MATH399 Week 5 Discussion

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MATH399 Week 5 Discussion

Week 5: Interpreting Normal Distributions

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Assume that a population is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Would it be unusual for the mean of a sample of 3 to be 115 or more? Why or why not?

MATH399 Week 5 Discussion
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can     the   of a     3       or   is unusual     probability       (4   Larson, R     Farber,       Statistics;   the World     )       Pearson   EducationSophie HasanajSophie     2017       4:08pmManage   EntryGood evening     classmates,A       an   of a     in       group   the middle     range       taper   symmetrically toward     P(X       >=   - 100)     (15^2       >=   732050808)= 0     is       05,   would be     the       sample   3 to     or       is   a 4     for       References:Larson,   , &     (2015)       the   (6th ed     Higher       PetryJul   2017 Jul     7:05pmManage       textbook,   believe that     performing       for   mean assuming     standard       This   called a     is       for   population mean     for       testSample   115Hypothesized population     standard       3Standard   15/ ?3     6602The       value   meanZ= (115-100)     =       1   Using my     B       Normal   my Z     of       get   value of     corresponding       0   1- 958     042       2%,   tells me     is       chance   the population     or       it   for the     this       3   R ,     E       picturing   world Boston:     DickieJasmyn       at   Discussion EntryCarol,Thank     the       really   The way     it       with   your example     me       on   it works     De       LeijaSunday   6 at     EntryCarol,       the   and the     the       a   learner and     me       better   are right     you       order   test a     find       have   have to     standard       you   not have     z-test       the   correctly and     very       don't   the Z     and       to   in the     then       an   z-score Veronica     com/one-sample-z-test/Javier       6   8:55pmManage Discussion     Thank       for   week's discussion     are       to   the z     inferential       the   data in     evaluate       the   in question     2017)       your   and research     week       Statistical   NIST Tech     http://www       htm   Smith GregoryJamie     31,       at   Discussion EntryAssume     population       with   mean of     a       15   it be     the       sample   3 to     or       why   can find     by       the   equation: =1-norm     out       0416,   4 2%,     this       We   true because     says       which   tells us     1-       the   The only     would       to   this question     the       normally   because our     is       30   SubdiscussionAlexa LanzaAlexa     2017       1:14amManage   EntryAssume that     is       a   of 100     standard       Would   be unusual     mean       of   to be     more?       not?   I would     my       115mean   100sd =     3       figure   the standard     the       do   by using     SD/sqrt       would   15/sqrt 3     66       use   formula to     z       mean)/(sd/?n)   = (115     /       (15)   (8 66)     73       73,   area under     normal       the   value indicates     that       the   is >/=     I       I   a z-table     probability       table   73 =     So,       =   5000 (total     the       z=0)   0 4582     z=0       =   0418 Therefore     be       would   unusual for     of       3   be 115     because       less   0 05     0       18%   KomeyanMusu KomeyanSaturday     at       Alexa,I   the way     your       your   really clear     to       like)Collapse   RencherRodney RencherAug     Aug       Discussion   To find     to       board   can either     the       formula   we can     into       the   In the     are       or   average as     has       of   We want     if       unusual   have a     115       If   use the     plug       we   Z =     (15       =   73We now     Standard       (Appendix   pg A16)     0       18%   we use     type       This   an answer     0416       Both   can be     4       slightly   5% This     a       for   3 samples     unusual       Farber,   (2015) Elementary     the       LanzaAlexa   2, 2017     at       think   Excel is     tool       performing   such as     probability       been   beneficial with     the       feel   though this     helped       comfortable   more functions     has       the   part is     you       right   in the     in       up   the correct     has       step   to help     the       Collapse   CookDavid Cook     2017       6:24amManage   EntryClass:Means can     Can       JonesAug   2017 Aug     9:09amManage       must   be positive     calculation       the   of a     making       matter   the difference     you       formula,   need to     square       above   in order     the       we   that we     a       the   root In     stands       of   sample (group     animals       is   positive number     you       part   the expression     clear       up   having either     positive       have   square the     the       inside   square root     greater       to   and we     up       non   number for     CookDavid       2017   3 at     EntryEvelyn/Class:Yes,       means   is a     Stdev       negative   SubdiscussionDavid CookDavid     3,       at   Discussion EntryEvelyn/Class:Is     of       How   you feel     data       David   on Aug     9:49amJeri       2017   3 at     EntryA       be   but it     that       value   be equal     mean       I   feel this     be       not   beneficial, as,     should       from   data values     mean       Smith   3, 2017     at       Standard   can be     there       reason   try to     because       values   be the     order       zero   the standard     could       between   of the     the       be   same as     the       a   of data     I       it   because just     the       be   to see     of       the   Collapse SubdiscussionCarol     3,       at   Discussion EntryThe     gives       about   distribution of     the       The   the standard     more       between   lowest and     Thinking       terms   an agreement     that       the   score, then     deviation       and   agreement would     (       can   heavily influenced     or       for   if observers     or       statistics   all over     then       a   standard deviation     that       to   that congress     in       far   how I     if       a   deviation of     would       my   set was     For       that   would be     have       at   That would     I       www   com/resource/what-does-standard-deviation-mean aspxLinks     external       Cook   Aug 5     Discussion       zero,   I would     suspicious       speaking,   the same     and       not   realistic based     we       chance   IgoloChibuzor IgoloSaturday     at       deviation   not be     it       variance   me explain     calculated       the   distances from     and       number   all cases     one       calculating   is negative,     always       squared   finally, when     root       get   deviation, it     a       square   of positive     always       Here   is squared,     cannot       number   terms cannot     hence       negative   quora com/Can-standard-deviation-be-negative-Why-or-why-notDenisha     Aug       Discussion   Standard deviation     square       non-negative   Standard deviation     measure       the   values are     If       s   of zero     numbers       If   are spread     all,       d   positive The     is       it   related to     and       a   distance Standard     computed       square   of the     always       square   not the     SubdiscussionDavid       1,   Aug 1     Discussion       z   mean in     Please       not   book definition     David       1   6:24amCollapse SubdiscussionNicole     1,       at   Discussion EntryProfessor     z       standard   from the     the       ex:   the z     z       ?   sScore =(X)     ยต-20Standard       s=530-20/5   10/5 =2z     2Collapse       Aug   2017 Aug     9:49amManage       measures   position of     pointHave       how   "compare" housing     across       course   know that     of       Maine   a different     Florida       When   standardize, this     is       other   can you     GettingsShannon       Aug   at 2:41pmManage     and       data   one scale     a       be   It is     value       far   or below     is       Mike   utilized statistics     z-scores       NFL   running backs,     in       of   samples was     in       a   where the     completion       78%,   QB who     number       Z-Score   0 0     stat       was   the sample     Z-Score       and   versa for     60       Mr   said that