NR511 week 6 -Discussion 1 and 2 - April 2018

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Week 6: Discussion Part One

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Date of visit: November 7, 2017

A 56-year-old Caucasian female presents to the office today with complaints of fatigue. Upon further questioning you discover the following subjective information regarding the chief complaint.

History of Present Illness


"about 2-3 months"






Progressively worsening since onset, feels tired all of the time, sleeps 8hrs per night but does not feel well rested. "No energy to do anything I normally can do"

Aggravating factors


Relieving factors

None identified




Denies pain; missed 1 day of work 2 weeks ago because "couldn't get out of bed"

Review of Systems (ROS)


Denies fever, chills, or recent illnesses. +5lb. weight gain since last visit 6 months ago.


No visual changes or diploplia


Denies ear pain, coryza, rhinorrhea, or ST. Had tonsillectomy as child Denies snoring or history of sleep apnea.


Denies lymph node tenderness or swelling


Denies cough, SOB, DOE or wheezing


Denies chest pain


Denies N/V/D. + Constipation


Denies polyuria, polydipsia. + cold intolerance. Menopause status x 5 yrs.


No changes in skin, hair or nails


Reports worsening of depressive symptoms but thinks it is because she is so "unproductive" lately and tired all of the time. -Suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Sleeping 8-9hrs per night (no changes), but not feeling rested.


Generalized weakness and intermittent muscles cramping in calves



Multivitamin, B-Complex, Prozac 20mg, Bisoprolol-HCTZ 2.5mg/6.25mg, Calcium 500mg + Vit D3 400IU.


HTN, Depression, Postmenopausal status




Iodine dyes


Married; Works full time as office manager of an internal medicine office; 2 kids (grown)


Denies cigarettes or drug use. +Occasional glass of wine (1-2 per month).


Maternal GM & GF deceased with CHF, T2DM and HTN;

Mother alive (age 82) +HTN, +Hyperlipidemia, +T2DM;

Father alive (age 84) +HTN, +Hyperlipidemia, +T2DM, +ASHD (s/p CABG 2 years ago). Also had +CVA at time of CABG (work-up revealed +DVT and +PFO; remains anticoagulated);

Oldest child (26) with seasonal allergies

Youngest child (24) with Bipolar depression and ADHD, and anxiety

Physical exam reveals the following:

Physical Exam


Middle aged Caucasian female alert, oriented and cooperative


Temp-98.2, P-74, R-16, BP 146/95, Height: 5'7", Weight: 180 pounds


Normocephalic, atraumatic




Tympanic membranes gray and intact with light reflex noted.


Nares patent. Nasal turbinates without swelling. Nasal drainage is clear.


Oropharynx moist, no lesions or exudate. Surgically removed tonsils bilaterally. Teeth in good repair, no cavities.


Neck supple. No lymphadenopathy. Thyroid midline, small and firm without palpable masses.


Heart S1 and s2 noted, no murmurs, noted. Lungs clear to auscultation bilaterally. Respirations unlabored. No pedal edema


Soft, non-tender. BS active


Skin overall dry, hair coarse and thick, nails without ridging, pitting or discoloration


Mood pleasant and appropriate.


Strength full throughout


DTRs 2+ at biceps, 1+ at knees and ankles

  • Briefly and concisely summarize the H&P findings as if you were presenting it to your preceptor using the pertinent facts from the case. Use shorthand where possible and approved medical abbreviations. Avoid redundancy and irrelevant information.
  • Provide a differential diagnosis (minimum of 3) which might explain the patient's chief complaint along with a brief statement of pathophysiology for each.
  • Analyze the differential by using the pertinent findings from the history and physical to argue for or against a diagnosis. Rank the differential in order of most likely to least likely.
  • Identify any additional tests and/or procedures that you feel is necessary or needed to help you narrow your differential. All testing decisions must be supported with an evidence-based medicine (EBM) argument as to why it is necessary or pertinent in this case. If no testing is indicated or needed, you must also support this decision with EBM.

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Week 6: Discussion Part Two

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Now, assume that you sent your patient for labs and she returns the following day, as instructed, to review the results.

