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(TCO 6) Since the end of WWII, international relations have been framed by the conflict between liberal governments and communist ideals. Compare and contrast the features of these systems and assess their continued impact on the global community. Please be certain to explain classical and modern liberalism, socialism, and communism within your responses and provide examples to support your points.


(TCO 2) Democracy has changed dramatically since its original application in ancient Athens. Describe the evolution of democracy by comparing and contrasting direct democracy with representative democracy. In completing this comparison, be sure to incorporate Aristotle’s concerns about democracy and assess the stability offered by these variations within democracy


(TCO 3) Explain the relationship between electoral systems and party systems. Answers should be sure to assess this question from the perspective of both proportional representation and single-member districts and provide examples to support your points.

(TCO 8) The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established to bring justice to those committing crimes against humanity, war crimes, or genocide. It was established as an extension of the Rome Statute, and only has jurisdiction over countries that signed this treaty. At this time, the United States is not part of this agreement, and thus does not fall under its jurisdiction. Construct an argument for joining such a treaty, detailing the benefits that international treaties may offer their members and which also addresses the possible public concerns over the loss of national sovereignty.

POLI330 FINAL EXAM essay - APRIL 2018
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