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certification     Evidence-based   is need     is       continuity   the regulations     in       the   is the     a       This   assessing the     are       states   putting them     with       Strategies…The   of a     authority       by   that the     allowed       equal   in different     allow       perform   same tasks     evaluation       the   of diagnostic     are       state   and licensure     involve       are   in the     is       integration   the practice     a       proposed   implementation in     includes       prescription   medication as     the       full   of practice     not       a   states on     and       of   practice authority     in       is   of
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is     to   prescriber for     This       that   taking place     to       of   medications (Surratt,     ,       and   for medical     one       taking   to assure     secure       fraud   is always     option       the   to assure     the       practitioners   the staff,     expectation       and   role within     It       focus   the aspect     of       that   non-prescribers understand     ramifications       can   on their     and       is   to communicate     with       professionalism   C (2015)     business       guide   ed )     https://bookshelf       (2018)   from Online     leg       cfm?StatuteYear=2017&AppMode=Display_Results&Mode=Search%2520Statutes&Submenu=2&Tab=statutes&Search_String=fraudulent+prescriptionSurratt,   , O'Grady,     Kurtz,       Y   Cicero, T     R       M   Reductions in     diverson       interventions   Florida Official     International       23(3),   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionYogita       2018   26 at     EntryDustin,I       post   week You     valid       ethical   legal ramifications,     and       the   assistant Although     different       by   state regarding     assistant’s       no   allows for     to       medications   because medical     not       background   make such     American       Assistants   that the     must       dignity   humanity, seek     knowledge       patient,   improve health     the       d   Stephanie’s actions     uphold       values   in the     ethics       have   the patient’s     Mrs       adverse,   reactions to     It       the   assistant not     outside       of   but also,     the       and   importantly the     great       of   assistants n     Retrieved       org/about/overview#   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionIrene       2018   24 at     EntryProfessor       Smith   insistent on     amoxicillin       pressured   ensure that     was       nature   the phone     ultimately,       care   in general),     approved       behalf   an NP     Mrs       been   the prescription     week       understandable   a passionate     such       wishes   perform her     the       ability,   pleasing valuable     for       should   aware of     to       situations   preserve patient     example,       that   interacts with     that       of   certified professional,     inform       she   first consult     that       the   with his     needs,       matter   the professional     also       is   acceptable to     regarding       she   always confirm     actions       putting   at legal     practicing       scope   practice as     who       to   medications, the     practice       sued   neglecting to     medication       Smith   experienced complications     amoxicillin       medication   McLain (2016)     instances       are   responsible" for     these       the   frequent cause     in       It   estimated that     patients"       or   caused by     which       malpractice   (HG org,     1)       owners   not directly     a       are   responsible for     actions       poorly   the credibility     of       it   also cause     or       his   her license     medicine       Medication   and medical     org       hg   htmlMcLain, A     assistant       American   https://www capphysicians     Reply       HudockKelly   Jan 28,     28       EntryGood   Irene Just     patient       need   certain medication     mean       is   indicated I     numerous       about   medication that     takes       that   saw on     all       for   diseases in     That       medical   of the     into       to   SubdiscussionYogita SinghYogita     2018       10:02pmManage   EntryProfessor,There are     and       this   and many     to       a   assistant need     under       and   of a     and       with   care management,     clinical       functions   Florida Senate,     of       medical   may provide     signs,       provider,   basic first     with       medication   per direct     (The       The   of practice     medical       include   or refilling     and       major   repercussions Disciplinary     be       delegating   practice, and     assistant       fines,   penalties, or     (Balasa,       delegating   practice, and     can       negligence   not upholding     care       my   the provider     to       this   as the     not       not   of the     as       responsible   the medical     Possible       include:   of hospital     increased       of   technologies, increased     improve       increased   to knowledge/clinical     &       this   the most     improvement       patient   and understanding     practice       Best   for practices     http://www       Florida   458 3485     2011       flsenate   3485Weston, M     D       Influence   Quality Improvement     Patient       Work:   Perspective from     Officers       Health   OJIN: The     of       Vol   No 3,     DOI:       Reply   to CommentCollapse     ZaldivarJan       24   10:09pmManage Discussion     issue       is   breech Stephanie     ethical       prescribing   which is     her       patient’s   in danger     neither       the   staff involved     care       harmed   2015) The     prescribing       to   so, comprises     client       in   of any     also       someone   in this     involves       best   strategy to     be       modes   effects analysis     This       effective   it will     team       situation   the hazards     it       collaborate   preventing future     R       and   for quality     patient       Ethical   in nursing     Reply       HudockKelly   Jan 28,     28       EntryGood   Jessica-Lynn I     this       resolved   a team     that       be   by the     ensure       work   it is     worst       happen   this case     have       that   not work     things       to   SubdiscussionRita ThompsonRita     2018       10:26pmManage   EntryProfessor Hudock     ethical-legal       this   is that     medical       of   scope of     practicing       license   Sunshine, 2017)     medicine       medication   a patient     knowing       practitioner’s   which is     is       could   this type     With       for   patient and     one       history   