CBC with differential


8.6 x10E3/uL


4.44 x 10E6/uL


14.0 g/dL






31.5 pg


34.0 g/dL




241 x 10E3/uL

Neutrophils %


Lymphocytes %


Monocytes %


Eosinophils %


Basophils %


Absolute Neutrophils

5.7 x 10E3/uL

Absolute Lymphocytes

1.9 x 10E3/uL

Absolute Monocytes

0.7 x 10E3/uL

Eosinophils Absolute

0.3 x 10E3/uL

Basophile Absolute

0.0 x 10E3/uL

Immature Grans %


Absolute Immature Grans

0.0 x 10E3/uL

TSH with Reflex to FT4


6.770 uIU/mL


0.62 ng/dL

PHQ-9 Depression Score=10 (previous was 5 at last visit 6 months ago)

  • What is your primary diagnosis for this patient as the cause for the CC of fatigue? (support your decision for your diagnosis with pertinent positives and negatives from the case)
  • Identify the corresponding ICD-10 code.
  • Provide a treatment plan for this patient's primary diagnosis which includes:
  • Medication*
  • Any additional testing necessary for this particular diagnosis*
  • Patient education*
  • Referral and follow-up to the treatment plan
  • Provide an active problem list for this patient based on the information given in the case.
  • Are there any changes that you would make to the patient's overall plan at this time? Must provide an evidence-based medicine (EBM) argument to support any treatments or testing decisions.
  • Provide an appropriate follow-up plan (include any additional testing that you feel is necessary and include an EBM argument).

*If part of the plan does not warrant an action, you must explain why. ALL medication and testing decisions (or decisions not to treat with medication or additional testing) MUST be supported with an EBM argument. Over-the-counter (OTC) and RXs must be written in full as if handing a script to the patient in the office.

