NR533 week 7,8 - September 2018

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NR 533 Week 7: Business Plan

In addition to being fiscally sound, cost neutral, or revenue producing, a new program/major change must fit with the organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan. Describe with specific examples how your project fits in with your institution’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Drawing upon your knowledge of various change theories and in particular Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations (theory for sustainable change), how will you go about engaging stakeholders to adopt your proposal for change?

NR 533 Week 8 Touchpoint Reflection: Finance, Budgets, and Business Plans-“Oh my!”

Guidelines for Touchpoint Reflections

A downloadable version of the guidelines, which includes further information, is available for access on the Course Resources page.

Reflection Information

This is the final week of discussion and there are two important areas of reflection included in this discussion. Please label each area with a heading to facilitate classmate and instructor response.


Post your executive summary.

Compare your pre-and post-self-assessments.


Discuss the strengths and weaknesses to the business plan for your final proposal.

Identify areas of strength and weakness related to financial and budgeting principles.


What adjustments are needed for you to create the most compelling plan?

What concepts from the course do you need to study further?

What is your plan for enhancing your knowledge of finance and budgets in the healthcare organization?

NR533 week 7,8 - September 2018
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to     and   at large     to       healthy   and nation     to       be   quite challenging     is       upon   of wrong     models       project   will employ     Diffusion       a   to ensure     sustenance       The   will be     the       change   benefits of     as       current   based studies     explained       as   as including     organizations       adopters   the change     benefitted       healthcare   (Zhang,Yu, Yan,     2015)       strategic   will facilitate     of       subsequently   change amongst     in       the   of adopters     sustenance       Jones,   , &     (2018)      
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innovation     for   identification of     facilitate       (EBP),   of effective     and       adoption   for the     suitability       in   implementation originates     propensity       approach   other change     is       places   focus on     pertinent       change   it considers     an       of   to better     individuals’       ,   P ,     ,       T   (2015) Using     innovation       the   impacting patient     use       innovations:   case study     primary       health   research, 15(1), 71 ReplyReply     HYPERLINK       \o   as Read"     WilsonSusan       17   5:39pmManage Discussion     and       the   information you     the       use   evidence-based practices     of       Innovation     The     the       information   allow persuasion     desired       for     The     evidence-based       change   adopt the     be       from     Connecting     tools       are   attributes for     the       care   I feel     evidence-based       research   in the     for       implementing     The     evidence-based       practice   can be     a       organizations   adopt new     practices       patient   environment (Stevens,     Revising       the   vision, and     an       challenging   in need     from       and     The     both       and   practice can     changes       that   not only     the       a   environment for      ReferenceStevens,       The   of evidence-based     nursing       big     The Online     Issues           10 3912/OJIN     Comment       com/courses/32190/discussion_topics/736582?module_item_id=3893682"   "Mark as     SubdiscussionLisa       2018Oct   at 7:49pmManage     to       that   leaders support     are       remain   with the     PICOT       retention   well and     and       have   all say     must       The   practice of     is       most   skilled faculty     to       2018)   no secret     colleges       Why   that? The     ask       my   is what     to       order   retain the     the       this   each faculty     different       feedback   grading At     time,       are   in their     What       within   organization and what     them       they   the best     be       Association   Independent Schools     Faculty                   org Retrieved     2018       HYPERLINK   instructure com/courses/32190/discussion_topics/736582?module_item_id=3893682"     as       SuarezJesse   15, 2018Oct     10:37amManage       classmates,The   of the     work       is   deliver quality     healthcare       mission   to provide     and       services   to improve     of       well   the community     (D'alfonso,       2018)   vision is     a       nation   philosophy, mission,     are       application   strategic plans     organization       strategic   for 2018-2020     the       to   on champion     grassroots,       transform   (D'alfonso et     2018)       is   on assessing     hours       and   fits with     philosophy,       strategic   through its     establish       shift   that will     of       shifts   the nurses’     and       eliminates   events of     dissatisfaction       overtime   such by     nurses’       the   are able     trustworthy       care   the members     at       to   development of     community       stakeholders   adopt change     a       and   prone to     application       and   for change     proposal       Diffusion   Innovations as     to       sustenance   the change     will       the   to implement     benefits       as   from various     studies       to   stakeholders as     including       which   early adopters     change       through   in healthcare     Yan,        ReferencesD'alfonso,   , Jones,     &       Kaiser's   of Nursing     quarterly, 42(1),       1097/NAQ   X ,     ,       &   I T     Using       theory   understand the     patient       of   e-health innovations:     study       care    BMC health     71       to   HYPERLINK "https://chamberlain     \o       Collapse   NurseRachelle Nurse Oct     15       EntryI   reading your     Thanks       philosophy,   and vision     a       how   