this type     Stephanie       could   prosecuted and     patient       more   one discovered     named       her   her employer     task       state   providing a     as       Stephanie   be delegated,     supervising       responsible   medical assistant     2014)       liable,   practitioners supervising     liable       this   varies depending     well       ensured   was properly     required,       to   the duties     or       than   discovered could     in       would   to know     policies       practice   Stephanie, her     training,       any   concerns voiced     (Medical       practice’s   in this     be       did   practice ensure     properly       trained,   and work     yearly       firm,   d )     practice’s       followed   if she     this       was   caught sooner     system       not   occurrence and     at       Quality   strategies I     as       this   to safeguard     and       I   complete a     of       why   the system     the       was   caught sooner     system       corrections   to be     would       of   and review     review       and   We would     plan       weekly,   review monthly     our       to   reoccurrence Reference:Gregory,     Researching       Practice   Medical Assistants     36(2),       (2013)   Nurse, 43(2),     Sunshine       for   Assistant Retrieved     leg       cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0400-0499/0458/Sections/0458   htmlLinks to     site       from   thehealthlawfirm com/uploads/Ch-6%20Florida%20Nurse%20Practice%20Act%20and%20Scope%20of%20Nursing-revised     to       Reply   to CommentCollapse     BaldomeroJan       27   3:24pmManage Discussion     and       with   post There     lot       associated   Stephanie’s actions     agree       a   on whether     an       the   of Stephanie     advanced       is   responsibility to     license       number   as to     a       would   occur If     in       to   numbers and     to       a   in the     may       situation   therefore why     this       In   case, she     a       nurse   she is     There       you   a system     did       from   to being     do       prevent   from occurring     place       investigate   place quality     ensure       not   or that     that       to   be in     compliance       great   Additionally, there     fool       ensuring   and patient     staff       implementation   programs and     them       and   (Strategies to     identification,       be   penalties for     there       of   error, especially     systems       patient   2017) Personnel     safe       a   system is     report       the   of the     to       2017)   is an     had       as   one been     Stephanie       access   send the     the       to   about are     she       was   her rights     another       this   of situation     has       years;   that should     into       improve   identification (2017)     Registration:       Health   Registration Professionals,     Reply       SubdiscussionDustin   WestfallJan 28,     28       EntryUltimately   nurse practitioner     held       situation,   there would     proof       not   the prescription     assessment       prior   prescribing any     are       it   so it     to       not   patient actually     antibiotic       in   practice I     it       do   want any     in       mine   would be     step       safety   If It     more       a   authorization for     would       would   the prescription     Telephone       known   of risk     practice       be   routinely (Starr,     2015)       shown   many practitioners,     prescribe       have   documentation on     for       L   2015) Not     assessment       treatments   the practitioner     ReferenceStarr,       culture   how safe     practice       Australian   & Midwifery     29       b   com chamberlainuniversity     org/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=7&sid=08ebd558-bf48-46ed-8ff1-041e5797f3a9%40sessionmgr104       CommentCollapse   RicardoPriscilla RicardoJan     Jan       Discussion   and class,     one’s       involves   ethical and     By       exceeded   statutory limits     scope       Prescribing   is not     the       could   (McCarty, 2012)     for       to   a licensed     assistants       workers   law does     any       one   is a     practitioner       by   law to     refill       An   medical board     find       guilty   prescribing medication     properly       without   license is     offense       penalties   is inappropriate     to       personally   the patient     among       of   responsible for     related       misuse   lead to     patients       serious   effects including     or       et   , 2014)     or       bring   malpractice action     the       the   Stephanie would     personally       her   in her     exceeding       the   of medical     can       liable   the negligent     the       basis   “respondent superior”     Assuredly       allowed   to prescribe     therefore       of   routine although     practice       assigning   unauthorized task     to       death   and nurse     allow       any   activities could     subject       for   misconduct that     in       (Riedle   al ,     the       patient’s   without consulting     provider       It   a serious     on       offense   be charged     misdemeanor       one   argue that     of       is   theft It     for       find   in trouble     inappropriately       didn't   write the     Stephanie       ethics   MA school     medical       is   act as     with       and   foremost in     interactions       for   benefits of     although       the   intention Moreover,     hurt       therefore   trust and     the       assistant   The success     organization       of   trust of     employees       medical   should respect     lacks       E   Medical versus     navigating       the   counter The     Law,       A   of the     of       Ethics,   518-534 doi:10     N       C   , Bolon,     ,       Pallerla,   , Busick,     Pugnale,       of   Between Physicians     Assistants       Medicine   Annals of     12(2),       1581McCarty,   (2012) The     of       Assistants—2012   AMT Events,     Riedle,       Polgreen,   A ,     E       C   & Polgreen,     (2016)       Frequency   Antimicrobial Prescriptions     Patient       &   Epidemiology, 1-8     1017/ice       G   Responsibility for     of       University   Center), 23(3),313–315     to       RicardoJan   2018 Jan     3:30pmManage       for   references Here     correction       (2014)   versus fiscal     professional       pharmacy   The Journal     Medicine       Journal   the American     Law,       42(4),   doi:10 1111/jlme     C       J   Bolon, S     Fixler,       H   Busick, C     M       Relating   Physicians and     in       Offices   of Family     150-157       M   The Lawful     Practice       Update   Events, 29(2),     B       L   , Cavanaugh,     ,       ,   Polgreen, P     Phantom       of   Prescriptions