NR511 week 6 -Discussion 1 and 2 - April 2018
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symptoms     soft,   Lungs CTA,     heart       ABD   negative Patients     are       if   anemia develops     weeks       the   is profound     include       listlessness,   chest pain,     hypotension,       intolerance   patients present     mental       general   in health     Lane,       patients   reveal blood     symptoms       including   stools, heavy     or       may   to anemia     vitamin       bone   suppression, and     the       thoroughly   (O'Neil, 2017)     displays       anemia,   her VS     and       systemic   of chronic     angular       shaped   or inadequate     (O’Neil,       exam   help rule     causes       is   clinical diagnosis     mood       affect   patient’s feelings,     daily       of   Health [NIMH],     affects       quality   life, and     major       globally   et al     Patients       symptoms   as feeling     hopeless,       others   present with     complaints       mental   diagnoses are     exclusion,       of   pathology to     complaints       Miller,   Klink, 2016)     H/o       symptoms,   child with     (added       relative),   fatigue, feels     the       sleeps   hrs/night “No     do       gain,   (risk for     28       factors   HTN, T2DM,     based       Pertinent   Afebrile, Oriented,     appropriate       Denies   fever, chills,     illness       normal,   lymphadenopathy, thyroid     masses,       with   74 and     edema,       resp   ABD soft,     urinary       ridging,   or discoloration,     strength       Full   in all     diagnosis       often   of exclusion     often       obesity,
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these     in   clinical setting     people       htn,   bmi, depression     a       We   you all     comfortable       patient   and be     the       to   your detective     a       plan   the patient     wholistic       Reply   to CommentCollapse     MaynardApr       8   4:12pmI wanted     sure       my   for SLE     the       Lupus   (SLE) is     of       after   of advanced     is       4   11 criteria     Arthritis       more   ulcersMalar rashDiscord     of       pericardiaRenal   … cellular     disorders       thrombocytopeniaNeurologic   … Seizures,     disorders       antibody   double stranded     Smith       for   test for     is       disordered   Cells that     immune       gone   2015) SLE     just       is   incurable inflammatory     that       its   of “auto-antibodies”     many       is   illness that     for       can   mild to     and       be   by asymptomatic     It       as   as it     patients       form   Lupus with     remission       attacks,   other patients     symptomatic       acute   The leading     death       is   disease, cardiovascular     infections       L   (2015) Primary     art       advanced   nursing (4th     Philadelphia,       Davis   Uribe, L     ,       (2018)   Lupus Erythematosus     Guide       CommentCollapse   OspinaJessica OspinaApr     Apr       Christina,I   very interested     fact       lupus   one of     diagnosis       presents   more pertinent     versus       with   diagnosis of     However,       is   seen in     systemic       with   lupus are     higher       malignancies   females (Mao,     Zhang,       to   reply to     I       for   patient with     only       maybe   symptoms of     can       disease,   some people     different       OspinaReference:Mao,   , Shen,     &       Systemic   Erythematosus and     Journal       and   Oncology, 142(1),     April       https://link   com/article/10 1007/s00432-015-2032-0     to       2Week   Discussion Part     unread       replies   assume that     your       and   returns the     as       the   CBC with     x10E3/uLRBC4       0   2%MCV93fLMCH31 5     g/dLRDW13%Platelet241       %22%Monocytes   %3%Basophils %0%Absolute     x       x   Monocytes0 7     Absolute0       Absolute0   x 10E3/uLImmature     Immature       10E3/uLTSH   Reflex to     uIU/mLFT40       Score=10   was 5     visit       is   primary diagnosis     patient       for   CC of     your       diagnosis   pertinent positives     from       corresponding   code Provide     plan       primary   which includes:Medication*Any     necessary       diagnosis*Patient   and follow-up     treatment       problem   for this     on       in   case Are     changes       make   the patient's     at       provide   evidence-based medicine     to       or   decisions Provide     follow-up       additional   that you     necessary       EBM   *If part     plan       an   you must     ALL       decisions   decisions not     with       testing)   be supported     EBM       and   must be     full       a   to the     the       or   Search entries     Filter       Reply   to Main     CastellanosKaly       Apr   at 5:49amProfessor     my       patient   Depression Score=10     5       6   ago)What is     diagnosis       as   cause for     of       ICD-10   Provide a     for       diagnosiswhich   additional testing     this       and   to the     an       for   patient based     information       case   there any     you       the   overall plan     time?       evidence-based   (EBM) argument     any       decisions   an appropriate     (include       that   feel is     include       *If   of the     not       you   explain why     and       decisions   to treat     or       be   with an     What       diagnosis   this patient     cause       of   primary diagnosis     patient       complaint   fatigue is     by       as   Thyroiditis”, or     (AIT),       is   organ-specific autoimmune     by       lymphocytic   followed by     and       tissue,   leads to     disease       in   by Hakaru     as       of   disorder with     inflammation       from   with thyroid     myxedema       (Berghi,   Like Grave’s     Disease       to   because it     factors       disease,   patient’s immune     it's       Hashimoto’s   is also     thyroiditis,       or   thyroiditis Hashimoto’s     the       of   in the     and       people   of 100,     Hashimoto’s       least   times more     women       the   may occur     or       more   appears between     and       CODE-   Hashimotos Thyroiditis     