project to     assessing       for   nurses and     Stakeholders       role   determining whether     your       business   will be     Stakeholders       be   by the     objectives       you   your business     your       your   How will     to       your   to this     forward       Dr   to Comment     instructure       as   Collapse SubdiscussionJesse     17,       8:38amManage   EntryDr Nurse,My     include       and   nurses       because nursingleadership       ensuring   the nurses     and       The   are the     of       it   their work     being       According   Boardman, Greenberg,     Weimer       a   of approaches     a       regard   my project, I     the       tool   identifies and     benefits       a   program As     the       it   be easier     to       to   healthcare leadership     nurses       ,   D H     A       Weimer,   L (2017)     concepts       University   to Comment     instructure       as   Collapse SubdiscussionTheresa     21,       3:39pmManage   EntryDr Nurse,Jesse’s     assess       her   is an             this   include the     staffing       human   department       play       in   shifts       resources       involved   decisions made     hours       standpoint   There is     of       the   of 12-hour     Nurse       to   away from     to       of     Nurses     working       a   to have     off       shifts   been shown     performance,       safety   Quatrara, Letzkus,     2018)       staff   their 12-hour     In       secretaries   transitioned to     have       about     As     leader       be   to take             benefit   it does     to       shifts   My hospital     a       so   topic has             the   decision to     nurses       staffing   discuss and     recommendation       TheresaReferenceHaller,   M ,     ,       ,   Keim-Malpass, J     perceptions       What   the benefits     49(10),       NUMA   40080 c1 ReplyReply     HYPERLINK       \o   as Unread"     HallLeslie       15   2:39pmManage Discussion     and       to   a new     program       that   an associated     use       enhance   quality of     that       the     Each month     assurance       and   on an     While       there   a lot     input       needs   be done     to       this     Our nursing     is       and   based quality     our       order   provide this     exceptional       important     This project     the       strategic   as the     implementing       is   enhance the     process       areas,   within staff     show       that   is Drawing     various       Roger’s   of Innovations     sustainable       there   multiple parts     stakeholders       change   would someone     pay       the   system is     I       board   support this     they       to   current system?  Rogers’     Innovation       a   theoretical framework     to       innovative   as an     to       nurse     The integration     new       the   innovation to     who       this   an excel     of       at   people based     and       technology   on their     are       on   likelihood of     new       adopters,   majority, late     laggards       Currie,   Innovation, based     occurs       1)   2) persuasion,     4)       confirmation   Garrett &       With       I   follow the     when       my   case   Knowing     different       and   reluctant to     would       anyone   in the     a       quality   purposes and     knowledge       would   success they     if       research   all cost     this       the   impact to     if       I   write up     plan       for   software explaining     would       doing   demonstration with     the       laggards     Lastly, if     implementing       adequate   for those     be       change   make sure     comfortable       process   why the     implemented       board   providing evidence     this       could   to get     on       J   Garrett, B     Currie,       Review:   mobile devices     curricula:       using   Diffusion of      Nurse       https://doi-org   idm oclc     nedt       to   HYPERLINK "https://chamberlain     \o       Collapse   TaldeJosierose TaldeOct     16       EntryHi   enjoyed reading     regarding       proposal   the enhancement     quality       echoes   organization's mission,     and       Healthcare   almost all     we       with     Technology     changing,       new   and new discoveries to             keep   with it,     ourselves       and   for a       Efficiency       the   of most     all       Change   always a     a           providers and staff     with       access   health information,     costs,       healthcare   making       response       quality   (QA) enhancement, organization     or       software   to help     personnel       and   in the     QA       to    low literacy     use       will   to people     to       Additionally,   and continued     IT       behavioral   (Zhang, Yu,     Spil,       agree   you that     training for       by   change is     I       training   education, people     more       and   accept change     ,       Yan,   , &     A       of   theory to     factors       and   of consumer     A      
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read     posts   week as     the       course   Nurse  ReplyReply to     "https://chamberlain       "Mark   Unread" Collapse     WalkerOct       at   Discussion EntryExperienceExecutive     consists       beds   serves a     population       residential     The     being       a   governance council     purpose       is   put frontline     at       the   process       put       different   to be     hear       concerns   work collaboratively     improvements (Taylor,       is   build councils     patient       improve   team satisfaction (Taylor,     The       councils   to listen     concerns       members   managers       practice       planning   improvement and     the       share   findings and     for           are many     that       due   this project     of       improves   is also     improve       nurses   & Ross,     There       15%   in volume     success       due   improve patient     When       patients   exceptional care,     spread       the     It     guarantee       keep   as a     the          My   in the     was       score   the post-assessment             show   improvement, I     because       do   on the     I       did   a great     this       that   help me     the       my   at work     feel       plan   implementing a     