without     Visit       Epidemiology,   doi: 10     269Thornton,       Responsibility   the acts     Proceedings       Center),   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionKelly       28,   Jan 28     Discussion       I   think that     brought       theft   prior classes,     is       in   prescription without     the       pretending   be the     stole       that   moment I’m     what       in   for identity     Reply       RicardoPriscilla   28, 2018     at       to   Statutes Annotated     02),       presents   or herself     person,       any   impersonates another     obtain       crime   larceny Larceny     as       or   offense, depending     value       the   taken Incarceration     are       felony   theft crime     you       a   to 40     more       conviction   a first-degree     theft       up   a year     Fines       result   fines of     $15,000,       conviction   result in     of       $1,000   M (2018)     Theft       28,   from https://www     htm       CommentCollapse   HarrellKarletta HarrellJan     Jan       Discussion   are the     associated       Stephanie’s   raise both     legal       ethical   of concern     disregard       expected   a medical     investigation       went   to order     following       followed   directions, forged     name       and   duties beyond     mandate       (2008),   actions amounted     misconduct       to   known the     her       in   clinic as     assistant       ten   Her dishonesty     decision       on   part a     as       Smith’s   at risk     conduct       and   repercussions Practicing     medical       and   actions amounted     can       as   medicine without     Stephanie       with   offense of     without       she   not authorized     drugs       is   the possibility     civil       clinic   the nurse     Stephanie’s       the   suit will     whether       damage,   or otherwise,     Stephanie’s       as   APN in     is       secure   in the     in       prevent   where unauthorized     to       2015)   only authorized     prescribe       scenario   not occur     (2008)       practice   issues Dermatology     327       How   has Changed     An       E-Book   50, No     Health       to   (1 like)Collapse     SwainJan       28   4:08pmManage Discussion     POST       KARLETTA   SWAIN Hi     mentioned       for   week’s scenario     love       the   You stated,     APN       is   to incorporate     in       in   workplace to     where       the   I agree,     be       prevent   mistake from     the       Prescription   in Primary     Oklahoma       the   attempted to     least       efficient   for managing     in       settings   of the     attributes       practices   electronic communication     The       most   had a     in       all   refills with     care       provider   clinics with     success       directly   a medical     was       make   decision (Ferrell,     Mold       study   the week     similar       Stephanie   make direct     the       an   and ordered     without       provider   the previously     the       primary   offices without     system       had   highest percentage     (Ferrell,       2016)   believe the     for       make   placing an     communication       runs   office must     job       have   disciplinary system     to       reoccurring   communication between     of       be   Staff must     communication,       or   can be     prevent       scenario,   you think     should       ReferencesFerrell,   C ,     C       J   Management of     in       Oklahoma   Resource/Research Network     of       of   Medicine, 19     Doi:       1   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionKarletta       2018   28 at     EntryThanks       Similarly,   you stated     post,       more   simply starting     patient       medication   writing a     a       prescription   a new     appropriate       costs   reduces medicolegal     &       also   a range     legal       that   often incorrectly     refills       like   clerical chores     Samantha       were   during her     orientation       office   actually create     on       front   protocols; however,     with       placing   patient in     an       possibly   Taking the     have       reaction,   may have     patient       Moreover,   the APN     under       can   physicians directly     liable       of   practitioners under     (McMichael,       2017)   B J     B       Buerhaus,   I (2017)     effect       scope-of-practice   on physician     Medical       Review,   Teichman, P     &       Rethinking   Approach to     Family       16-19   Reply to     JosephClaudia       Jan   at 11:04pmManage     and       for   to make     to       a   the order     approved       or   practitioners Stephanie     willing       to   a medication     medical       of   was not     scope       she   placed herself,     practice       at   with the     of       patient   the best     is       one   some specific     should       and/or   supervision (Koocher,     failed       consult   me or     which       in   legal implications     Mbguide    
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to     possible   that will     in       factors   the conflict     for       nurses   the unit     part       According   Garaigordobil &     handling       effective   efficient approach     quality       morale,   safety and     and       nurse   must use     and       conflicts   an aim     functional       dysfunctional   work in     setting       health   as the     to       holistic   approach in     of       families   a matter     the       to   an open     the       increase   in team     well       occurrence   conflicts due     communication       must   the laid     procedures       resolution   within the     Negotiation,       are   of the     can       (Day,   Reference:Day, G     Successfully       and   Health Services:     Perspective,       D   Tobin, R     &       Agreeableness,   self-efficacy, and     strategies       Differences   M ,     V       of   2 0     resolution       Journal   Adolescent Health,     Reply       SubdiscussionIrene   LambertJan 31,     31       EntryHello   I agree     ideas       When   worked in     department,       was   open During     surveys,       were   to conflicts     behavior       witnessed   the patients     witness       this,   for the     to       can   the reputation     practice       any   of authority     you       way   would like     treated       conflicts   respecting each     listening       Fostering   teamwork to     safety       concern   would not     a       where   patient care     To       away   the conflict     on       would   the policy     with       them   kind of     escalate       Unfortunately,   happens more     most       Staff   should always     communication       among   professionals Reply     CommentCollapse       31,   Jan 31     Discussion       my   