3Provide       for   patient's primary     includes:Medication:Weight       patient   benefit from     is       mcg/kg=   weight is     =       =   81 x     130       Max   for patient     125       daily,   Synthroid 125     q       days,   x 1,     initiated       follow   in 2     4-6       Levothroid)   an exogenous     Levothyroxine       synthetic   hormone that     metabolism       important   in growth,     and       metabolism   body temperature     T       (4),   thought to     binding       proteins   to DNA,     gene       synthesis   physiological activities     hormones       by   (3), and     of       derived   T4 by     in       plus,   The recommended     of       primary   is 1     body       based   presumption of     thyroid       hypothyroidism,   by 12     25       4   8 weeks     in       2017)   Education:Some foods     particularly       soybeans,   and dietary     affect       for   so take     half       before   capsules whole;     chew       The   may get     your       choking   gagging; therefore,     should       a   glass of     you       take   missed dose     as       However,   it is     for       skip   missed dose     your       Do   take a     to       a   one Levothyroxine     side       doctor   any of     are       not   away:Weight losstremorheadachenauseavomitingdiarrheastomach     appetitefeverchanges       to   hair loss,If     either       symptoms,   your doctor     get       pain   or irregular     pulseKeep       the   it came     closed,       reach   children Store     room       from   heat and     in       you   an antacid,     (Tums),       (Welchol),   (Colestid), iron,     Xenical),       X),   (Renvela, Renagel),     sulfonate       (Carafate),   it at     hours       hours   you take     2018)Any       for   particular diagnosisI     an       as   antibodies (TPO),     all       disease   to also     diagnosis       possibilities,   with CMP     all       with   range due     complaints       2017)   educationAccording to     most       toxic   of both     antimony       time,   are significant     selenium,       Frequently   may be     toxicity       ‘blockade’   Hashimoto’s patients     completely       from   diet for     be       because   gluten molecule,     the       high   of reactivity,     similar       molecules   the immune     one       Having   gluten, critical     have       Just   simple steps     all       into   normal range     follow-up       planI   manage this     an       patient   for at     weeks       repeat   work on     and       a   along with     symptoms,       symptoms   unchanged or     I       referring   to an     a       consult   Monitoring
Monitor TSH     T4       8   after initiating     after       Once   periodic TSH     be       months   then at     or       the   situation dictates     cardiac       older   Dosage requirements     with       secretory   of thyroid     drugs       patient,   intestinal function(NIDDK,     our       may   if her     are       thus   would monitor     and       out   PHQ= 9     slowly       PATIENT   thyroid uses     mineral       to   thyroid hormones     with       other   of autoimmune     may       harmful   effects from     foods       amounts   iodine—such as     or       seaweed—may   hypothyroidism or     worse       can   the same     importance       thyroid   therapy Explain     lifelong       required   patients taking     that       report   physician any     infection       
Describe   of thyrotoxicity     may       (Jonklaas,   & Bauer,     an       for   patient based     information       case   Hypertension 2     Hypothyroidism,       OverweightElectrolyte   secondary to     Provide       plan   any additional     you       and   an EBM     get       her   to rule     or       that   ultrasound makes     the       thyroid   other features     disease       can   out other     an       as   nodules—small lumps     thyroid       also   antithyroid antibodies     thyroperoxidase       almost   people with     have,       2014)   would keep     Prozac       her   may lead     reduction       symptoms   et al     proposed       required   to the     of       medical   is needed,     dosage       be   to Zoloft     qd,       if   necessary A     follow       weeks   indicated to     the       was   if side     or       inadequate   if additional     dosing       different   is indicated     (Nygaard       is   with depression     subclinical       depression   is refractory     drugs       alone   N O     Mechanisms       Pathogenesis   Chronic Urticaria     Thyroiditis       Allergy,   & Immunology,     Caturegli       Rose   (2014) Hashimoto     and       Reviews   Gamble, J     Causes       Similia:   Of The     Association,       S   Jain, A     M       ,   Grover, S     practice       management   depression Indian     Psychiatry,       doi:   4103/0019-5545 196973Jonklaas     AC,       al   for the     hypothyroidism:       American   Association Task     thyroid       2014;24(12):1670-1751   B (2015)     Clinical       publishing   American Family     R       Size   Everyone? Replacement     Levothyroxine       Hypothyroidism   Adults Indian     Endocrinology       404-409   4103/ijem IJEM_502_16U     of       Services   The National     Diabetes       Kidney   Hashimoto's Disease:     https://www       S   of Health     Services,       Health,   Medline Plus:     from       Reply   to CommentCollapse     SommerApr       4   5:12pmHi Kelly,     I       lot   your post     said       consider   the patient     endocrinologist,       actual   of when     so       interested   when we     to       of   Endocrinologists and     Thyroid       should   referred to     if       children   infants2) when     difficult       maintain   TSH +     levels3)       pregnant   who are     become       have   disease5) those     any       their   including a     nodule6)       has   or pituitary     thyroid       causes   hypothyroidism I     my       we   to manage     patient       without   the patient     specialist       very   in a     hypothyroidism,       refer   patient to     Thanks,RebeccaReferencesGarber,       Cobin,   H ,     ,       ,   I ,     I       ,   ATA/AACE