NR439 week 8 - May 2018

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NR439 Week 8 Discussion may 2018


Week 8: Where Do You Go From Here? 6767 unread replies.8686 replies. 


This week's graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO). CO5 Recognize the role of research findings in evidence-based practice. (POs 7 and 8)Improving patient outcomes is paramount to healthcare improvement today. How has your thinking changed about nursing research and evidence- based practice as the result of this course? Will the information you learned during this course be helpful in your nursing role today?


NR439 week 8 - May 2018
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three     to   This class     us       our   to research     plan       processes   the future,     to       learned   either conduct     research       that   are theory     luck       Reply   to CommentCollapse     CalixteTuesday       7:53pmHello   and Class,This     brought       of   into my     all       learned   me to     quality       in   place of     information       course   help in     as       always   than one     complete       with   way that     always       always   better way     said       practice   truly important     day-to-day       am   I was     take       course   you Cilton     to       ConleyWednesday   20 at     class       knowledge   me also     my       research   it helped     "why"       we   At work,     issue       into   it happened     change       and   I enjoyed     this       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionMelissa     Thursday       9:19amThank   Cilton! I     your       in   studies! Melissa     to       AlvarezTuesday   19 at     and       (2018)   professionals, nurses     for       achieve   the effectiveness     that       recommend   patients ”     has       a   of this     regards       and   practice This     helped       importance   use research     evidence-based       quality   for families     The       be   helpful in     role       is   acronym PICO     for       and   It has     knowledge       research   As a     also       the   of the     its       (2018)   research: Reading,     creating       )   MA: Jones     Reply       SubdiscussionMarcella   WoolseyWednesday Jun     8:12amHello       that   course will     our       hear   term evidence     many       have   better understanding     it       Best   :) Reply     CommentCollapse       Thursday   21 at     Yanet       to   what you     I       best   your nursing     practice!       to   SubdiscussionWisline DorvilWisline     19       and   Practice plays     role       for   all around     Houser       is   using finest     combined       to   care for     while       their   and inclinations     will       of   we provide     patient       The   weeks of     give       on   to gather     from       the   and construing     I       while   lasted but     is       forward,   wish all     the       you   all the     knowledgeable       eight   J (2018)     Reading,       evidence   ed )     Jones       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionMelissa     Thursday       9:22amThank   Wisline! It     a       eight   Good luck     studies!       to   SubdiscussionJennifer RomanJennifer     19       and   this course     my       is   through research     based       nurses   processes on     basis       improved   the knowledge     this       “make   habit of     questions       evidence,”   is stated     lesson       2018)   with the     skills       how   carry out     processes       a   member to     nursing       my   and nationwide     as       AANA   I obtain     -Jen       of   (2018) Implementing     do       here?   Week 8     Reply       HickmonAshley   Jun 20     Jennifer,       is   that you     on       CRNA!   I complete     course,       going   to get     I       all   knowledge I     this       me   my future     post       to   in all     endeavors!       CommentCollapse   RomanJennifer RomanWednesday     at       actually   the Capstone     with       the   are very     you       class   will use     Capstone       luck   you and     this       to   SubdiscussionMelissa SalmonsMelissa     Jun       to   Jen! What     habit       you!   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionAngela       19   10:36pmHello Professor     a       always   about evidence     but       first   I have     about       This   has shown     many       correct   of doing     This       my   and for     education       to   about all     models       can   properly utilized     our       I   that the     and       doing   research is     change       some   done in     but       for   day, to     of       implements   based on     implementing       is   to consider     including       time,   implement evidence-based     this       of   2018) I     this       one   the most     in       I   sure it     me       classes   the FNP     it       know   can reference     it       As   now, the     I       course   taught me     the       is   in EBP     will       in   my management     implementing       work   College of     Evidenced       8   Retrieved June     from       Reply   to CommentCollapse     GloverWednesday       6:38pmAngela,Great   and I     with       class   changed my     research       the   I read     and       present   others has     feel       only   research better     communicate       to   patients and     with       and   this class     us       to   with your     is       and   wish you     in       and   PS I     keeping       look   on as     it       of   for me     back       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionMelissa     Thursday       9:24amThank   Angela You     the       this   while studying     FNP       implementing   practice are     few       you   use I     the       FNP   Melissa Reply     CommentCollapse       Jun   at 7:43amProfessor     This       great   weeks and     For       this   one of     few       left   we have     Yay       All   hard work     all       here   myself, I     like       so   about science     but       do   nursing We     difference       to   change and     learned       that   exactly what     do       has   around for     although       about   it is     Think       studies   you hear     questionnaires       "The   of evidence-based     has       practice,   and science     for       and   transformation underscores     for       is   safe, and     (OJIN,       I   use what     learned       to   a safer     only       patients   well I     hope       impacts   a daily     a       tomorrow   J (2018)     Reading,       evidence   MA: Jones     Learning       (2013)   Impact of     in       Next   Ideas Retrieved     nursingworld       an   site Reply     CommentCollapse       Friday   22 at     I       seek   new problems     in       in   studies! Melissa     to       TillemanFriday   22 at     wholeheartedly       your   This has     an       only   Capstone remaining     achieve       has   an incredible     I       I   it! We     play       role   the lives     patients       research   given us     to