practice, I     with       wanting   approach a     they       to   “bothered” or     unapproachable       fear   the staff     occurs,       possible   patient safety     will       at   costs In     the       are   a dispute     interfering       and   They are     with       the   Assistant forgets     the       a   blood pressure     are       with   co-worker or     difficulty       physician   a patient’s     can       patient’s   at risk     a       the   to show     skills       communication   stewardship, and     renewal       providing   vision and     toward       2018)   I were     I       medical   that there     time       everything,   now is     time       a   because it     care       this   of behavior     morale       poor,   this promotes     work       I   handle it     use       and   both parties     a       we   discuss the     parties       colleague   friend) present     do       This   a time     the       to   it and     are       workplace   making sure     have       put   file (USF,     the       roles   the importance     safety       promote   patient outcomes,     promote       safety   2018) BrianaChamberlain     Nursing       Role   the APN     Lesson:       Management   for Quality     and       in   and Specialty     Practice:       Grove,   DeVry Education     https://chamberlain       South   (USF)(2017) How     conflict       Retrieved   https://www usfhealthonline     an       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionYogita     31,       at   Discussion EntryProfessor,This     absurd       seem,   a problem     professionals       with,   in these     not       truly   them ‘professionals’     these       at   practice since     human       keep   around as     finding       of   company loyalty     I       people   the healthcare     that       broken   it works,     it       maybe   arguing happens     does       patient   therefore nothing     change       a   health is     the       is   damage to     practice       Müller,   & Beryl     a       on   nursing workload     safety       on   problem of     on       influencing   safety If     medical       a   cause is     from       fatigue   worsens the     now       frustrated   overworked, which     to       perpetuates   cycle (Müller,     Beryl,       the   found that     to       lead   patient physiological     as       infections,   nursing staff     as       The   must be     patient       in   attempt to     vicious       and   The actions     can       the   away from     back       is   give specific     tasks       than   the MA     vitals,       the   to take     report       to   immediately This     MA       that   less ‘free’     fill       would   stress that     a       provide   patient with     care       to   so all     work       rises,   tasks The     always       speak   the person     having       in   non-public setting     resolution       to   follow the     command       solution   would also     point       could   happened if     blood       drop   they had     Reference:Müller,       C   & Beryl,     Nursing       safety   a mixed     with       approach   Latino-Am Enfermagem     doi       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionMegan     31,       at   Discussion EntryHello     Professor,       unavoidable   no matter     work       it   be magnified     stressful       the   of our     can       with   relationships, change     leadership       team   have worked     15       probably   themselves work     we       fight   have conflict     with       that   patients are     that       we   can't work     team       talking   employees about     you       "seven   as ground     approaching       condemning,   condescending, contradicting     Commanding       how   behave will     the       hostility   employees to     or       not   because each     different       Condemning   is not     because       to   the problem     people       problems   Challenging and     by       lack   moral and     frustration       turn   will lead     of       (Mckibben,   When talking     medical       talk   her about     responsibilities       and   care we     would       the   team members     arguing       at   and looks     the       be   to her     try       example   her and     members       a   way to     in       I   explain to     even       will   conflict but     how       that   set her     other       will   change in     environment       Conflict   importance and     Journal       100-103   Reply to     LambertIrene       Feb   at 9:09pmManage     Megan,       you,   is unavoidable     determines       how   decide to     conflict       are   people We     emotionally       situations   day Short     no       add   to an     job,       to   heated arguments     members       history,   seems normal     each       members   do spend     with       our   members Good     place       resolving   among employees     feel       and   for each     the       begin   The rules     be       patient   and patient     maintained       skills,   positive feedback     staff       to   stressful situations     my       path   take for     It       to   their insights,     their       creating   peaceful environment     to       OliverosSunday   4 at     EntryMegan,Great       that   seven C's     ways       resolve   but would     more       You   want to     staff       manner   they feel     being       will   push them     further       be   and offer     criticism,       individuals   well to     but       is   and if     something       want   know because     the       could   it Just     said,       been   together for     time       like   family You     to       feeling   that they     with       or   other staff     any       that   can confide     without       chastised   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionClaudia       2018   31 at     EntryProfessor       The   that I     back       assistant   first to     that       a   workplace and     as       are   and should     tolerable       very   to remind     patients       and   a low     not       anything   have happened     It       to   the best     care       when   These responsibilities     vital       patients   essential in     care       fail   provide that     are       will   consequences for     Unprofessional       disruptive   impacts patient     situation       times   means this     widespread       have   the norm     practice       be   and reminding     that       requires   organizations have     code       for   staff and     a       intimidating   disruptive behaviors     This       made   to the     this       If   is not     this       continues   impede the     patient       individual   multiple reports     behavior,       strong   that action     An       more   to discourage     behavior       2016),   effect that     have       that   working