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Question 14 pts

(TCO 1) The word religion literally means:

to bind.

meditate on.


rise above.

Question 24 pts

(TCO 1) The position that argues that we cannot know whether there is a god or not is known as:





Question 34 pts

(TCO 2) Who was the founder of psychoanalysis, who theorized that belief in a God or gods arose from an adult's projection of powerful and long-lasting childhood experiences with his or her parents?

Rudolf Otto

James Frazer

William James

Sigmund Freud

Question 44 pts

(TCO 4) The French thinker who developed the approach of structuralism when he first recognized extraordinary structural similarities in stories told by tribal peoples of the Americas was:





Question 54 pts

(TCO 4) Name the American psychologist who viewed religion as positive way of fulfilling needs and praised its positive influence on the lives of individuals.

James Frazer

Carl Gustav Jung

E.B. Tylor

William James

Question 64 pts

(TCO 8) Vedic religion was:

patriarchal and polytheistic.

matriarchal and polytheistic.



Question 74 pts

(TCO 8) "Liberation" from personal limitation, egotism, and rebirth is:





Question 84 pts

(TCO 9) In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna counsels Arjuna to:

meditate to experience moksha.

work unselfishly for others.

adhere to one's duty (dharma) in this life.

engage in nonviolent resistance.

Question 94 pts

(TCO 10) The most accurate descriptor of Jainism is:





Question 104 pts

(TCO 8) According to the Buddha, his teachings must be:

accepted on faith.

experienced by oneself.

memorized and chanted.

spread by missionaries.

Question 114 pts

(TCO 8) The Buddhist term for sorrow or suffering is:





Question 124 pts

(TCO 8) The Chinese word for "propriety," savoir faire, "ritual" is:

Ren (jen).




Question 134 pts

(TCO 8) For Confucius, a person who follows the way of heaven:

lives close to nature.

is a great warrior.

lives the Golden Mean and avoids extremes.

is meek and humble.

Question 144 pts

(TCO 9) Which is not a Daoist value?



Sensing movements of nature

Formal education

Question 154 pts

(TCO 9) In Zhuangzi's (Chuang Tzu's) famous dream, he was not certain that he was not:


an ox.

a butterfly.

a Daoist.

Question 164 pts

(TCO 5) All of the following ancient world religions are major world religions except:





Question 174 pts

(TCO 11) Shinto is characterized by:

respect for nature and a centralized religious bureaucracy.

love of beauty but little influence on Japanese art.

love of beauty but few religious rituals.

respect for nature and many religious rituals.

Question 184 pts

(TCO 6) Someone inspired by God to speak for him was called a:





Question 194 pts

(TCO 6) A savior figure to be sent by God to bring in God's kingdom is the:


Suffering Servant.



Question 204 pts

(TCO 6) A joyful spring festival that recalls the Hebrews' exodus from Egypt and freedom from oppression is:

Yom Kippur.

Passover (Seder).



Question 214 pts

(TCO 7) Jesus sometimes summed up his teachings in:

ten commandments.

one commandment.

two commandments.

five commandments.

Question 224 pts

(TCO 7) The most Jewish of the Gospels is:





Question 234 pts

(TCO 6) Like Judaism, Islam forbids:

eating unleavened bread.

wearing of veils by women.

eating pork.

wearing gold jewelry.

Question 244 pts

(TCO 6) What is the word for a pilgrimage to Mecca?





Question 254 pts

(TCO 12) Established groups of Wiccans are called:





Question 2650 pts

(TCO 4) Compare and contrast Sigmund Freud's theory about the origin of religions with William James's theory. How does each of these psychologists view religion (positively or negatively)? Now analyze how the insights of Freud or James might illuminate your religious tradition or the tradition with which you are the most familiar. How would Freud or James understand that tradition? Use specific examples to support your answer (e.g., a specific belief or ritual).

Question 2750 pts

(TCO 9) Identify and analyze the Three Marks of Reality; in particular, concept of the no-soul doctrine. How do these differ from the Hindu concept of reality? Include enough details to support your answer.

Question 2850 pts

(TCO 3) Explain and evaluate Anselm's Ontological Argument for the existence of God: God cannot be conceived not to exist. God is that, than which nothing greater can be conceived. That which can be conceived not to exist is not God.

AND it assuredly exists so truly, that it cannot be conceived not to exist. For, it is possible to conceive of a being which cannot be conceived not to exist; and this is greater than one which can be conceived not to exist. Hence, if that, than which nothing greater can be conceived, can be conceived not to exist, it is not that, than which nothing greater can be conceived. But this is an irreconcilable contradiction. There is, then, so truly a being than which nothing greater can be conceived to exist, that it cannot even be conceived not to exist;.and this being you are, O Lord, our God.

So truly, therefore, do you exist, O Lord, my God, that you can not be conceived not to exist; and rightly. For, if a mind could conceive of a being better than you, the creature would rise above the Creator; and this is most absurd. And, indeed, whatever else there is, except you alone, can be conceived not to exist. To you alone, therefore, it belongs to exist more truly than all other beings, and hence in a higher degree than all others. For, whatever else exists does not exist so truly, and hence in a less degree it belongs to it to exist. Why, then, has the fool said in his heart, there is no God (Psalms xiv. 1), since it is so evident, to a rational mind, that you do exist in the highest degree of all? Why, except that he is dull and a fool?

Briefly explain and then evaluate this proof for the existence of God.

Question 29

(TCO 11) Identify and analyze three basic patterns in indigeneous religions. Use examples from Native American religions to support your answer.

Reli448 final exam - December 2017
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