry       are   elongated follow     The       cross   studies is     only       the   that are     to       would   reflect the     survival       this   of study     it       appropriate   diseases that     or       also   to discern     outcome       or   exposure from     2007)        Introduction   study designs:     Public       Team   Retrieved from:     org        Essentials   infectious disease     Mass:       Publishers   postsRe:Topic 4     cross-sectional       type   descriptive study     the       etiologies   disease The     of       is   both the     exposure       and   are determined     each       This   type can     of       "snapshot"   the frequency     of       a   at a     in       for   Health Preparedness,     that       part   a cross-sectional     be       the   of acute     conditions        Advantages   to Cross-Sectional     to       Public   Preparedness (2010):Does     follow-upLess       than   Are often     a population,       smaller   Disadvantages(weaknesses) of     according       forPublic   Preparedness (2010):Since     disease       at   same time     not       the   of the     other       not   if the     the       therefore   potential cause     appropriate       diseases   diseases with     time       than   casesand the     always
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Genome     Public   Training Center,     the       on   timeline is     of       pill   women This,     eyes,       significant   as many     same       from   church and     prevented       in   middle of     are       alive   well today     opinion,       that   this were     today,       not   able to     controversial       current   climate That     discussion       was   push-back from     Church       the   and purchase     pill       to   women (Public     2002)       era   modernization, sexual     choice/control,       for   women of     In       availability   birth control     nation,       longer   to rely     for       take   for their     health,       a   milestone in     where       man’s   counterpart  ReferencesPublic     (2002)       from   pbs org/wgbh/amex/pill/timeline/timeline2     Health        Public   history timeline     http://www       postsRe:Topic   DQ 2The     of       traced   to 400     Hippocrates       first   and believed     not       but   had a     on       was   first person     a       and   and environmental     specific       &   2005) In     Percival       with   causes       that       high   of scrotal     linked       their   with soot     established       that   that chimney     once       2012)   Jenner, an     was       with   the first      After       maids   not stricken     becausethey       mild   called cowpox,     the       a     The     not       the   vaccine was     2014)       English   John Snow     outbreaks       in   Thames River     were       timeperiod   raw sewage     dumped           Thames River     source       for   population (Friis,     the       Semmelweis   the effects     hand       mortality   of women     shortly       Semmelweis   that physicians     students       then   directly to     patients       that   organisms were     cadavers       were   childbirth, causing     with       high   25%       hand       rates   declined (Gordis,     bacteriologist,       the   bacillus after     outbreak       and   credited with     outbreaks       (Allender   Spradley, 2005)     the       other   milestones in     included       prevent   disease in     the       Malaria   Program (1955),     of       vaccine   the identification     Ebola       Measles   (2001), the     to       and   (2002), the     control       Respiratory   (2003), and,     an       health   climate changes     is       to   just one     since       to   health and     the       discovery   proper hand     decreased       was   extremely important     As       I   that hand     critical       of   disease