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Question 1 2 pts

(TCO 1) Politics could be referred to the “master science” because politics _____.

predates the other social sciences

is more rigorous compared to other social sciences

is more difficult to study than other social sciences

relates to other social sciences


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Question 2 2 pts

(TCO 1) The notion that politicians think practically and political scientists think abstractly is indicative of which of the following?

Political scientists often train politicians.

Politicians often train political scientists.

Political scientists and politicians are different in that the former studies the latter.

Political scientists and politicians are often indistinguishable.


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Question 3 2 pts

(TCO 1) Rationality is based on which of the following?






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Question 4 2 pts

(TCO 1) _____ is the use of public office for private gain.






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Question 5 2 pts

(TCO 1) The notion that you respect the U.S. Congress, even though it is controlled by a party with which you do not agree, pertains to _____.






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Question 6 2 pts

(TCO 1) Which of the following is the best example of theory?

People join groups because of an innate desire to be with others who have similar views.

Democratic governments last longer than non-Democratic governments.

Republicans are older than Democrats.

Corruption is rampant in government.


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Question 7 2 pts

(TCO 1) _____ refers to something based on observable evidence.






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Question 8 2 pts

(TCO 4) The English common law stressed the rights of free and equal men and was developed on the basis of precedent set by earlier judges, known today as _____.

judge-made law

judicial precedent

example by trial

court generated


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Question 9 2 pts

(TCO 4) Under which of the following circumstances might a case be pursued as both a criminal and a civil case?

The federal government accuses investment houses of wrongdoing and investors who lost money sue them.

Drug traffickers violate property and federal law by moving drugs across state borders.

Burglars violate federal property and the state sues them for damages.

A state accuses banks of mortgage fraud in mortgages sold to investors elsewhere in the nation.


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Question 10 2 pts

(TCO 4) Describe the significance of Marbury v. Madison.

The ruling laid precedent for judicial review.

The ruling stated that the president is subject to the court’s decisions.

The ruling decreed that current administrations must honor the appointments of previous administrations.

The ruling claimed that federal taxes could not be levied on the states.


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Question 11 2 pts

(TCO 4) What legal agency in the United States generates reputation-based ratings of prospective federal judges?

Judicial Ratings Bureau

Federal Bureau of Judicial Review

American Bar Association

Office of Legal Assessment


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Question 12 2 pts

(TCO 4) How does the American concept of judicial review compare to the role of courts in foreign systems?

Most countries maintain a similar process of judicial review, which evaluates federal laws against the nation’s constitution.

Judicial review is more highly developed in the United States than in any other country, and Americans expect more of their courts than do other peoples.

The United States is the only developed nation to maintain the process of judicial review.

Most foreign constitutions are exempt from judicial review, stripping the courts of any power they might have in shaping legislation.


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Question 13 2 pts

(TCO 4) Describe the primary jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court.

It makes initial rulings on all federal cases, whether civil or criminal.

It rules on high penalty cases, including those with life sentences and the death penalty.

Its jurisdiction is almost entirely appellate, from lower federal or state supreme courts.

Its jurisdiction is broad, ranging from appellate rulings to original rulings in federal crimes.



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Question 14 2 pts

(TCO 4) In Lombard v. Louisiana (1963), the Warren Court supported _____, ruling that blacks who had refused to leave a segregated lunch counter could not be prosecuted.



picket lines



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Question 15 2 pts

(TCO 5) Why do the responsibilities of legislative and executive powers often overlap?

Separation of powers is rarely clear-cut.

Separation of powers is rare among industrialized nations.

Separation of powers is absolute.

Separation of powers grants obtuse levels of power to the executive branch.


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Question 16 2 pts

(TCO 5) In a parliamentary system, voters directly elect _____.

members of Parliament and the prime minister

members of Parliament and the ministerial cabinet

members of Parliament only

the prime minister only


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Question 17 2 pts

(TCO 5) Voters receive the most direct representation in which system?






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Question 18 2 pts

(TCO 5) Who directly calls forth the leader of the largest party to take office with a cabinet and become the prime minister?

The voters


The monarch

The House of Commons


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Question 19 2 pts

(TCO 5) The only political system that could guarantee the cooperation between the legislative and executive branches is _____.

a monarchy

a dictatorship

a democracy

an oligarchy


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Question 20 2 pts

(TCO 5) Who receives the most attention in both parliamentary and presidential systems?

Head of state

Chief executive

The legislature

Voting citizens


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Question 21 2 pts

(TCO 5) Describe how the United States expands its cabinet.

The president can create a new department at his or her will.

Congress must agree on the new department and provisions for its funds must be made.