together     and       increase   of errors     will       and   about patient     management       lack   concerns The     the       full   employees that     there       this   make it     newer       fit   or adjust     environment       cliques   This practice     educational       more   leadership to     behaviors       harm   can occur     patients       research   quality (2017)     Unprofessional       Patient   Network Retrieved     ahrq       New   (2016) Unprofessional     the       patient   Retrieved from     org       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionSilvia     Feb       Discussion   Professor Hudock,     you       and   point of     made       about   Commission Being     work       patient   should be     at       work   it is     common       this   and employees     standings,       a   placed on     community       that   and accredits     These       not   responsible for     a       properly   they also     location       stay   and run     Recently,       an   on encouraging     and       there   a section     about       measure   a culture     performance       recommended   has been     the       Research   Quality called     Survey       Culture   or another     Safety       commission,   These surveys     realms       some   them being     feedback       errors,   of events     and       commission,   Additionally, in     article       there   be a     safety       feel   speaking up     should       and   down on     commission,       to   concerns of     and       feel   this kind     has       how   would be     fix       flow   the office     productive       SilviaReferenceJoint   issues sentinel     about       safety   (2017) Same-Day     54-56       CommentCollapse   NicosiaSarah NicosiaJan     Jan       Discussion   Professor and     the       a   stressor When     conflict       amongst   we are     conflict       and   for the     M       B   & Evers,     2011)       than   it is     vision       toward   common goal     My       the   assistant is     her       is   patient and     and       she   report the     sugar       of   reason is     and       be   this matter     needs       a   and make     example       bring   that since     there       noticed   the unprofessional     would       medial   come up     action       to   these kinds     errors       the   I would     why       become   NP and     one       to   why they     pursue       the   field They     be       are   this field     need       with   plan on     can       more   and professional     References:Dijkstra,       Beersma,   , &     (2011)       strain:   benefits of     locus       a   conflict management     &       doi:10   2011 593344Chamberlain     Nursing       Leadership   Management Skills     of       Safety   in APN     Nurse       St   MO: online     Reply       ThompsonRita   31, 2018     at       Hudock   class,My response     medical       to   we are     care       and   takes all     working       the   notify me     concern       continues   be treating     and       patients   our full     attention       needs   we meet     end       with   team when     patients       talk   patient safety     brainstorm       I   also ask     assistant       refrain   arguments in     care       the   to a     behind       the   could not     the       day   culture of     is       of   in the     office       ,   The actions     take       flow   from arguments     to       be   set the     not       type   behavior When     starts       immediately   calmly asking     to       behind   doors away     patient       would   them we     want       overhear,   upset, and     business       would   ask if     discussions       the   of the     all       left   office that     need       caring   the patients     I       the   office manager     what       review   patients’ safety     associate       this   of environment,     business       patients   having tolerate     of       ask   manager if     meet       to   the concerns     up       everyone   live with     relies       between   members, patients,     (Daker-White       2015)   G ,     ,       Giles,   , Cheraghi-Sohi,     Rhodes,       Sanders,   (2015) Blame     blame       blame   system? A     qualitative       safety   primary care     10(8),       pone   H H     S       R   , Al-Shaeeb,     ,       A   & Alyamani,     (2015)       safety   in primary     Al-Mukala,       Practice,   doi: 10     Reply       GutierrezSara   1, 2018     at       Response)Hello   Your approach     medical       and   I most     on       should   be able     that       and   importantly patient     on       all   members and     is       idea   discuss private     front       or   and it     to       private   I believe     third       argument,   is important     what       privately,   her aside     to       kindness   is important     that       conversation   discuss the     two       essential   hear and     understand       point   view as     together       up   a solution     find       medical   initial response     pay       personal   rather than     safety       we   could have     The       been   According to     &       and   need to     of       as   and be     non-registered       unable   determine the     vital       &   (2015) Vital     to       An   literature review     of       doi:10   12329 Reply     CommentCollapse       31,   Jan 31     Discussion       setting   multiple positions,     areas,       conflict   almost unavoidable     of       one   this example     Each       own   style The     to       will   most effective     staff       employee   is often     approach       been   within an     it       of   nurse practitioner     holistic       patient   stress within     can       the   and environment     patient,       is   plainly unprofessional     assistant       in   confrontation and     parties       the   behind closed     the       halt   confrontation in     is       cannot   there These     been       this   reaching out     practitioners       and   an action     important       with   other practitioners,     should       place   all the     one       is   the issue     need       on   individual level     should       but   for the     feel       their   If the     petty       need   understand that     will       tolerated,   the expectations     are       situation,   issue is     place,       most   According to     “Managers       use   resolution training     their       help   conflict before     Conflict       in   settings, however,     early       conflict   training appears     the       guide   staff in     on       ReferencesBuppert,   (2015) Nurse     practice       (5th   ) Retrieved     vitalsource       Renschler,   , &     (2014)       practice:   conflict resolution     conflict       Educator,   22-27 Porter-O'Grady,     &       Quantum   Building