NR511 week 5 Assignment - 2018

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Week 5 assignment


SNAPPS is a learner-centered approach to case presentation in the clinical setting. This model allows the student to take an active role in their educational encounter by discussing the patient encounter beyond the facts, verbalizing their clinical reasoning, asking questions, and engaging in follow-up learning pertinent to the educational encounter. This exercise is designed to develop the student’s ability to organize patient information in a meaningful way and guide the student in their oral patient presentations in the clinical setting.

Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

1) Summarize patient findings into an organized oral presentation. (CO 1, 6)

2) Demonstrate clinical reasoning skills. (CO 1)

3) Identify their own knowledge gaps and inquire about uncertainties, difficulties, or alternative approaches. (CO 2)

4) State a diagnostic and therapeutic plan for management of a patient. (CO 4)

5) Select a case-related issue for self-study. (CO 3, 4)

Due Date:

The oral presentation and written assignment are due by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT.

Total Points Possible: 100


1. Using a patient seen in their clinical setting, students will give an oral presentation (via Voice Thread or Kaltura) using the 6-step learner-centered SNAPPS model to:

• Summarize briefly the history and findings;

• Narrow the differential to three relevant possibilities;

• Analyze the differential by comparing and contrasting the possibilities;

• Probe the preceptor/instructor by asking questions about uncertainties, difficulties, or alternative approaches;

• Plan management for the patient's medical issues; and

• Select a case-related issue for self-directed learning

2. In addition to the oral presentation, the student will submit a written summary using the template provided.

3. As part of the summary, the student will research the self-directed learning topic that was identified in the oral presentation to provide a written summary of what was learned using appropriate evidence-based, scholarly references.

4. In-text citations and reference list provided must be in APA format.

5. The presentation must be submitted to the Week 5 discussion board before Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT. The written portion of the assignment must be submitted on the template provided to the assignment box before Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT.


The written portion of this assignment is to be completed on the corresponding SNAPPS WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE which will be submitted to the assignment box. There is also a SNAPPS ORAL PRESENTATION TEMPLATE which should serve as a guide for the oral presentation only (it is NOT submitted). Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed. In-text citations and reference page should follow APA format. Scholarly evidence-based medicine (EBM) references must be used.

Additionally, the following parameters should be set in the template before you begin:

• Font: Times New Roman 11pt

• Single space

• Spacing set at 0pt before and after paragraphs (under page layout)

Category Points % Description

Summarize 10 10% A brief and concise oral summary is presented from the pertinent facts.

Narrow the Differential Diagnosis 20 20% A minimum of two (2) but no more than four (4) diagnoses are given in the differential.

Analyze the Differential 20 20% Differential is analyzed using key findings to argue for and against hypothesis and ranks the diagnoses in order of high to low likelihood.

Probe the Preceptor 10 10% Gaps, points of confusion or dilemmas are identified in relation to the problem.

Plan Management 20 20% A novice level diagnostic and therapeutic plan to manage the problem is proposed.

Self-Directed Learning 10 10% One issue for self-directed learning as it relates to the case study is identified.

Paper Format 10 10% Self-directed learning topic is researched and a written summary of what was learned is submitted on the SNAPPS presentation TEMPLATE, using appropriate scholarly references.

Total 100 100% A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

NR511 week 5 Assignment - 2018 TOPIC - TYPE 2 Diabetes
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