In order for a new department to be developed, a former one must be deleted.

New departments are no longer developed.


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Question 22 2 pts

(TCO 7) Describe how today’s conservatives use the term political economy.

Conservatives use the term to try to get back to the pure market system advocated by Adam Smith.

Conservatives understand the term within the context of Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Conservatives veer toward John Stuart Mill’s usage, which advocated utilitarianism.

Conservatives take a neo-utilitarian approach, hoping to benefit the weakest members of society.


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Question 23 2 pts

(TCO 7) Early 20th-century European governments subscribed to _____ doctrines, generally keeping their hands away from the economy.

classic liberal





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Question 24 2 pts

(TCO 7) Conservatives hold that Johnson’s Great Society was a waste of money, locking recipients into _____ and encouraging a subculture of drugs and crime.

entitlement benefits

perpetual subsidies

social safety nets

welfare dependency


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Question 25 2 pts

(TCO 7) Differentiate between the rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare anticipates rising costs due to changing proportions of people over 65.

Medicaid expects rising costs due to looming financial busts.

Medicare plans to keep spending down by raising the eligibility age to 69.

Medicaid hopes to beat rising costs by adjusting the poverty level.


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Question 26 2 pts

(TCO 7) Why are many politicians wary about limiting Social Security and Medicare expenses?

Many would be left without enough to support them.

Caps to these programs would undermine the welfare state.

It can cost them votes.

Both are primary social safety nets.



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Question 27 2 pts

(TCO 7) How might Americans’ reluctance toward entitlement programs benefit them in the long run?

Citizens will pay lower taxes, stimulating the economy via “trickle-down” economics.

Entitlement programs are complex and inefficient; our government will save time and money by proceeding with caution.

Americans can justify raising the debt ceiling through entitlement programs, so long as they are wary of the choices they make.

Government subsidies to businesses, rather than spending on welfare programs, will help the United States generate revenue and reduce overall spending.


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Question 28 2 pts

(TCO 7) Theoretically, what are the consequences if the government assumes the burden of bad loans?

Citizens will default on their mortgages.

Banks will learn from their mistakes and pay back the burden with interest.

Ultimately, the government will profit.

Firms will be encouraged to continue their risky behavior.


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Question 29 2 pts

(TCO 9) Rarely the work of small bands and conspirators alone, _____ are usually the result of system collapse, which permits small but well-organized groups (often military) to take over.

the erosion of legitimacy

acts of genocide


coups d’état


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Question 30 2 pts

(TCO 9) What is the relationship between a high sense of government legitimacy among the people and police officers when legitimacy is high?

Spending on policing is low.

There are fewer police interfering in civilian life.

Fewer police are needed.

The police must use a particularly heavy hand.


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Question 31 2 pts

(TCO 9) Why might a period of prosperity bring about revolution?

When people move in and out of poverty, they have no hope for the future, and so see nothing to lose in rebelling.

When things improve for the wealthy, they start imagining an even better future. No longer content with their already luxurious lot, they want improvement faster than even a growing economy can deliver.

When things improve for the poor, they realize just how bad they’ve had it and their anger is unleashed.

When things improve for the poor, people start imagining a better future. No longer content with their lot, they want improvement faster than even a growing economy can deliver.


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Question 32 2 pts

(TCO 9) What about U.S. agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA make them so ill prepared to fight terrorism?

They have extremely different missions when it comes to terrorism.

They are poorly funded.

They have a great deal of red tape to get through in order to be able to communicate.

They are often unwilling to communicate with each other.


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Question 33 2 pts

(TCO 9) What is the crux of radical revolutionary thinking?

An economic plan to back up political ideas

Belief that it is possible to remake society

Belief that violence is the key to change

A purely ideological motive


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Question 34 2 pts

(TCO 9) Why is the Middle East currently the breeding ground for considerable terrorist activity?

High birth rates produce many unemployed youth who are attracted to the simplistic lessons of Islamism, which has made the United States an object of hate.

Low birth rates produce too few citizens to keep the economy growing, and poverty breeds unrest.

High birth rates produce many unemployed youth who are attracted to the complex lessons of Islamism, which has made other Middle Eastern nations an object of hate.

Low birth rates produce too few citizens to keep the economy growing, and the poor are attracted to the simplistic lessons of Islamism, which has made the United States an object of hate.


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Question 35 2 pts

(TCO 9) Why do some scholars say velvet revolutions are not revolutions at all?

They are not ideologically driven.

They fail to bring about genuine democracy.

They lack the ferocious qualities of violent revolutions.

They don’t bring about real regime change.

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