better     sustainable       )   from https://bookshelf     Reply       SubdiscussionKelly   Hudock Feb     Feb       Discussion   points Dustin     the       adapt   leadership style     the       may   what is     Not       will   with all     flexibility       for   group that     together       Reply   to CommentCollapse     LambertSunday       9:52pmManage   EntryHello Professor     group       have   pleasure of     have       unit   over twenty     have       nine   those years     are       other   have seen     grow       to   get married,     children       In   unit, we     shared       and   for patients     meetings       open   honest as     to       new   had a     dealing       strong   because she     knowledge       had   trust us     us       our   secretary who     a       has   in that     thirty-       manager   insecure about     of       field   Endoscopy Instead     up       would   our secretary     issues       older   furious because     was       Nurses   called to     transforming       modern   of healthcare,     Spence       in   is the     embracing       in   to critically     social       beliefs   fair equitable     be       Manojlovich,   , &     H       Relationship   Empowerment and     Characteristics       Satisfaction   The Journal     Administration,       1097/00005110-200211000-00006   Reply to     ThompsonRita       at   Discussion EntryDustin,I     with       how   would handle     assistant       when   occurs The     has       this   of behavior     be       patients’   signs need     reported       could   had an     if       was   altogether, putting     and       others   risk The     relies       between   members, patients,     that       in   practice (Daker-White     ,       agree   your approach     conflict       desperately   in this     sounds       practice   would need     with       teaching   basic steps     resolution       there   this type     happening       the   might need     a       to   Conflict will     primary       the   need to     the       to   with conflict     professional       al   2015) Reference:Daker-White,     Hays,       J   Giles, S     S       ,   Sanders, C     the       doctor   blame the     meta-synthesis       of   safety in     Plos       doi:10   pone 0128329Webair,     ,       ,   R H     W       Selm,   A ,     A       of   safety culture     care       BMC   Practice, 161-9     1186/s12875-015-0355-1       CommentCollapse   HarrellKarletta HarrellJan     Jan       Discussion   a common     any       the   overall well-being     when       get   with one     impede       patients   the office,     impact       well-being   in the     considered       to   the outcome     interaction       and   of the     organizational       Cortese,   Moreover, if     it       approach   situation with     resolution       “The   common responses     conflict       competing,   and collaborating”     Lowry,       in   hospital or     collaboration       with   quality patient     employees       they   all have     When       with   fellow RN’s     and       interacting   them, everyone     with       whom   have a     relationship       work   Morale is     leads       which   to better     people       people   work with,     done       go   extra mile;     take       job,   decision or     work       feeling   they must     a       manager   since the     to       due   having a     as       would   by requesting     meeting       MA   given an     voice       well   any other     As       listening   essential in     conflict       G   & Cortese,     Well-being       through   between individual     organizational       of   studies on     well-being,       A   , &     C       difficult   with difficult     in       surgery,   259-264 Reply     CommentCollapse       Feb   2018 Feb     2:30pmManage       Karletta   I read     a       me   if the     not       a   before or     not       in   team? Sometimes     thrown       to   as a     they       Reply   to CommentCollapse     HarrellSaturday       10:50pmManage   EntryProfessor Hudock,As     in       having   common purpose     collectively       teamwork   all staff     mission       the   should be     each       to   him/her transform     and       objectives”   & Demissie,     a       not   any teamwork     APN       would   review each     persona       leader,   must individually     member       their   I agree     leadership       work   all employees     so       this   may be     the       working   for the     15years,       that   view one     family       allowing   involved parties     their       another   a step     team       why   team exists     sure       the   B/P was     However,       Leader   my duty     the       risk   with low     and       with   properly documenting     N       A   Relationship between     of       nurses’   satisfaction in     Specialized       of   sciences, 23(1),     Reply       JosephClaudia   Feb 4     Discussion       of   job as     need       firm   for our     if       not   part of     before?       someone   questions need     asked       make   big difference     the       be   What about     I       makes   big difference     the       kind   behavior from     her       may   assumed to     A       clinical   and competence     a       safe,   patient care     I       from   experience I     trouble       time   charting a     that       me   to do     orientation       learned   a new     which       a   confusing for     everyone       way   doing things     be       employees   are capable     and       way   of these     make       the   Robinson, E     3)       Successful   Program –     Suite       http://www   com/blog/2015/04/24/tips-for-a-successful-preceptor-program/ Reply     CommentCollapse       1,   Feb 1     Discussion       the   place can     disturbing       and   alter the     what       done   a timely     this       employees   remain professional     reminded       in   medical office,     patients       get   undivided attention     Nurse       there   should immediately     end       and   them know     shouldn’t       the   but outside,     is       patients   such behavior     employees       fired,   be replaced     ones       as   job description     pay       vital   or any     patient       and   it to     practitioner       manner,   proper intervention     taken       on   of those     way       the   symptoms to     deteriorated       proper   of care     an       productivity,   and patient     may       employee   and certainly     contributions       To   conflicts, a     of       established,   only in     but       of   practice policies     staff       LB)   LB Conflict     and       settings   Exec 1999;25(4):38–42     ,       &   L (2017)     FUN       THE   OF PERSON-ORGANIZATION     Social       An   Journal, 45(11),     2224/sbp       to   SubdiscussionKelly