council       best   for the     There       to   plan       empower       making   decisions that     the       provided   our patients     al       This   be evident     bedside       (Ott   Ross, 2014)     will       higher   among the             retention   improve in             plan   managers will     a       there   be adaptation     them       consider   weakness       would       leadership   did not     plan       also   a great     apply       which   improve patient     &       am   that this     cost       $10,000   implement, but     be       the     The     pay       will   to be     capital       bump   item or     There       15%   in volume     plan       to   of mouth     great       due   increase on     care       are   for the     Also,       shown   retention rates     with       implemented   et al     the       a   amount of     to       I   that the     will       be   to pay     extra       nurses   attend the             FutureI   I might     adjust       the   costs for             can   volunteers from     who       governance   place to     with       which   save some     I       from   course in     the       an     I     I       learning   in regards     a       making   important points      Some       enhance   knowledge of     budgets       would   to take     to       by   organization in             shallowing   financial director     organization        ReferencesAllen-Gilliam,   , Kring,     Graham,       K   Swain, S     G                               B (2016)     of       Time   a Small                   Community Hosiptal     of       257-264                        doi:10 1097/NNA     (2018)       marketing:   to ethically     retention                   Journal,       from                                                                        https://chamberlainuniversity                                                                         url=https://search     aspx?                                                                        direct=true&db=s3h&AN=126838541&site=eds-live&scope=siteMennella, H     Schub,       Magnet   Patient outcomes                         Guide       Ross,   (2014) The     Shared       Experience                    and   Nurses  Journal     Management,                    768       K   Using shared     empower       112(1),                    from   nursingtimes net/clinical-                                                      to   HYPERLINK "https://chamberlain     \o       Collapse   TaldeJosierose TaldeOct     22       EntryHi   enjoyed reading     summary           agree with     shared       to   organization as     the       Nurse’s   has evolved             from   bedside to     room       and   are necessary     delivery           of a     model       undertaking   necessary in     of       patient   staff retention     and       I   in an     is       The   governance model     nursing       staff     It     shared       accountability   the improvement     acre       The   of Medicine     expanding       for   to lead,     implement       delivery     Nurses     to       patient   processes (Gordon,     shared       my   is a     family       the shared   making at     and       developed   staff nurses     governance       to   nurses throughout     especially       take   in decision     their       the   level ("Journey     Excellence:         ReferencesGordon,   N (2016)     nurses       through   shared governance     Nursing       688-690   doi org/10     688-690Journey       Shared   (2017) Retrieved     edu/assets/uch_050696       HYPERLINK   instructure com/courses/32190/discussion_topics/736566?module_item_id=3893698"     as       NurseRachelle   22, 2018Oct     9:02pmManage       for   insightful reflection     a       support the   of your     that       of   governance council     session       financial   through the     a       reviewed   such as     preparation,       and   planning to     path       of   business plan     plan       for   and is     to       of   stakeholders  Job     I       as   continue to     project       this    Dr Nurse ReplyReply     HYPERLINK       \o   as Unread"     SuarezJesse       24   8:36amManage Discussion     and       Patricia’s   reflection and     for       implementation   course has     our       of   financial aspects     business       instance,   preparation helps     current       future   to ensure     of       The   analysis, on     hand,       determining   the business     more       to   costs (Ginter,     Swayne,       has   facilitated business     through       setting   focusing energy     and       many   financial concepts     been       drawing   efficient and     plan       of   healthcare sector     M       J   & Swayne,     (2018)       of   care organizations     &       Comment   "https://chamberlain instructure     "Mark       SubdiscussionPatricia   WalkerOct 26,     at       NurseThank   for your     my       I   working with     this       have   my knowledge     to       for   executive team             be   to use     knowledge       position   a nurse       ReplyReply       "https://chamberlain   com/courses/32190/discussion_topics/736566?module_item_id=3893698" \o     Unread"       GriebOct   2018Oct 21     Discussion       Classmates;ExperienceExecutive   impact of     qualified       and   residency programs:     lead       outcomes?Issue:In   today, recruiting     for       high   patient is     for       are   with hiring     into       due   a lack     critical       hiring   inexperienced nurses     to       which   a negative     the       outcomes   patients, decreased     quality       productivity   2017) It     estimated       nurse   rate ranges     and       to   RN’s is     nurse       purpose   this business     to       an   residency program     turnover       left   of this     the       increase   and quality     and       of   business plan     successfully       residency   for the     unit       number   vacancies and     the       job   and improve     Outcomes:The       programs   mentioned is     turnover       inexperienced     Transition     to       critical   unit through     orientation       positive   outcomes, and     financial       organization   savings comes     the       turnover   of 15-36%     the       often   from $42,000-$64,000     Marketing:To       the   that is     enhancing       advance