Guidelines:     guidelines       adults:   by the     of       the   Thyroid Association     18(6),       https://www   com/files/final-file-hypo-guidelines pdf     an       Reply   to CommentCollapse     BushL       2018   5 at     What       As   developed my     I       recommendations   what tests     to       of   if additional     warranted,       would   information for     or       change   treatment plan     been       I   had with     as       plans,   when our     does       clinical   guidelines It     at       situation,   using clinical     achieve       evaluating   function tests,     picture       considered,   as overall     of       pregnancy,   exposure, or     (Gregory       overall   and organ     considered,       and   relationship to     obesity,       systems,   more in-depth     be       (2014)   out that     for       antibodies   provide additional     test       change   management of     is       results   the TSH     serum       levels   testing is     patients       and   usually done     endocrinologist       damage   risk for     (Dunn       In   case of     with       thyroid   nodules, would     or       needed   justified since     not       diagnoses   2016)? Does     the       the   in such     often       on   discuss whether     additional       decision   on “Will     change       On   occasions, testing     done       family’s   for information     there       for   guidelines (Gregory     clinical       experience   familiarity with     to       ReferencesDunn,   & Turner,     Hypothyroidism       for   Health [online]     https://doi       2015   002Gregory Curl,     Hypothyroidism       Reviews,   40-46 Retrieved     b       idm   org/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=6&sid=e73f7549-a88a-4c77-bb3d-802c68602b1d%40sessionmgr120Hollier, A     guidelines       (2nd   Scott, LA:     Education       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionDana     8,       at   if you     rx       weight,   will you     recommended       practice   What is     code       You   that you     antibody       but   not have     Can       hashimotos   this point?     a       and   being treated     at       thyroid   may improve     Will       discuss   plans at     Do       document   in your     symptoms       to   that might     to       DanaEdited   Dana Buechner-Wiegand     8       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionKaly     8,       at   and Class     will       dosing   and potential     In       habits,   is most     on       or   hours after     Resource,2018)       coffee   grapefruit can     or       of   absorption (Clinical     and       chromium,   salts, and     bind       less   bioavailability of     (Clinical       suppressants   as H2-     pump       lower   pH levels     result       (Clinical   Is should     to       regular   and consistency     for       Since   therapy is     established       the   will provide     results       consistency   time is     in       specific   related to     evening       not   discovered as     Resource,2018)       also   instructed that     may       or   based on     Therefore,       need   know ahead     that       and   testing may     be       patient   adequately managed     changes       visit   weeks after     has       serum   and Free     indicates       prescription   (Reed, 2016)     interval,       monitor   emotional and     to       as   weakness, and     should       time   testing will     at       ensure   health improvement     time,       is   Without signs     or       needing   intervention, or     additional       testing   not change     of       overall   for normal     Free       De   & Rose,     additional       suspected,   as Hashimoto’s     for       such   thyroperoxidase or     then       to   cost for     of       should   informed of     and       decline   testing at     The       be   that results     testing       the   treatment plan     ,       ,   Rose, N     thyroiditis:       criteria   Reviews, 13(4-5),     10       01   Resource (2018)     The       and   Pharmacist’s Letter/Prescriber’s     from       aspx?cs=MOBILEORDER,&s=PRL&DocumentFileID=0&DetailID=310420&SegmentID=0   L (2012)     A       Clinical   in Primary     234-235)       Practice   Associates, Inc     to       BushL   BushApr 3,     3       old   female has     diagnosis       E03   diagnosis is     an       (6   uIU/ml) with     hypothyroidism       with   TSH levels     levels       normal   this case)     low       Curl,   The risk     this       being   female, and     evidence       complaints,   exam, and     are:Pertinent       female,   56, gradual     constant       energy   with exertion,     BMI       tired   unrested after     normal       intolerance,   depression (PHQ-9     6       General   and muscle     calves       coarse   hair, small     decreased       BLE   6 770     0       negatives:   Oriented, pleasant,     No       pain,   chills, or     Eyes       no   thyroid midline     heart       HR   and no     lungs       unlabored   soft, non-tender,     symptoms,       pitting,   discoloration Full     all       at   WBC 8     RBC       10E6/uL,   14 g/dL,     2%,       CBC-negative   anemia) Treatment     medications       fumarate/hydrochlorothiazide   5 mg     2018)Sig:       once   # 30     The       guidelines   managing hypertension     al       this   hypertension (HTN)     as       which   SBP ≥140     ≥90       target   pressure (BP)     mm       the   of cardiovascular     are       with   syndrome, diabetes,     With       fatigue,   physical activity,     and       multiple   factors (T2DM,     DVT),       be   and reassessed     weeks       (Levothyroxine,   one tablet     on       #   (fifty) (Enough     given       to   a steady     allow       (No   are given     levels       and   needs evaluated)     practice       the   treatment for     formulations       consistent   achieve consistent     (Jonklaas       2014)   dosing of     based       weight   than actual     taking       (reduced   needs in     r/t       mass),   of TSH     status,       absorption,   interactions, etiology     and       Height   wt 180     BMI       body   (IBW) approx