HudockKelly     2,       at   Discussion EntryGood     Patient       be   first priority     have       NP   not see     BP?       have   home and     while       should   patient safety     to       BaldomeroSunday   4 at     EntryProfessor       Class,   seems like     but,       assistants   to be     patient       priority   are so     that       to   vitals or     in       experiences   is unfortunate     do       to   the time     out       bring   on what     jobs       is   necessary They     not       picture,   overall goals     unit,       get   up in     even       with   low census     there       lack   education or     the       the   of the     staff       ultimately   responsibility must     the       manage   patients as     ask       should   trust that     will       need   follow up     In       medical   and registered     to       office   for instance,     a       vitals   a patient     certain       practitioner   briefly state     the       intended   and any     patient       their   i e     amputation,       This   help for     assistant       is   on with     and       give   treatment At     of       communication   medical staff     beneficial       employees   anyone in     if       inappropriate   not making     a       what   for each     having       different   especially as     professional       improve   performance on     increasing       of   and turnover     SilviaReferenceKozub,       L   & Ecoff,     Strategies       emotional   in the     specialist       Critical   27(2), 145-151     Reply       SubdiscussionPriscilla   RicardoSunday Feb     12:09pmManage       a   valid point     communication       medical   can occur     have       cause   injury or     death       those   by a     communicate,       problem   today’s health     Collaboration       is   as health     assuming       cooperatively   together, sharing     problem-solving       to   and carry     for       in   care is     health       complementary   and cooperatively     sharing       and   decisions to     carry       patient   (O'Daniel and     to       safety   quality are     by       collaboration   that exist     staff       AH   Communication and     In:       Patient   and Quality:     Handbook       (MD):   for Healthcare     Quality       Chapter   Available from:     nlm       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionRita     Feb       Discussion   Hudock,Patient safety     effective       members,   and staff     al       safety   at risk     setting       assistant   more involved     argument       then   on the     hand       be   what is     with       the   the patients     office       setting   all the     on       of   practice losing     for       all   in first     that       take   of the     worst       have   if the     the       and   out, the     have       hurt   case the     have       hurt   else in     along       practice   only would     for       BP   also the     was       it   in fact     The       with   tragedy like     definitely       Patient   has to     priority       in   practice settings     how       Reference:Daker-White,   , Hays,     McSharry,       S   Cheraghi-Sohi, S     P       C   Blame the     the       the   A meta-synthesis     studies       in   care Plos     1-42       0128329   Reply to     NicosiaSarah       at   Discussion EntryClaire,I     safety       Doctors,   Nurses all     the       works   us to     know       duties   obligations are     report       arguing   team members     rift       and   forget what     there       the   I would     medical       let   know that     are       tell   that after     have       discuss   more Next     be       the   is to     with       on   to get     work       team   MA who     report       will   come up     in-service       for   type of     not       Reply   to CommentCollapse     LeyvaFeb       1   3:11pmManage Discussion     ClassWorkplace       unusual,   fact, in     that       its   there is     expectation       the   What sets     and       the   and handle     The       organization   its conflict     whether       hamper   growth of     or       it   workers do     how       conflict,   may be     management       the   get trained     best       conflicts   the conflicting     be       under   carpet It     to       employees   trained on     to       or   conflict resolution     place       particular   is one     immediate       is   only bad     it       the   of the     danger       unhealthy   way there     all       around   areas where     not       would   the medical     the       see   get to     of       would   do this     I       have   representative of     me       is   violation that     that       in   the two     My       them   be in     the       would   to understand     are       engaging   altercations in     where       see   hear them     After       the   of the     would       understand   they thing     altercations       think   conflicts are     care       chasing   patients who     altercations       not   the far-reaching     their       it   be prudent     them       to   resolution and     or       when   start engaging     their       delivery   care as     how       patients,   will have     discussion       to   care, and     patients       that   could have     that       immediate   (Hansen, 2017)     be       conflict   programs in     where       taught   methods they     to       conflicts   themselves They     be       practices   they are     engaging       altercations   the workplace     mechanisms       where   employees can     help       if   cannot handle     ReferencesBuerhaus,       Is   patient care     A       Health   26(6), 687-696     (2017)       Ptactice,   of ConflictManagement,     No       to   (1 like)Collapse     SwainFeb       2   6:10amManage Discussion     POST       OFFICEWEEK   REPLY TO     SWAIN       enjoyed   your discussion     week       in   workplace, patient     conflict       crucial   to understand     healthcare       nurse   (APNs), we     an       these   so we     to       environment   must we     in       is   increasing need     care       depend   contributions from     However,       like   stated, “there     the       Interprofessional   in health     critical,       needs   not only     diverse,       spectrum   age Therefore,     healthcare       on   contributors, the     conflict       can   team function,     and       (Brown   al 2011)     important       sources   conflict, so     continue       safety   is the     related       According   the Institute     (IOM),       culture   the biggest     improve       Barker   We must     achieve       environment   achieve the     for       health   organizations must     patient       top   and make     upon       elements   support a     safety       work   transparency, and     designed       errors   & Barker     culture       employees   feel comfortable     safety       for   delivery of     must       as   biggest concern     an       support   positive safety     an       responsible   support open-communication,  
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This     had   examine what     and       how   improve upon     This       in   a stronger     you       the   of this     I       or   follower, I     follower       that   because I     loud       not   that I     cannot       Being   leader can     a       giving   or being     model       (2013)   leaders as     can       and   flexibility, courage,     and       leader   organizational systems     ensure       healthcare   not only     together       decisions   on our     practice       receive   care and     any       that   leaders draw     strength       all   in the     to       and   of workers     method       goals"   2018) I     this       styles   my current     in       an   Also, the     can       guideline   my current     help       the   that I     as       (CCN,   We discussed     able       well   improve quality     and       avoid   sentinel events     that       important   to have     will       in   workplace and     to       make   staff knowledgeable     to       with   appropriately so     of       suffer   LACE assignment     with       expected   me as     and       me   speak in     a       in   form gives     levels       I   appreciate the     it       the   I did     I       able   communicate well     key       current   future practice     local       are   importance to     APN's       us   staying in     current       area   expertise with     of       articles,   national conferences     also       be   part of     Understanding       can   a change     such       practice,   who to     these       legislature   important I     cared       if   want to     changes       need   know how     this       contact   goes along     for       involves   access to     of       cost-effective   can be     allowing       independent   The LACE     me       independent   can help     physician       to   while lower     and       I   all of     more       to   our course     have       from   this class     feel       will   beneficial to     help       an   BrianaReferencesChamberlain College     (CCN)       role   the advanced     Week       understanding,   integrative abilities     advanced       specialty   practitioner practice:     Retrieved       com/courses/16187/pages/week-2-lesson?module_item_id=1745673   Grove, IL:     McBean,       5   of great     from       Reply   to CommentCollapse     AlexisYesterday       7:28pmHi   a saying     leaders       born   According to     "Carol       her   together and     process       become   software industry     leaders       aspirations   people to     They       times   crisis They     in       during   long years     War,       Cold   and Bartz     ups       the   cycle Such     women       a   of destiny     from       well   a conviction     better       can   learn to     leaders       were   in their     APN's       this   that scholarship     us       become   leaders Respectfully,EstherReference:Baldoni,     How       Great   New York:     Reply       SubdiscussionSara   GutierrezYesterday Feb     2:25pmHello       Class,This   has increased     in       an   practice nurse     leader       vision   the future     aware       that   arise in     area       management   APN should     be       clinical   but also     management       course   also taught     the       updated   what is     the       practice   ensure the     patient       Program   #4I have     to       through   and service     care       material   the cases     us       It   helpful for     integrate       in   and critical     for       were   to play     has       learn   evaluate the     and       would   act according     situation       studies   reading the     Essential       Systems   course emphasized     of       APN   only should     have       also   skills to     individual       making,   relationship and     own       subject   course has     mentally       know   to expect     workplace       For   as an     will       expect   each role     to       kind   challenges that     as       our   the medical     outside       practice   Core Competencies     class       to   my leadership     sharpen       enter   APN practice     not       do   clinical knowledge     develop       assist   developing policies     with       patients   the community     of       2011)   APN should     to       example,   showing an     professional       workplace   the APN     in       policies   the workplace,     she       of   change For     there       with   unclear job     an       is   constant lack     among       APN   the opportunity     change       the   to be     evidence-based       beneficial   be part     professional       able   treat patients     well       with   medical team     Chen,       of   of Nursing     of       Retrieved   http://www aacnnursing     H       S   Medical team     nurse       Journal   Nursing Research     Association),       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionIrene     Feb       Professor   and class,     second       on   technology to     within       to   better patient     Specifically,       that,   date, technology     countless       care;   it has     in       obsolete   (2013) details     that       care   completely change     of       industry   the next     These       scanning   that eliminates     for       cell   and gene     combat       will   to balance     with       of   per Huston     admits       nursing   evolving (p     therefore,       but   lose sight     obligations       treat   as individuals     personally       sentiments,   I am     the       and   every day,     which       health   I can     to       nurses   these fields     to       of   Technology and     has       to   protocols and     unfortunately,       come   the cost     patient-centered       al   2015) I     we       but   forgo our     our       nurse   must encourage     her       stay   on nursing     to       patient-centered   A nurse     contribute       readily   to the     through       First,   can hold     forums       on   information to     nurse       ,2015)   they can     information       web   other forums     assurance       on   should be     the       can   personal mentor-ship     experienced       having   been empowered     lessons       in   class I     negative       workplace   leadership before,     have       and   to guide     in       you   resolution strategies     very       meas   Program outcome     me       professional   through scholarship     in       a   hospital allows     practice       values   a professional     my       MSN   Organizational and     taught       my   and how